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5 December 2016

You asked & WE’RE GONNA DELIVER! Yes girls, we heard your cry and we’re HYPED to announce that our soaper-special Limited Edition STAR GIFT LANDS ON FRIDAY (09-12-2016) at Boots.com and in-store. Not only is this cool-ossal case glam-packed with our most popular beauty-stuffs but this year we’ve transformed YOU LOT (our adored fans) into COVER GIRLS! No, really, the case is printed with hundreds of your teeny tiny, but utterly gorgeous SELFIES!!! Get your mitts on it THE WHOLE GLAM LOT this FRIDAY for just £30, was £60 (worth £78)

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  1. Grace Jenks said:

    this is amazzzinnnnggggg! so exited for this to come into my local boots

  2. Christopher Groom said:

    Bring it on!!

  3. Ashleigh said:

    So happy this is coming to my local boots!!!! everything in one and would make the perfect present for someone this Christmas 🙂

  4. Alexandra Lewis said:

    Super excited, cant wait for this! I had 3 last year and loved them!

  5. katie said:

    This looks stunning. The absolute epitome of glam. I cant wait to get down to boots on payday <3

  6. Carolyn Lovell said:

    Soap & Glolry…..The One And Only…..Nothing Compares

  7. Jayne Reynolds said:

    Fantastic can’t wait ,,,,,,,,:::::::,,,,,,

  8. Tori said:

    I Want 3 of the limited the whole glam soap n glory pls £30 each

  9. Andrea said:

    Brilliant offer. Showing out of stock at Boots online at the moment though?

    • soapandglory said:

      Glad you agree Andrea! More will be coming in stock, refresh your page in the next few hours! We hope you love it. xoxox

      • Jade said:

        What time does the offer start? x

  10. Lisa said:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for this. It’s out of stock online at the moment, but I hope it shows up tomorrow when the offer start. I really want a nice mummy treat to myself and this is perfect. ❤️

    • Kerry Wilson said:

      They always put it out of stock before the offer goes online. I think it’s to stop people paying so much for it when it’ll be half price the next day…you’ll be fine!

  11. Bev said:

    Reeeeeeeally excited about this, I look forward to this time every year for this great treat

  12. melanie price said:

    Cash at the ready christmas treat to myself x

  13. Helen L'Estrange said:

    I love this, want to buy it for my sister but would love to win one for me

  14. Nicola said:

    Please leery me mmm Know when in store in stanley co durham

  15. Kerry Wilson said:

    I’ve got these for probably the last 5 years running…this year it’s got all my favourites in it! #Winning

  16. Mrs Elizabeth Macleod said:

    Why have I not received my email about Soap and Glory reduced to £30.00 instead of £60.00. I was told if I gave my email address I would receive word when item was available in store. I also hope because of no email being sent I do not lose out on this offer. Yours Mrs. Macleod

  17. JACQUIE said:

    Cant wait so excited just love Fridays x

  18. Anne said:

    When can you order? Is offer for 1 day?

  19. Lisa young said:

    Fabulous buy..would do great for someone’s Christmas present. I think I will drop into Boots tomorrow.

  20. Karen said:

    Get the Large Soap & Glory set every year, actually got 2 for xmas last year. Love that they have changed the variety of products this year . Fingers crossed Santa brings one for me xxx

  21. Lisa Welch said:

    Love this!!

  22. Karen mcguire said:

    OMG My Teenage Daughter Is Going To Love Finding This Under The Xmas Tree

  23. Pam Smart said:

    I’m super excited, stayed up (currently 1am 09/12/16) so that I could order it online as currently house bound only to find out that its not yet on sale. I’m hoping I can get one if I log on early 6am otherwise I’ll miss out on the deal

  24. Pam Smart said:

    super excited for this deal, stayed up so that I could order it early on (1am 09/12/16) as currently house bound so unable to get to the local store. Hoping I can still get one if I login early (6am) otherwise I’ll miss the offer this year

  25. Carrie Anne said:

    I have ordered my box online…can’t wait to pick it up! Looks amazing this year.

  26. Joanne said:

    It was an amazing Christmas present over the moon with it . Xx

  27. BUNNYSTAXX said:

    My partner bought me one of these sets for Christmas. Inside was a leaflet promoting the chance to win ‘a Glamazing Kit’.It stated that the closing date was 30.01.2017 but I cannot find where I can enter – on your site or Boots.com.

    Can you help?

  28. Dianne Hirsch said:

    You have got a marketing genius working for you! I received the Soaper Spa gift box for Christmas and I have yet been able to bring myself to open it and use any of the products because it is boxed so beautifully I don’t want to mess it up!

  29. Cheryl said:

    I love love love my whole glam lot, I was a VERY lucky girl to get it for Christmas! I love the shower products and make up in the tin… I think it’s fair to say that I am a big fan of soap & glory shame your events are not further south (I’m based in Exeter) Thank You

  30. Jennifer M Campbell said:

    Well that wouls have been amazing. I just found out about soap and glory few weeks ago. Fruitigo scent is amazing. I can only find it at my wallgreens in the gift sets. I have hope it wont always be that way.

  31. Wils Mulholland said:

    Received the Glam Lot case at Christmas. Are the products in it free of micro beads?