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17 November 2016

To celebrate Glitzmas in full swing we’ve popped pink sparkly Santa hats on some of our fabulous products across the Soap & Glory site!

For the chance to WIN a Soap & Glory Christmas GIFT SET (of joy) tell us HOW MANY Santa hats are scattered around the site (only counting the same product once). Then simply enter your answer and details in the form below!

Make sure you enter by midnight on Monday 21st. Winners will be announced within 72 hours.



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What have you got to say

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  1. Sam said:

    Would love to win to try your products as I’ve had glowing reviews from friends

    • Ewelina said:

      I love products soap glory ,no 1 cosmetic. My skine,wery good .

  2. Sarah said:

    Love your products, they are fab, leave your skin and hair feeling lovely and soft

  3. Michelle said:

    You have some fabulous products I use the shower cream, which is lovely on the skin but would love to win to try some other fantastic products.

  4. donna wilson said:

    wouid love to win this

  5. Amy said:

    I love your products, the reason I love Christmas to so I can get loads of your brilliant bath sets

  6. Emily Benton :) said:

    I would love, love, love to win one of your Glitzmas gift sets!! – that would be so awesome !!!
    i think i got all the hats? I feel fairly confident that i looked rather precisely XD – thank you!! <3
    Also…i am a huge fan of soap and glory, love the scents and textures 😀

  7. Sabrina said:

    I am a soap and glory addict. Love your products

    • Julia said:

      I must confess…I am Soap & Glory’s one & only No.1 fan! I’ve been an ‘S&G’ addict for many, many years now. Christmas for me is ‘Soap & Glory” love it

  8. Elizabeth said:

    Love all the Christmas ideas you’ve come up with not to mention the packaging! All the various products I’ve tried over the years have been delightful to work with not to mention lovely smelling!

  9. Angharad said:

    Would love to win and have more of your products than I already have! 🙂

  10. Ramya said:

    It’s a adjective indulgence I’m crazy for the body scrubs and shower gels ,they smell so good and the after effects are incredible

  11. Nat said:

    I love all of the soap and glory product, they always leave your skin feeling soft and glowing 🙂 highly recommend try them !!

  12. Elaine said:

    My daughter and I adore your products all year round but they do make such fab gifts and stocking fillers x

  13. Emily Burley said:

    I would love to win some of your products so they can be christmas presents!

  14. blair said:

    i would love to win as i love soap and glory and buy it all year round would love a christmas treat!

  15. Amy king said:

    I think this is an amazing giveaway for Christmas and I would be delighted to win!! Every single year I purchase items from soap&glory and I would like to think I am a loyal customer. My mum loves your brand and products& for me to this for her would be amazing!! thank you for the opportunity

  16. Amy said:

    Absolutley love soap and glory products, have bought loads for my friends & family for Christmas – would love some treats for myself! X

  17. Kirsty said:

    I hope to hear back! I hope I win

  18. Abby Egerton said:

    Would love to win

  19. Katie said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory, would love to try out more of your amazing products!

  20. Rebecca Bryan said:

    Love soap and glory

  21. mellissa brown said:

    Both my daughters love soap and glory products and regularly put this on their xmas list

  22. Leanne said:

    I love soap & glory I have bath / shower collection butter creams I also put the makeup box set on my Christmas list .

  23. Leanne said:

    I would love to win because I love my soap and glory

  24. Christine said:

    Would love to win as I’m a massive fan of your products and be a nice Christmas present, keep introducing friends to your products.

  25. Emma Dormer said:


  26. Jannette said:

    Love your products xxxx S&G for Christmas for me

  27. Lucy said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory products! Have done for years!

  28. Claire Machin said:

    Good website

  29. Georgia trewick said:

    I think soap and glory products are Fantastic even know I’ve only tried the spray and they body cream I would love to win this to see if the other products are as good and them I hope I win thankyou xx

  30. Rowan Perry-Lee said:

    Love all you’re products! Would love to win this

  31. Siânlouise Fox said:

    Omg I love soap and glory never actually had a s&g product though would love to try different ones as the packaging is gorgeous and the products are to die for!

