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Afraid of your own legs?

18 April 2012

In the beginning, there was one SIT TIGHT™, the first of its kind, a revolutionary sit-activated lower body firming gel (a god-send to flab-addled desk-jockeys everywhere).
The press loved it.
Women lauded it.
Thighs around the world braced themselves in anticipation.
It was a hit.
Then one day, it heard rumour of a BIGGER, BADDER breed of flab. Quick-thinking, undaunted, it whistled for BACK-UP. Soap & Glory ...

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5 April 2012

When it comes to Easter, the ladies of Britain have it easy. The obligatory egg hunt and application of novelty bunny ears is about as strenuous as it gets over the four-day chocolate-and-Sunday-roast-fuelled weekend.

So we spare a thought for our Czech and Slovakian sisters, who, tradition dictates, take a good spanking from their men-folk OR have buckets of cold water thrown over ...

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30 March 2012

STOP PRESS! Recruits needed urgently to start taking shorter showers!

In a week where parts of the UK have officially been declared IN DROUGHT (and that’s before the long, hot summer sets in), it’s time for the whole world to start getting serious about saving water. So have we got the challenge for you…
CAN YOU DO IT IN 2 MINUTES? (Your hair? Eating ...

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30 March 2012

Ann – our new CEO – certainly was. Although we found out pretty much everything we needed to know about her when she made red velvet cupcakes for us on Valentine’s Day, there were still some questions we wanted to grill her on. And happily, she obliged!
Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Colin Firth and his Bafta!
What’s your proudest possession?
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