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26 April 2017


Yasss girls, the unthinkable has happened. We have teamed up with the dreamy Hair Rehab London, founded by sass-pirational business owner Lauren Pope to give you the 411, with tips, hints and tutorials on how to attach, style and make the most of your Hair Rehab London Clip-In Extensions. Not that we like to name drop, butttt…Nicole Scherzinger, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards & Leigh-Anne Pinnock, MIC’s Lucy Watson & Stephanie Pratt have all been spotted rockin’ Hair Rehab. Pretty cool hey?!

Our digi-diva Millie has created a glory-ously simple tutorial to achieve natural-looking everyday waves using Hair Rehab London 18″ Clip-In Extensions – Luxe Volume (160gm) in Boho Brown. 

Enter below to WIN! Hair Rehab Human Hair Extensions & our brand spanking new Soap & Glory Rushower™ Dry Shampoo. 1 winner will enjoy a bespoke colour match from Lauren, using her extensive knowledge of their product range to let you know what she thinks is the best colour for you. Don’t say we don’t spoil you. Competition will close on Friday 28th April at midnight!

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  1. Amber said:

    I love soap and gloary

    • thomas friedman said:

      like your website, you have the product’s my wife like’s

  2. Christie Donkin said:

    These hair extensions look amazing, always struggled with growing out my hair 🙁 would be fab to try out!! Soap and glory’s products are bomb always use my sexy mother pucker lip gloss for nights out as well as their body milk moisturizer leaves my skin so soft and glowy! 😀

  3. Carolyne Coats said:

    I am so grateful for this chance I am a single mother of two and my daughter and I are obsessed with everything! I was recently homeless and lost everything so this would be awesome

  4. Izzy Ashworth said:

    Love soap and glory! X

  5. EYM said:

    woooo cool prize

  6. Tracey Scullin said:

    Love soap and glory, have the moisturisers, shower creams and mascaras

  7. Kerrie Anson said:

    Pick me 🙂

  8. Natalie said:

    I use Soap and Glory products for everything. I can only imagine this new dry shampoo will be the best thing ever!! ❤

  9. Victoria Garcia said:

    I like the products but they are too expensive. Any chance for cupons?

  10. Micaela VanDeuren said:

    LOVE these products and would enjoy winning dry shampoo and hair extensions!!

  11. Miss Theresa Marie Neri said:

    Hi, I think that the extensions look so real the colour matches her hair amazing she looks really nice plus it looks quick and not that hard to do plus the extensions are real human hair that’s an extra bonous hopefully I win and I can try them and the dry shampoo As I love soap in glory fingers crossed Theresa

  12. Danielle Glave said:

    I would love to win these amazing products, I got the soap and glory tin for christmas and i love everything i got. I would love to win i love soap and glory it is amazing. And i could use some new hair extentions as my hair is getting very thin. Hope i win thankyou x

  13. Brook howells said:

    I’m crossing my fingers on this one I’ve actually only tried dry shampoo about 1 or 2 times (I would normally use talcum powder ) but from what experience I’ve had I’ve loved it and found it very useful …. plus a have a few events coming up (and hairstyles I’d love to try) that could use a hair extension (or two) Good luck to everyone entering xx

  14. Jenna Abel said:

    Love soap and Glory! So excited it has come to the states!!! Can’t wait to try and smell the new dry shampoo!

  15. Linda said:

    Would love to win as I would love to win extensions as I am trying to grow my hair but it is taking longer than I want.Plus getting to meet Lauren and have her match my hair up would be amazing

  16. Kelly Jones said:

    I should win as it’s my birthday tomorrow!!!

  17. Rosanne Duvall said:

    I love the smell so hope to win thanks for the chance.

  18. Gurpreet said:

    I suffer with a condition called tricothilomania. Since the age of 13 I’ve been covering my hair with wigs, powder or weaves. I would love to be confident with my own hair

  19. Julie said:

    Just had a bad bout of scoriasis on my elbows and knees treated myself to soap and glory flake away and drying up fabulous love these products natural blonde going lily white/grey could definitely do with a good colour boost

  20. Tanya said:

    I love soap & glory products. Would love to win there latest comp. Good luck everyone

  21. Kim said:


  22. Becky said:

    love me some Soap and Glory!