  32. Broden said:

    I would love to win soap and glory products, I have tried a few products before and really liked them so would love to try out others 🙂

  33. Nat said:

    Would love to win! Absolutely love soap and glory products

  34. Emma said:

    I would LOVE to win this! I love soap and glory everything so this would be great in time for Christmas!! Finger crossed

  35. Emma said:

    I never win anything so would love to get the chance of winning this! Hope to hear back 🙂

  36. Emma said:


  37. Rolancia said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory. Always buy them for friends and family and they love it as well. Would really love to win this!!

  38. dahlia wilson said:

    Got this product as a Christmas gift from my partner and been In love ever since, would love to win

  39. Victoria said:

    My skin is in need of a Christmas present… I would love to give it a special treat of lots of Soap and Gory!!

  40. Rachel matthews said:

    Would love to win love soap and glory especially at christmas

  41. Tamzyn May said:

    Would be amazing to win so i could try your products as many many people have recomended different soap and glory products to me saying they love them, especially because I have sensitive skin and they say you really products are lush!

  42. Pam said:

    I have never tried your products before so this would be excellent to win

  43. Rebecca said:

    Big lover of soap and glory products, would be a treat to win!!

  44. Chloe said:

    Loveeee all the products

  45. susan said:

    I just love Soap & Glory products

  46. jackie youel said:

    would love to win this great prize x

  47. lorraine said:

    My absolute favourite product

  48. Dion said:

    Love soap and glory, been using all your products for years! I receive one of you Christmas addition boxs every year off of family memebers, I would love to win this!

  49. Christine said:

    Lovely prize

  50. Tracy-anne McCobb said:

    We love your products, they are fantastic as my daughter who has quite sensitive skin is able to use all your products and has not found a single one that brings her out in a rash. Would love to win this for her.

  51. Mathilde Saive said:

    Love your products ♥

  52. Natalie Nicolson said:

    Would love to win. I absolutely love Soap & Glory products, they all smell great. I’ve got irritable skin & these products are great for it!

  53. Courtney cannon said:

    I love waking up on a Christmas Day to unwrap some soap and glory goodness! (I ask for it every year! ) it never fails to make me smell good and that is why I’d love to win some!

  54. Janette Brannon said:

    My husband loves soap and glory, he smells so good.

  55. Felicity (Flick) Downs said:

    Hello! I’d love to win this BEAUTIFUL product for my lovely mum at Christmas time, as she never recives anything from anyone, much love to your company!

  56. trudy said:

    I would love to win this! Never won anything like this before! Would honestly make my day

  57. Louise said:

    Love the products, they smell gorgeous and leave your skin so smooth

  58. Becky said:

    Absolutely love soap & glory, the best moisturiser you will ever get & the mother pucker lip glosses are out of this world
    Would love to win

  59. Jasmine Earith said:

    Would love to win as love soap and glory.❤️

  60. Nicole said:

    Soap and glory have amazing products with great responses off me, a lot of there products did not damage my skin but made it better!!!✨I would love to win as I would love to stick with these products ✨

  61. Clare said:

    Love Soap and Glory products! I’d be so happy to win some as Christmas gifts for my lovely friends.

  62. Anthea austin said:

    Massive fan of soap and glory love love love the products hope to win

  63. Emma Gray said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE Soap & Glory!!! The best beauty products ever!!!!

  64. Amy said:

    Love to win treat my self instead of everyone else don’t get much fingers crossed xx

  65. Louise marrazza said:

    I’ve been fortunate to have had some of your products bought for me as gifts which I was ecstatic about! After using them I smelled and felt heavenly, will definitely want to try more and even if I don’t win your amazing set I’ll be hoping santa brings me some and if I’ve not been a good enough girl this year I’ll be popping to boots to get some…….merry Christmas S&G xxxxxxx

  66. Maisey Lewis said:

    Would love to win this

  67. Gemma said:

    would love to win all soap and glory products are great from make up to skin care to bath and body products definitely worth the money

  68. Mel said:

    Would love to win you’re products as I have always wanted to try them and my friends always say that they are amazing!

