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What will our glam-packed Star Gift be?

1 December 2017

We just LOVE a guessing game – Hangman, Guess Who?, Where Did All My Money Go? (Okay, that last one is slightly less fun). So today we’ve got a NEW glam-tacular guessing game for you…

What do you think our glow-all-out, fabulous STAR GIFT will be this year?

Pop on your soaper-sleuth hats and comment below with your thoughts. Your guess is – not quite – as good as ours (we do have the inside scoop after all!).

All we’ll say for now is this – expect THE BEST, this glam-packed STAR GIFT ain’t no one-hit-wonder!

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What have you got to say

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  1. Alison Gray said:

    soap-and-glory-spa-of-wonder will be the star gift

  2. Jayne Spittle said:


  3. AllieGirl said:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease let it be the collection of body butters and lotions, they smell amazing 🙂

  4. Kerry Harpur said:

    I think it’s go8ng to be another case like last year’s fabulous one full of gorgeous Soap and Glory goodies.

  5. Amanda said:

    I’m hoping it’s the big tin case with stuff in as it’s awesome

  6. Margaret Hodge said:

    Mm mm let’s see if think it’s going to include your bath bombs. Mascara contour shimmer bath products lip gloss and some lovely shimmer skin glow products

  7. Jules bramell said:

    I really hope it includes bubble bath this year

  8. Lisa said:

    The star gift is going to be the soap & glory spa of wonder set. Can’t wait.

  9. Stephanie Devenney said:

    Plenty of bath stuff and lotions

  10. Pat Ireland said:

    Its going to be lovely body and face creams in a special box that we can keep!!! I just can’t wait!! It will be the 3rd or 4th year I get it for myself and my two daughters!!!! Just LOVE IT!!!!

  11. Aimee said:

    I hope it’s soap and glory spa of wonder. I buy the gift set every year for myself and was highly dissaointed when this year was the make up range. Don’t get me wrong I love the make up too but nothing beats a soap and glory bubble bath and wash.

  12. Lauren Winton said:

    Spa of wonder!

  13. Linda Johnson said:

    Whatever it will be fabulous. My guess is top to toe smellilicious body products. Can’t wait to get mine.

  14. Lauren Sandle said:

    Spa Of Wonder

  15. Claire said:

    I’m hoping it’s something along the lines of Spa of Wonder as that contains all the best things (in my opinion) All things I use and need more of 🙂

  16. Carole Bryson said:

    To be honest, whatever it is, I’ll buy it! I love, love, love Soap & Glory (original body butter – yum) xx

  17. Kim Fleming said:

    Spa of wonders

  18. amelia avossa said:

    Spa of ~Wonder! x v

  19. Pauline said:

    Stop teasing and tell me what the date is. pleeeeeeeeease.

  20. Michaela said:

    Spa of Wonder ?? With bath bombs and body lotions and make up !!!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  21. Mary o Leary said:

    Hope it’s a mixture spa products and make up that would fantastic wow

  22. Jackie Reed said:

    Can’t wait

  23. Lesley Moran said:

    I don’t care what it is because I just know I will have to have it, it’s all lush. Xx

  24. Carly Clay said:

    Am guessing the spa of wonder set!!
    Eeeeek am so excited I have waited all year for this

  25. Carlie said:

    I hope its a big tin case like last year full of all the goodies like body butters and lotions.the smells are amazing and so yummy

  26. Sorcha Petticrew said:

    It has defiantly got to be the spa – of – wonder

  27. Maisie said:

    Spa of wonder love it all !!!

  28. Victoria Lowe said:

    Spa of wonder will be this year’s star gift

  29. Holly andrews said:

    Please say it’s makeup and bath treats inside

  30. Charlene Macaysa said:

    Im thinking about some sparkle stuffs inside the star tin. That would be soo exciting. Cant wait for the reveal♥️♥️♥️

  31. Jade said:

    Definitely a big selection of bath bombs, melts, body lotions etc. Can’t wait !!

  32. Lynda Steadman said:

    I hope it’s going to be a soap and glory sensation packed with bath and body goodies.

  33. Adelle said:

    I think it’s ‘Spa Of Wonder’.
    If it’s a new product then a big case with a bit of everything in it.

  34. Laura Holbourn said:

    Seems I’m pregnant am
    Hoping some amazing bath products I would love a hot bath were I could just relax with amazing products

  35. john heap said:


  36. judith brady said:

    soap and glory spa of wonder hope I’m right

  37. Betsy Bullen said:

    Wonder spa? Or makeup

  38. Tamara Onipenko said:

    I hope it will be aromatic soap!

  39. John Hussey said:

    Hopefully a case full of goodies like last year, full of everything.

  40. Izzy said:

    I think it will be some throwback products that are coming back through this gift. I hope it will be that aswell!

  41. Kerrie Doherty said:

    Spa Of Wonder would be my idea of a star gift

  42. Kim Coote said:

    I love last years STAR GIFT so more of the same I hope!!

  43. Carol said:

    Winter Wonder Glam set full of Bath bombs, wish upon a star wash pods, eye and lip palette. Throw in shower wash and body butters.
    All wrapped up in possibly a Star shaped Tin or Bag. Whatever it is it will be wonderful.

  44. John Cunningham said:


  45. Katelyn said:

    The star gift will be spa of wonder gift set I think.

  46. Jean said:

    Spa of wonder…. fully packed full of goodies….

  47. Julie Walsh said:

    It’s always my treat to myself for my birthday weekend,12th December so will be happy with anything but love the facewash and body butter

  48. Sue Gray said:

    I’m hoping it will be the Spa of Wonder gift set 🙂 Merry Christmas !

  49. emma adamson said:

    Bath bomb

  50. Trish Booth said:

    I can’t wait, my daughter is fed up of me talking to her about it

  51. Heidi said:

    Makeup,toys, hmmm maybe the items you’ll need for s glitter party? Lol. Skin care products, lotions, gift cards maybe

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