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FAQs with the SERIOUSLY SASSY @Betches!

7 February 2017

As champions of every girl’s right to succeed in her OWN WAY and on her OWN TERMS, here at Soap & Glory USA we’ve teamed up with the totally awe-mazing Betches to help you girls get what you deserve through our #SlayYourPay campaign! Since then, we’ve received SO many great questions about how to ask for a raise, how to negotiate your first salary and much more! Luckily, the beaut Betches are here to help. Below are some examples of the most frequently asked questions they’ve received – take a look, the words of awesome advice might just inspire you…!


On Negotiating Your First Salary

Timid Betch: “I’m a senior in a college marketing major and I’m about to start interviewing for REAL LIFE jobs! What’s your advice on salary negotiations for initial job offers? The thought of even making a counter offer is terrifying to me and I feel like I’m probably not alone in that. How does one go about making a counter offer and how much should I aim to increase by?!”

Betches: “It totally depends on what the job is, what the salary is, but we would say it would be great to ask for a 10% increase. We know it’s really intimidating to ask for more but if they offer you the job you must try to negotiate… you should be negotiating all the time! It seems really difficult, but sometimes getting the best in life IS difficult, so we think you just have to go for it. Don’t be afraid and go into interviews with as much SASS as you can!”

On Working Up Your Confidence

 Flawless Face Betch: “How did you know when you had something that was worth starting, and then worth sharing with the world? How did you decide to take the leap of faith with Betches and what was the progress like? How did it all progress into The Betches blog/website/podcast? I am interested in the trajectory of The Betches to see if that could help give me confidence, and also an idea of what to expect when starting out with a new idea.”

Betches: “We’re not really on the normal business growth trajectory and we never really have been! We kind of just knew that it was going to be something when it went viral pretty quickly and stayed popular while we were in college. Then we got a book deal and kind of decided to make this our ‘proper’ job! Don’t just focus on making money in the beginning because you should want to focus on increasing your clout.  Make the necessary connections and then we reckon you can get pretty far. Don’t be afraid to hustle; try to make it really good before you try to make it really profitable!”

On Taking Up More Responsibilities At Work

Busy Betch: “Your campaign encouraging Betches asking for raises…? It’s AWESOME! Just last week my company fired my teammate stating that the company needed a more strategic thinker. I don’t know why it was so sudden, but now I’ve absorbed a majority of his responsibilities, which is a lot right now. So I’m now doing my full time job with 90% of his old job! My question is – do I ask for a raise right away or do I wait some time (a couple of weeks) to prove myself and rock out the new responsibilities/position. Also, when I do ask for a raise, how much should I ask for? I appreciate the help!”

Betches: “We’d say to wait a little while to ask for a raise, and prove that you’re amazing. Show your company that you were able to take his role on (as long as it’s a reasonable work load!) and they don’t need to replace him. Don’t ask for the raise and say; “I’m gonna prove myself”. Prove yourself FIRST, then you can say; “Here are the three beneficial things I did for the company, I think I deserve this”.  You should always ask for a little bit more than you think you should ask for because they’re going to negotiate down, plus you’re saving them money on an entirely new team member!”

On Kickstarting Your Career

Broke College Betch: “I’ve never actually had a job before, and don’t know how I can reallyyyyy be marketable to any employers without previous experience. Do you have any advice for college students looking for their first real job?”

Betches: “We can all relate to this one! For a long time it’s perhaps not a necessity to get a job because you’re living with your parents and they’re okay with that, but eventually you start feeling like you should and that you want more purpose. We have to mention here about the benefits of internships, because that’s really how you get your foot in the door. Unfortunately, some placements will be unpaid – but that’s life, we’re sorry! Even summer jobs during college tend to be quite low paid, but all of this gives you a great chance to realize which industry you like to work in. There was one summer when Aleen (@betches) interned in a medical lab and I interned for a senator in New York! Both roles are totally unrelated to what we do now, but we wouldn’t know that we hated both of those fields if we didn’t intern there!”

On Being Professional AF

Betch who feels like Jorge the bartender from paradise: “Recently at work EVERYONE has decided to confide in me about their personal problems and issues with others. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to mention the dilemmas to my boss, or how I do so without sounding unprofessional myself? Additionally, I recently got a promotion (inspired by #SlayYouPay!!) with a much greater workload, so honestly I’m just trying to get my work done so I can go home on time to binge watch Friends (obvs). Is it possible to be casual friends with coworkers while also keeping boundaries in the relationships to maintain some sense of professionalism?”

Betches:  “We reckon that people don’t just confide in anyone. Perhaps you give off an agony aunt vibe meaning you’re easy to talk to and they assume you’re interested in ALLL the details… and we don’t blame you because that is us 100%!! If you feel like you just know too much, or it’s becoming a burden to you, why not try and casually brush it off – a few subtle comments should help them realize that you’re not so totally interested anymore. Try “Oh, I don’t know, this is too much for me!” or… “I can’t even process all this! Move on, next thing!” Our point is you can still listen but slowly stop giving as much input. Your priority is your new role and work-load and they should not be burdening you with these things. Make that clear!”


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