  69. Aishling said:

    Love the soap and glory products. Would love to win some

  70. Kimberley said:

    I love soap and glory it’s the only product I have brought over and over again! I swear by it!!!

  71. lisa evans said:

    My favourite smellies!

  72. Ria-Diamond Sutherland said:

    I’d love to win this Soap and Glory Glitzmas sets because I’d like to give these to a friend who’s been in hospital for 4 weeks now. This would mean a lot. By the way I also love all YOUR products. Thank you.

  73. Kirsty said:

    I am in love with the clean on me shower gel ever on get it life’s your skin feeling slik and soft ❤️And would love to win it would make it so much easier for Christmas

    • Kirsty said:

      Same just got it in love

  74. Katie said:

    Thank you for the contest!

  75. Anne said:

    Love soap and glory smells so nice and fresh

  76. Bryony said:

    Would love to win- my mum absolutely loves your products. She lost her mum last month so I think she really deserves to be cheered up x

  77. lisa marsh said:

    would love to win this love your products

  78. Loren said:

    ❤️LOVE❤️ Soap and glory
    Would love to win x
    Never had a bad product highly recommend

  79. Zara Evans said:

    I absolutely love soap and glory and would love to have this chance to win one of these amazing gifts.

  80. Chloe said:

    hands down the best makeup and skincare brand I have tried. The products are so amazing and so worth their money. Lasts for ages and always smells the best, even the makeup does!

  81. Emma Campbell said:

    I’d love to win, I love all of your products and cannot wait for Christmas Day to use my presents

  82. Joanne said:

    Would absolutely love to win this! Need some good luck at the minute! Also these are the only bath products I can use!

  83. Olivia Walker said:

    Soap and Glory are my favourite skin care brand and I would love to win more, new products to try out as well as the classics which I adore

  84. Alexandra Hiles said:

    Christmas wouldn’t be the same without soap and glory neither would the new year when all the girls in the salon discuss what we got in soap and glory and what we smell like hahah great fun !!

  85. Kaitlin Heywood said:

    Great competition

  86. Michelle said:

    Soap & Glory makes me happy, warm and fuzzy! My most favourite of beauty brands, thank you Soap & Glory, for being you… 🙂 xx

  87. Carly Nichol said:

    Lovely Christmas gifts! So much choice too

  88. Jenna said:

    I would love to win something I love soap and glory I got the the big make up bag with full size make up, body/face wash I have load of other face cleanser stuff and stuff also the favourite thing exfoliating face brush I suffer from spot and black heads and all other products stop working after a while but not s&g products I wish I had more money to spend on this stuff

  89. nashath ullah said:

    Sorry please delete the form didn’t come up at first! 🙂

  90. Rebecca said:

    I love soap and glory , I would be so happy if I won x

  91. Amanda Brookes said:

    I absoloutely love soap and glory products, I havent won any competitions for the last few years so to win this competition it would be amazing and the perfect xmas gift to win a soap and glory item.

  92. Hannah said:

    Love all your products so would love to win! Also a fun competition 🙂 x

  93. Erika Blake said:

    I work at Walgreens and we are planning on carrying some of your products! I have heard absolutely amazing things about you products and I really want to try them. I have had several customers throughout the past ask about us carrying your products, especially your skin care and this made me super curious! So I have been doing some research and I am so excited that I honestly am a little overwhelmed and I have no idea what to try first!!! So I would love to win these products so that I have a good starting point and it would really help me to push the sales of Soap and Glory to my customers here! Thank you so much for making products that are so worthy of discussion that I heard about them from my customers before I heard about them from my employer! I am almost positive that I would adore you Soap and Glory Christmas set!

  94. Dawn said:

    Would love a little pampering treat before Christmas exhaustion!

  95. bianca said:

    Got to love soap and glory <3 every girls Christmas list! Would love to win 🙂

  96. bianca said:

    Got to love soap and glory❤ every girls Christmas list! Would love to win 🙂

  97. Houda jabrane said:

    The products look amazing, i would love to try some of them as im new to this brand !

