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Black Friday

We’ve got Black Friday FEVER!

23 November 2017

Ladies, listen up.

It’s that time of year again – some love it, some hate it, some actually fear it (shop assistants we feel you) – yep it’s Black Friday.

Now, soaper sisters, if you want to survive this fateful day with your dignity, happiness, and bank balance in tact (don’t we all?!) we have some friendly advice, gal to gal. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED.

Just because that Deluxe Family Tent is down £200, does not mean you will actually use it…

However, there is one thing evvvvverybody wants and that’s MAKE-UP. Uh-huh. That’s why, especially for Black Friday, our mother of all make-up sets – WINTER WONDER GLAM™ – is half price. An absolute soaper-steal at just £25, this one-stop-make-up-shop includes a palette, blush, mascara, two types of eyeliner, brow tint & pencil, and – of course – SEXY MOTHER PUCKER™ in both clear and nude.

So, to surmise, be wise this Black Friday gals. Why not treat your pals (or yourself) to something you might actually use! We know we are…

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