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Your Very Own Moisture Miracle!

19 July 2016

Ooh The Righteous Butter™! It’s too velvety smooth and full of softening shea butter and aloe vera. We have to ask, is there anyone who doesn’t love our award-winning body butter?


We think not! Which is why we’ve given you the chance to design your very own personalised version of The Righteous Butter™ in participating Boots stores.

It’s super simple to do and only costs £1 extra!

  1. Head to your nearest Boots store (one that offers photo services!).
  2. Use the photo kiosk to choose the pic and the name that you want to add to the sticker. (TIP: You’ll need to bring along your pic on your phone or on a USB stick.)
  3. Once you’ve designed your sticker on the kiosk, take your receipt and your tub of The Righteous Butter™ to the nearest till in the photo area.
  4. Leave your The Righteous Butter™ at the till and pop back to the store in one hour to collect your personalised body butter tub! (HINT: Why not browse the other S&G goodies while you’re waiting? hehe)
  5. Collect your personalised moisture miracle The Righteous Butter™ and get ready for your skin to be super soft and smelling delish too!

P.S. If you’re loving personalising The Righteous Butter™ as much as we are, why not make one for your bestie too!? 🙂 We’re pretty sure she (or he!) will love this super cute pressie <3




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  1. keavey cassidy said:

    Use this eveyrday love it!!!