  98. Navita said:

    Soap glory is so unique, it has a range of cute girly products, hence why I’m in love with this brand!

  99. Navita said:

    Soap and glory is by far one of my favourite brands, not only for it’s soaps and cream but for there makeup range as well!

  100. Robyn said:

    Love all there products

  101. Kay said:

    Great Prize!

  102. Kate Patterson said:

    I have used these products before I am a big fan

  103. Sophie said:

    I would love to win because I love your products

  104. Tammy Sollis said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory!!!

  105. Lorna said:

    I just love it! Full on love soap and glory! I use it all the time and will never stop, LOVE IT!

  106. Anne-Marie Martin said:

    Fantastic products, would love to win!

  107. Katie said:

    Absolutely love soap & glory

  108. Ruth said:

    Love soap&glory products forever using my daughters

  109. Charm said:

    Love soap and glory products! A few freebies would be great to promote your brand in my YouTube videos as well as to give out for stocking fillers! Nice one S&G hope I win

  110. Lucy said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory, this would be fab ✨

  111. Fran said:

    Have used a few of soap & glory products before they smell heavenly and actually work !

  112. Stephanie Bell said:

    My friend actually uses your products all the time and her skin always feels amazing! She said they are her holy grail products, so if I win they could turn into my holy grail products too! I’ll have to wait and see.

  113. Siobhan said:

    I love all your products within my daily routine I use three products sometimes more and I love them

  114. Praticha said:

    I love to win it for my friend because she love soap and glory.

  115. Chloe said:

    Love soap and glory! Always makes my bathtime 100 times better! ‘Makes my skin feel amazing and smell amazing. Definitely my favourite brand plus the make up is also 10/10!!

  116. Chloe said:

    Would love to win

  117. Zoe Tidy said:

    This was such a good idea, had fun whilst looking at the products didn’t realise how many there are!

  118. Tahmina said:

    Love all your products they feel and smell amazing

  119. Daisy said:

    I tried as hard as I could and tried to look for every hat! I hope I win!

  120. Rebecca said:

    My favourite brand! Would love to win this <3

  121. Jessica said:

    Would be great to win I absolutely love your stuff!!

  122. Natalie said:

    One word for soap and glory products….fabulous!

  123. Sophie Green said:

    Would love to be able to treat my mum with all your products as they’re her favourite! 🙂

  124. Evie said:

    amazing products, currently running out of a large gift set I treated myself with, would love to win some more!

  125. Karlene Norris said:

    thanks guys! good luck everyone 🙂

  126. Jessica said:

    Would love to win!! I enjoy all of your products

  127. Craig Mitchell said:

    I love your products

  128. Joanne Wetherell said:

    Fingers crossed

  129. Hannah said:

    Loving the idea of having a comp to win some products!! Allows everyone to have a chance of getting some new lovely soap and glory goodies xx

  130. Mubzy Kholvadia said:

    I have always been fond of your products and i love the kick ass powder as well as the lipsticks ..would be grateful to win these products .. i am a makeup lover and would love to tell all my friends about this !! Xx

  131. Jasmin said:

    Absolutely love you products, leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth and also smelling lovely Would love to win this

  132. Ashleigh Ough said:

    I would love love to win I always use your products it helps keep my skin super soft, getting your gift sets for Christmas always makes me happy

  133. Molly said:

    Love soap and glory products especially the scrubs!! I am always complimented on my scent after using them!

  134. Dominika said:

    I would love to win.I love Soap & Glory.This products smells fantastic. ❤️❤️ That would be the best Birthday gift I can even get. ⭐️

  135. Christine Northrop said:

    lovely prize just in time for Christmas thanks

  136. Amanda said:

    I have been asking all close family and friends for one of your amazing Christmas sets this year, especially the box that makes music! A verg exciting competition for a beautiful brand.

  137. Kim Jenkins said:

    I love soap & glory I always look forward to your Christmas gifts.

  138. Tegan said:

    Would absolutely love to win as i really like all of the soap and glory fragrences especially the lime and the body butters. Also the gift sets are amazing quality. LOVE soap and glory its one of my favourite brands!