  23. Laura said:

    Soap and Glory products are brilliant! I love the scent and fun packaging. I’d like to try these extensions as my once thick hair has thinned with age…..boo to the aging process!!! x

  24. Danielle Moore said:

    I have always loved and used Soap and Glory products and dream of having Hair Rehab extensions! It would honestly be the most amazing thing in the world to win!

  25. ALISON RYELL said:

    Beautiful products – lovely scent

  26. Rebekah hawthorne said:


  27. Chloe said:

    The prize of dreams

  28. Colette Booth said:

    Dream hair and lovely products

  29. Samina Wasim said:

    I absolutely adore adore adore your products. It would be a dream come true if I won. I an so excited. Your products are amazing. Hope I don’t get dissapointed. Love XOXO.

  30. Samina Wasim said:

    I absolutely adore your products. They are amazing and extremely gentle. It would be a dream come true if I won. All the love. XOXOXO

  31. Holly Tanner said:

    Omg I LOVE these extensions they give me such confidence and pride when I wear these I feel like a different person ❤️ I also LOVE soap and gloary xx it is unreal amazing ❤️

  32. Megan said:

    my hair is a state!

  33. Emma said:

    It’s all in the lap of the Gods
    But please help this middle age prune!! My hair is full and thin needs a little transformation.
    Will be on my knees praying xxxxx

  34. Louise Scarlett said:

    Hair extensions look amazing my hair is starting to thin in some places and they would be great for my hair

  35. Paula maher said:

    I really need to win this since having my hair bleached 2 weeks ago it’s all snapped off

  36. Samantha Hodges said:

    This would be amazing! My hair is super thin and I hate it, so this would really boost my confidence!

  37. sarah said:

    Absolutely in love with soap and glory its amazing, all of their cosmetics and body products are so affordable and good quality

  38. Hannah Prynn said:

    I would love to win this competition sounds amazing!! Never tried Hair rehab London extensions before or any hair extensions!

  39. Kyla wall said:

    Oh I love your products they smell great!!

  40. Jan said:

    Lovely products and cute packaging.

  41. Rebecca said:

    Love the Soap & Glory Moisture Lotion Always mix it with my fake tan because it goes on like a dream and makes it smell more natural

  42. Amanda said:

    Have used soap and glory for years,best product on the market, getting more products all the time, lock myself in bathroom and enjoy trying new products, no complaints so far, would love to win hair extensions, they look amazing, can’t wait to try the dry shampoo

  43. margaret welsh said:

    fabulous competition, thank you.

  44. heidi said:

    can hardly wait to win this fabu prize! =)

  45. heidi said:

    woohoo!! love me some soap n glory!!

  46. elizabeth Holmes said:

    I Love the foam.

  47. Liz Andrew said:

    I never win anything – and I only apply for the things I’d really like.

  48. Kay Bates said:

    Always loved soap and glory love the names you come out with. I’m currently using clean on me shower gel and it’s a beauty x

  49. Nedzhmie Nazif said:


  50. Tracy Anderson said:

    Being disabled & on benefits rarely can i treat myself 🙁 , my girls always get me soap & glory products for Birthday, mothers day & Christmas, sometimes for no reason but think they see ive ran out lol, I so love all the products & all the smells are divine just wish i could afford for myself , thank you.

