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9 March 2015


SOAPERFANS, for years you’ve been asking for MORE WAYS TO SHOP Soap & Glory. And you’ve wanted MORE BEAUTY for LESS of your budget. Well, YOUR WASH IS OUR COMMAND!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be moving away from Sephora and setting up shop at BEAUTY.COM, SKINSTORE.COM and DRUGSTORE.COM. These will be your three go-to e-channels for Soap & Glory for now, as we finalize the details of our NEW INCREDIBLE (and currently top secret) IN-STORE VENTURES. Please bear with us during the transition. It’ll be well worth it because (drumroll, please)…

OUR PRICES ARE ALL GOING DOWN. Crazy, right? But TRUE. With some recent new found flexibility, we’ve crunched numbers, shuffled spread sheets, had countless cookie-fuelled meetings – and landed at new prices BEYOND YOUR WILDEST SOAPS AND CREAMS!

As the ultimate THANK YOU for your loyalty, we’ll be bringing you the same products – for less.  Stay tuned for the big reveal and the latest updates on our sudsational new ventures.

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  1. Stacy said:

    i am so happy that Soap and Glory is moving to more affordable sites and more accessible, YAYYY!! Hopefully we can get more beauty products just like UK.

  2. Stacy said:

    I am so happy about the new move to more affordable sites, I have been loving all of the Soap and Glory products and can’t wait til you make the big move. YAYYYY to the great news! I can’t wait until we get easier access to soap and glory products. Hopefully we can get more makeup items like UK! Great job guys.

  3. Sarah said:

    I wish it was available every where! Thank goodness for Internet shopping! love Soap & Glory

  4. Tabbie said:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  5. Susi Benjamin said:

    as our Economy is still struggling , it’s always great to have support with savings on products we love and enjoy ! We all deserve a little pamper time at the end of a working week !

  6. Tamie Tyra said:

    Can not wait to try your products. I heard about them through the “look good naked” show!

  7. Sydney said:

    So happy to hear about the price drop. Now I can buy even more from your wonderful brand!
    Will the states ever have the honor of having solar powder for sale in stores?