  139. Maisie said:

    I love soap and glory !!! One of my favourite products and always buy them. Would love to have more as it would be perfect to use for Christmas

  140. Liam said:

    My girlfriend was on the website this morning, I’d love to win her some great Christmas presents 🙂

  141. Joanna said:

    really love your products

  142. Laura said:

    Brilliant competition! It’s certainly one way to get everyone looking at every product ;).
    Seen some nice things for myself I’ve never come across anyway haha. Good luck to every competitor.

  143. Donna Thomas said:

    Would love to win this product as love the soap and glory products so much really want to buy the gift set for my sister for Christmas or her birthday xxxx

  144. Ramona Ross said:

    Happy Holidays!

  145. Emma said:

    Love soap and glory, always buying new stuff ! Got my mum loving soap and glory too 😉

  146. caitlin . said:

    would love to win because I love you products .

  147. Rebecca said:

    Love soap

  148. Lauren said:

    I love soap and Glory I hope I win this it would make me so happy !!!

  149. Michelle Murray said:

    Daughter is a massive fan of Soap & Glory. Would love to win for her

  150. Stephanie Blake said:

    I absolutely love Soap and Glory! The body butter is amazing. Always ask for a Soap and Glory set for Christmas! (My husband knows it’s a must)

  151. Carrie said:

    All of my life I have suffered from Eczema and very dry skin. I cannot use certain products due to allergic reaction. Last year my best friend gave me a gift of Hand crean to try ! Wow I could not believe the result! no itching, soft skin so smooth, fablous product. I encourage all dry skin suffers to try it. Thank you Soap and Glory for helping me to gain confidence and show my hands off as i use to hid them away !

  152. Sophia said:

    I Soap and Glory

    • Sophia said:

      I love Soap and Glory products xx

  153. Amanda Wilson said:

    Amazing competition! Soap and glory and Christmas are a match made in heaven!!

  154. Savanna said:

    I love soap and glory ❤️❤️

  155. Jade said:

    I would love to win as I have never won anything like this before and I love soap and glory although do not get bought much of it!

  156. Em said:

    Love your products! Want to try more ..

  157. Bethany said:

    My bathroom is literally filled to the brim with soap and glory products it annoys everyone else in my house I have far too many body butters to count

  158. Reesha Shivani said:

    Soap and glory is one of my favorite brands that I always go back to.
    The scents are amazing and “flake away” is my favorite product !

  159. Karina said:

    I love soap and glory products!! Amazing for skin and would love to win some products for me and my daughters.

  160. Ellie said:

    I love love love soap and glory products! Especially the makeup range, id love to try everything!

  161. Katie said:

    Absolutely love the smell and texture of the products would love to win so I can try new products for future purchase 😀

  162. lois said:

    Love soap and glory products, great quality and smell amazing!

  163. Molly said:

    I love your products!! Huge fan!

  164. Ewelina said:

    Super cosmetics Soap Glory no 1;)

  165. Ewelina said:

    Super power cosmetics no1

  166. Olivia said:

    Would be amazing to win as have never won anything and I love soap and glory products but have ran out!!

  167. Aimee said:

    What a fab competition! Fantastic products and could be given to family for Christmas ☺️

  168. Lauren said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory products! Best I’ve ever used Would love a chance to win some!

  169. Jess said:

    Soap and glory is by far the best make up/ beauty products I have ever used! It’s absolutely amazing for the skin and feels absolutely gorgeous when on! I love it!

  170. Ashley said:

    Love love love soap and glory and even more when its their xmas range xx

  171. Caroline said:

    I’d love to win this think I’ve found all the hats . What amazing range of beauty products just love the shower gel ,exfoliater and much more . The smell is absolutely fantastic.

  172. Katie said:

    Would love to win, I have sensitive skin and soap and glory is the only thing I use!

  173. Tilly Hardwick said:

    I would be over the moon if I win because I love all your products. Got my fingers crossed

  174. Jess said:

    I absolutely love soap and glory would love love to win this

  175. Nicole said:

    Have been using Soap and Glory products for years and absolutely love them! Would love to win!!