  51. Janice said:


  52. laura wheelhouse said:

    Soap & Glory are my favourite products although havent tried much of the make up products

  53. Sparklestacey80 said:

    I am a huge fan,supporter and lover of soap and glory my HUGE collection is on my Instagram page!,I would love to win this prize as i already have a weave and when I need some new hair I will have some to hand if I won and colour matched as well just perfect and who better to give you advice and tips but Lauren pope bless her kind soul

  54. Karen said:

    Loved soap and glory since the first time i laid my hands on it. My fella moans as he cant buy me anything other then soap and glory which to him is apparently boring but to me the best smelling products in the world, I used to thing mist you madly was fab and then I sampled sugar crush! I am 100% soap and glory and no other body product comes close. Thankyou for creating such a magnificent range of truly delightful smelling, cleaning and moisturising products and of course the whole make up range too and now…. dry shampoo just when I didnt think it could get any better. Soap and Glory is THE BEST

  55. Debbie Fabian said:

    Just bought your clarifying body wash today and Love it. Hooked after the first use . Thanks

  56. Mya said:

    I’ve been wanting to try some hair extensions for a while!

  57. Keli akeryod said:

    Every soap and glory product i tried. I love it. From eyeliner to body scrub. Next product is foundation.

  58. Michelle hart said:

    Good evening please could you bring back the nude lip pencil with the highligher end. Love the pencil colour.
    Also miss the moisturiser you had with the pink shimmer in. Anything similar coming out or you can recommend

  59. Eglis said:

    I love soap and glory

  60. Nicole said:

    I absolutely love your products!

    My January through to May blogs has almost always mentioned at least one of your products. I love how divine they smell and how soft they leave my skin.

    You can find it on nwbeautyblogs.com

    Keep up the good work!

  61. Jade said:

    #SoapandGloryLifestyle would be lost without Soap and Glory

  62. Roma said:

    Good puns good stuff

  63. Sue said:

    Love the marketing. Love the packaging. Love the product. Hate that I can’t eat it cause it smells so good! I’ve only tried a few things so far but I’ll be back! Thank you!

    Sue Olson

  64. donna said:

    soap and glory is the best thing since sliced bread

  65. Lorraine said:

    I am a new to this product
    Can’t wait to purchase more❤️❤️❤️

  66. Mary Williams said:

    Hi can i have samples of your latest free samples please.
    Thank you
    Mary Williams

  67. Alicia said:

    I have loved Soap & Glory for years, they are getting better and better within time.

  68. charmaine said:

    the hair care products are amazing

  69. Bev said:

    Love the products have to hide them away from my son otherwise there is none left

  70. Lauren O'Connor said:

    Amazing products!! Love them all

  71. Rachel Shaw said:

    Trying to sign up in the join club section as i love your products but it wont let me please can you help also do you have any samples to try

  72. Bina said:

    I love Soap and Glory products!

  73. Portia Easter said:

    Soap and glory products are one of my favourite, everything smells gorgeous and it really work! The face wash products are my favourite 🙂

  74. Sara Street said:

    I love soap and glory but the link to join your mailing list etc. doesn’t work which is really disappointing. Please tell me how to join up.

  75. Kimberley said:

    My mum made me a gift set for Christmas of all the soap and glory products she could find. My absolute favourite and biggest game changer is sugar crush body scrub! My skin has never felt so soft and smooth in my 30 years. The smell of the lime is a little strong but I can’t praise this product enough. Amazing! Thank you soap and glory for changing my ‘old lizard legs’ into silky smooth legs!

  76. Faye Wright said:

    Love the smell of soap and glory! Such a yummy scent

  77. Mary said:

    Love soap and glory ❤❤❤

  78. Miss Arienne Ryan said:

    My 19 year old daughter absolutely loves your products and buys them a lot along with other beauty products . fantastic products and they smell amazing.

  79. Joanne Robson said:

    Love soap and glory. Great product even better price

  80. Leanne Donald said:

    Love soap and glory

  81. lesya said:

    soap and glory is just amazing!

  82. MG said:

    Best product iv every used

  83. heather said:

    love soap and glory I have loads if allergies but I’ve not reacted to any of these products xxx

  84. Kelly said:

    Best make up on the market. I especially love the lipstick range

  85. kelly miren said:

    Lovely products that keep you looking fab and sparkly

  86. Victoria said:

    This would be amazing , I cut my hair off while pregnant and it just won’t grow !! Also the dry shampoo smells amazing !!

