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30 November 2016

Glow crazy! Our world-beating STAR GIFT is coming soon!

We’re too desperate to tell you about the contents (and the outside – OMG!) of our wonder-filled mega-treat but the news is just TOO EXCITING and we’re going to have to wait. Ahh.

But we can tell you it’ll be a case that is gorgeous inside AND gorgeous outside…

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What have you got to say

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  1. Anne said:

    Soap & Glory is a girls best friend

    • Judy said:

      I agree with Anne

    • le said:

      Love these products

    • Kelly Watson said:

      And l like spoiling my daughter.

  2. Laura howarth said:

    For a gift

  3. Rachel Matthews said:

    Can’t wait

  4. Emina said:

    Great!! Love it

  5. Vanessa Lewis said:

    So excited can’t wait to find out!!! Love love love soap and glory xx

  6. julia said:

    please tell me more- I’m your number 1 fan!

  7. ZOE C said:

    Cant wait to see! I buy the Star gift every year!

  8. Anne Sierpinski said:

    Can’t wait to find out.

  9. Sara Humphreys said:

    I love soap & glory!!! Thats all…

  10. Emma hannah said:

    Soap suds and glory glam

  11. Christina Ridley said:

    Ohhhhh best time of the year….Soap and Glory Star gift

  12. nerissa braybrooke said:

    gloriously seductive to stimulate my senses .

  13. Roberta Greenwood said:

    Please let me know when new deal arrives, thanks

  14. Zoe said:

    Can’t wait

  15. karen patman-wallis said:

    Love soap & glory

  16. nisa said:

    soap & Glory has the best girl gifts

  17. Judy said:

    Can’t wait soap and glory is my fave

    • Judy said:

      Long live soap and glory

  18. Jo Mcintosh said:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this years star gift, this will be the seventh year

  19. Tracey Abbott said:

    I would like information on the new gift that is georgous inside and out please.

  20. Judy said:


  21. Brodi said:


  22. Victoria Phillips said:

    I need this!

  23. Kay said:

    Can’t wait

  24. dotlun@hotmail.co.uk said:


  25. helen smith said:

    Soap and glory my 1 and only

  26. Nichola peters said:

    Love love love

  27. Lisa young said:

    I always buy shop and glory xx

  28. Roxann Milner said:

    I get this every year can’t wait to see what it is this year

  29. Susan Smith said:

    Soap and Glory is the best

  30. Michelle Collins said:

    Cannot wait to see what this will be

  31. Sue Foster said:


  32. Naomi said:

    I always love the star gift

  33. Julie Heer said:

    How exciting..carnt wait..x

  34. carmen lye said:

    can’t wait

  35. Sharon Henderson said:

    Dying for deets

  36. Rachel said:

    Love love love Soap & Glory!!!

  37. Michelle Charlton said:

    I want to be gorgeous inside out too. So excited for the new glow-tastic star gift!!!!!!

  38. Jen said:


  39. Dleech2@hotmail.co.uk said:

    Soap and glory is simply the best

  40. Senga McQuarrie said:

    Always great offers on love the products

  41. Marg Sempey said:

    Love the smell

  42. Jean said:

    Ooh can’t wait love soap & glory products

  43. Elizabeth said:

    Better than chocolates

  44. KayDee said:

    Woo Hoo! Can’t wait

  45. Emma dudley said:

    Please do tell I love soap & glory

  46. Donna Benson said:

    Soap & glory is the best

  47. ria said:


  48. Lisa Burke said:

    I eagerly await this every year!!

  49. Lisa said:

    Tooooooooo excited for this as I treat myself every Christmas!!!!!!

  50. Wendy mellia said:

    Yes please get 4 every year as Xmas gifts x

  51. Sara said:

    Stop teasing….,can’t wait ❤️

  52. Kirstyanne Atkins said:

    I’m pretty sure it will be the whole glam lot in a limited edition case and I so can’t wait for it to go on star gift always buy soap & glory

  53. Lynne said:

    Soap and glory smells gorgeous

  54. GILL CHAPPELL said:

    Super excited!

  55. june doughty said:

    im so pleased you have done this for us all to try junedoughty@talktalk.net

  56. Sharlene barnes said:

    I ❤️ Soap and glory

  57. Caroline said:

    Love soap and glory products cant wait to find out wat the new product is 🙂

  58. Fiona said:

    Amazing products

  59. Fiona said:

    Amazing products Love them

  60. Kelly Watson said:

    I love going in boots because all the are really helpfull love it when it cChristmas l over all the offers and used them on for daughter.

  61. Catherine said:

    I buy the star gift every year for my three daughters and one for myself too love these products

  62. Catie G said:

    I adore S & G products, I look forward to the star gift every year. Can’t wait!

  63. Laura Hayes said:

    For my sister…x

  64. kelly allard said:

    its my birthday on the 11th so I can’t wait to treat myself and so excited to find out what the Christmas box is

  65. Rebecca Simpson said:

    Sad I know but I’ve waited for the best part of 6 months absolutely love the star gift

  66. Tracey Everest said:

    Just love Soap and glory

  67. Lizzie Hunt said:

    OMG actually can not wait

  68. Tracy Toulmin said:

    Hi, I’m looking to buy gifts for all my female employees.I want to buy them all the same gift,however, one of them is vegan. Can you confirm that this year’s star gift is vegan? As if it is I can stop looking.

    Many thanks

    • soapandglory said:

      Hi Tracy, unfortunately it is not vegan! Thanks, S&G xox

  69. Muqaddas said:

    If there’s a girl who has everything from S&G, that’s me

  70. Susan Stafford said:

    New to soap and glory but wow have I fallen in love with it.

  71. Jayne Allen said:

    can`t wait

  72. Fiona said:

    Star gift always worth waiting for .J’adore Soap and Glory ♡♡

  73. Wendy said:

    Let me know when star gift is going to hit shops please

  74. Julie Tremlin said:

    I’m just a Soap n Glory Girl!

  75. Marie said:

    Love soap and glory amazing products!!

  76. Jacqui said:

    Can’t wait, look forward to this every year, love Soap & Glory!

  77. Arlene Brown said:

    Love soap and glory and the luxury of halo price events

  78. Jo said:

    Can you let me know when your star gift is available please

    • soapandglory said:

      Friday 9th December!! xox

  79. Nick Cassidy said:

    Life won’t be worth living if my daughter doesn’t get this……

  80. Paula Whitehouse said:

    Luv soap n glory

  81. Krystle said:

    Please let me know when its star gift please 🙂

  82. Karen Wilkinson said:

    Bargain lovely set

  83. Correen Scott said:

    I’m a huge fan of your products. My family always buy me it for birthdays and Christmas. Looking forward to this Christmas for more goodies.

  84. Trish said:

    Can’t wait

  85. Jen quinn said:

    Got the xmas tin (star buy) as a gift for xmas in it there is a leaflet about a competition enter at glitzmas.con/win but i cant find it. It says it is open it UK and ROI closes 30.01.17