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Soap and glory glorious guide to 2021 good vibes

The Glorious Guide to 2021 Good Vibes

8 January 2021

We only have one new year’s resolution this year, and that’s to fill our lives with positive vibes. That means supersonic levels of self-care, rethinking downtime as a productive part of our day, and feeling guilt-free about things that make us feel good. Sound good? Join us and spread the joy.
Recognise burn out
Remember when exhaustion and stress was a badge of career pride? ...

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Soap and glory retox and detox your self care beauty regime

Retox & Detox – Your Beauty Game Plan for the Holidays

17 December 2020

‘Tis the season to be wildly overindulgent, so naturally the Holidays is our favourite time of year. However, you can have too much of a good thing and our skin is usually the first to show it. So, how do you balance the festive overload without the beauty implode?
Holiday food is actually really good for your skin:
Cookies and candy canes aside, much of ...

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Soap and glory Lazy Foodie main


9 December 2020

The Holidays are just around the corner, and whether we will be celebrating with our friends, family or even alone at home, we all deserve something fun and glamorous!
Here are 4 quick and simple recipes for some festive drinks, nibbles and desserts, along with styling tips to add that extra sparkle this year!
1. Drinks – Holiday Snow Globe Mimosas

This is a ...

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Soap and glory christmas gifts

Gifts So Good You Won’t Want To Give Them Away

19 November 2020

Plans for the Holidays are likely to be a little different this year (a buffering Zoom trivia quiz might replace the annual Pictionary showdown for one: “You’re on mute, Grandma!”). However, we bet our last slice of pecan pie that we’ll upscale the celebrations wherever we can. Hands up who’s already gone overboard on the Holiday lights order? 
That means getting ahead on gifting with no-brainer beauty box sets that ...

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