  87. Beth said:

    Soap and Glory is without doubt my biggest weakness. If it’s not the new products flowing in it’s the amazing deals they offer. Don’t forget the freebies for joining and the excellent service throughout the whole process. I can say for sure that I’ll be a paying Soap and Glory customer for a VERY long time.
    From every woman in the world we love you S&G

  88. Sarah Sunderland said:

    Love your products!amazing

  89. Jessica said:

    I visited boots in Cardiff and was pleased to see that soap and glory had a stall showing off the eyebrow mascara and I was very pleased with this product I have bought it and I am really pleased with this product and not only that I am very pleased with every product I have bought from yourselves thank you very much

  90. Franziska watson said:

    Products look brilliantwould love the opportunity to try them!

  91. Danielle said:

    One of my favourite brands ❤️

  92. Gail Hough said:

    Love soap and glory products… Feel so fresh and silky afterwards, like I have new skin!!!!!

  93. Sarah Waters said:

    Love soap and glory ever product is amazing. Always walk out of the show feeling amazing

  94. Mary Williams said:

    Would love to try your free samples please
    Thanks Mary

  95. Carly Holloway said:

    I absolutely love your products and can honestly say I don’t know how I would ever love without them. Keep up the fabulous job guys

  96. Hayley said:

    Only ever use soap and glory bath products!

  97. Lucy smith said:

    I love soap & glory! My friend bought me a few things for Christmas and I’ve been obsessed ever since. My favourite is the sugar crush range and I always carry the hand food and hand gel.

  98. Nadine parish said:

    I’ve spent s fortune on hair extensions, because I have a condition that thins my hair. I’ve tried bonded ones but they make it worse when coming out .
    Would love some others to help with my hair and confidence!

  99. Robina said:

    Love these products ❤️

  100. Leea said:

    Love you products face wash, body scrub, moisturiser and mascara.

  101. Carol said:

    Love soap & glory. Puts a spring in my step

  102. Kim said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory. Could not live without it

  103. Hayley Steele said:

    Hey there soap and glory

    I’m writing a very sad and disappointed customer!

    Around two weeks ago I purchased your supercat liner from boots in Wolverhampton, my first ever make up purchase from soap and glory. Next day I began to use the eyeliner and wow I was so impressed with how nicely it glided on and how intense it was in black colour.
    Anyway fast forward to four days later I did my make up as usual and found the ink to be all dried up. Now I only do a thin line every day for four days and there is no product left! Now I know that isn’t right and now I’m very disappointed that I wasted all the money for not even half an liquid eyeliner.

    Not a happy customer

    • sagspradmin said:

      Hi Hayley, really sorry to hear about your Supercat eyeliner! It definitely shouldn’t have dried up after this short amount of time, so please contact Boots directly: https://goo.gl/TBmcuV to see if they’re able to refund/replace this for you. Soap & Glory Customer Love x

  104. Amy said:

    Soap and glory makes my day every day!
    Every spare cupboard I have is full to the brim.

  105. Katie McDowell said:

    What an amazing prize…. good luck everyone

  106. Nikki said:

    Hey, your products are amazing I have a massive collection of your products would love some other samples if these are available.

  107. Emma said:

    Love you body lotion, body scrub, creams and makeup!!

  108. Nicole said:

    Love soap and glory

  109. Sarah said:

    received free lipstick was great product smooth and lasted all day love to try more soap and glory bought several products in past and never no complaints

  110. Hannah said:
  111. Kelly Mace said:

    I would love to give this product a try am always on the look out for anything that will help give me beautiful hair

  112. Elisha myers said:

    I’m a little obsessed with soap and glory, I’m constantly looking on ebay and Everywere buying all the products. My skin is lush from the body butters I should work for soap and glory seen as I am always banging on about it on facebook

  113. Winnie said:

    Really love the s&g eyeliner, would really love to try everything one day!!

  114. Imogen Dockrell said:

    I love soap and glory so much
    The lime one is the best

  115. Imogen Dockrell said:

    I love the competitions

  116. Victoria said:

    These look Amazing

  117. Kerry Mayo said:

    Only ever use soap and glory. Won’t use anything else!

  118. Caitlin hopkins said:

    I love this brand so much probablyou my faviroute

  119. Becky said:

    Love soap and glory the scrubs are the best things ever that and the hand food have never tried anything like make up but I think I will have too

  120. Lisa marie Caughey said:

    Love your products they are just lush ♡ would love to win xx

  121. Monika said:

    If you only could be a bit cheaper – I would use only your products. I always take your products for holiday so each time I use it at home I feel like on holidays 🙂 good memories

  122. Emma said:

    Beautiful products

  123. Hannah said:

    I love soap and glory .. the sugar scrub is my favourite…best body scrub I’ve ever used.

  124. Alice Cratchley said:

    I love sag cuz it’s got amazing names

  125. Magdalena said:

    I am so happy that I do have a chance to be a winner of this fabulous product soap and glory

  126. Jackie said:

    Loved this product since the day i found some at work!!! Can’t wait to purchase more!

  127. Nasreen akthar said:

    I absolutely love your products was wondering if you can please send me any samples please


  128. Amanda said:

    I absloutly love soap and glory by bathrooom is full of the stuff i bought the glamping bag other day love the rain mack

  129. Dawn Sellars said:

    I love soap and gloary

  130. Emma Brown said:

    Love these products always hope for them for birthdays and Christmas.

  131. Candy Lopez richardson said:

    Any freebies

  132. Lucy said:

    Smell delicious

  133. Debbie Waters said:

    I would love you to change my opinion with regards to your products! Okay, so I admit that I’m stuck in my ‘better the devil you know’attitude but I’ve read some great reviews about your products + would be willing to take the plunge + try any of your products + prove if your products can actually achieve good, positive results for the older women? Are you up to the challenge? Thanks, Debbie

  134. Bethany said:

    Love the soap and glory products especially the sexy mother pucker lip gloss i am a hairdresser and swore by cinderella hair extensions but these hair extensions look fab and have never tried dry shampoo and as i work from home now as a mobile hair dresser would be fab to tty something new give my hair a makeover instead of sticking to the same thing as everthing needs changed these cinderella ones need a good revamp and they are not as good as when i first started using them back in 2008 so i would love to win and would love to try the hair care soap and glory products my mam uses the hair products but i was just too scared to change as my hair means the world to me if i won and loved them it would be out with the old and in with the new and i use alot of hair products so if i liked them i definatly would be ordering them again so please pick me

  135. Terri(e) said:

    I love soap and gloary

  136. Liane crinson said:

    Soap and glory is one of the best products I have ever used the body milk I used everyday my skin has no more dry patches I get comments on how good my skin looks I tell everyone what i used thanks for bring all the products for soap and glory bring out more I smell fresh after a bath using all my soap and glory aswell 10 out of 10

  137. Greta Orech said:

    I love your products and would be so happy to win <3 Ofc since I have colorful hair I would need to re-dye this but that's ok <3

  138. salma said:

    OMG This is awesome! I also want a dry shampoo because I have a lot of hair and it isn’t easy to wash it often.

  139. Kelly said:

    Absolutely fantastic products I don’t use any other products fabulous

  140. Kelly said:

    Absolutely fantastic products

  141. Pixie Mia said:

    Absolutely love Soap And Glory, products are beyond amazing!

  142. chantelle said:

    Your products work like a charm

  143. Charlotte said:

    I need a product that can save my hair!!

  144. Tessa S said:

    Absolutely love this body butter cream!!! Best I’ve purchased so far ! I used to buy my body butter from sephora – way overpriced !! It’s great to be able to purchase skin products at a decent price! Definetly more customers this way , will definelty spread the word of this product Going to take a look at what other products I Mar be interested tomorrow! Great job! keep these prices !

  145. Stephanie said:

    I love your products!

  146. Jamie Marie Digan said:

    This is a great company soap and glory is a fav on our house and what a great prize