  176. Sarah said:

    Should I be so lucky to win, I would share your gorgeous gifts with my sister who being a new mum, has had very little chance to pamper herself in a good few months!

  177. Sophie said:

    My mum has not had the best year. I would love to win this for her

  178. Jade said:

    Hope I win! Love love love soap and glory products.

  179. Sophie pook said:

    I would love love love to win this! I woukd give it all to my mum. She has not had the best year this year. She loves all this stuff. If she unwrapped it at christmas it moght even make her year better.

  180. Alisha said:

    Would love to win, would make a great gift to a friend who loves them or would be great for me, would love to be able to try your products. I have heard from many people they are fantastic

  181. Jennifer said:

    I would like to win because I really need to get some presented for my family

  182. Kayleigh Roy said:

    I’d love to win a lovely set from Soap&Glory they are such good quality products! I have my fingers firmly crossed 🙂 x

  183. Sarah said:

    I would love to win

  184. Courtney Rose said:

    I would love to win this competition. Really struggling for money this Christmas and it would make an amazing gift for my sister.

  185. Sophie farrell said:

    I would love to win always wanted this range

  186. Jade said:

    Winning this would be a present to myself!
    Christmas this years on a budget for our wedding next April xx

  187. Lucy Currie said:

    Would love to win this exciting prize!!

  188. Lauren said:

    Would absolutely love to win, Iv been wanting to buy all the soap and glory products I’m so in love with them Fingers crossed I win

  189. Jade said:

    Always on my Christmas list smells delicious love it

  190. Laura said:

    Great game finding those hats! Love soap & glory products

  191. Siobhan said:

    Love all of soap and glorys products, the body scrubs are absolutely amazinf and so are the eyeliners.

  192. Jo simmonds said:

    Love love love soap and glory products

  193. Stacey said:

    Giving it a go 🙂

  194. Gabby said:

    orangegasm is honestly the scent of my existence

  195. lucy said:

    Always get my annual soap and glory fix with one (or three) of your fabulous gift sets at Christmas. Would be lovely to have an early present this year!!

  196. Joan said:

    Such lovely products, would love to win this.

  197. Helen Broddle said:

    Gorgeous giveaway!

  198. Olivia said:

    What a fabulous competition! I would love to win this to get my toiletry collection 2017 ready!

  199. Jade said:

    I love Soap & Glory products, they always smell amazing.

  200. Paige Rosser said:

    Obsessing !! love love love your products !

  201. Julie Coombes said:

    All products are fab – so lush!!

  202. millie said:


  203. marie-clare gauthey said:

    Anything Soap and Glory is something I wish to see in my Christmas stocking!

  204. Leanne said:

    Would love to win this, your products are a favourite in my house!

  205. Giovanna tutton said:

    Get products, easy to use ans suitable even for my mature skin

  206. Laura Falconer Borgars said:

    What a fabulous prize! I LOVE your products!

  207. Sam said:

    Love ur shower gel makes my skin soft and I’m not allergic ☺

  208. Dot Pate said:

    Love ‘Soap and Glory ‘ it smells amazing,and my skin is so much softer and looks gorgeous.

  209. Carol said:

    Brilliant products always top of my Christmas shopping list and my wish list

  210. Amanda Johnson said:

    Fantastic, merry christmas to you all

  211. Ellen said:

    All your products are just GAWGUSSSSS.
    Body,bath,facial and makeup, S and G you’ve made “taking care of yourself” a pleasure.
    Love EVERYTHING x❤️

  212. Jane said:

    Love soap and glory and so do my friends and family.

  213. Claire said:

    I would love to win! Every year I wait till the big box is discounted and buy it for myself! I put it under the tree with a label saying ‘To Claire love from Claire’ Well if you can’t treat yourself….

  214. Emma said:

    I would love to win as you can never have enough soap & glory products

  215. Anne said:

    Love all soap and glory products – all fab

  216. Amanda Garnett said:

    I love the fun factor when I’m browsing.

  217. Melanie wharton said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory products! Hope I win!

  218. Val said:

    Don’t have to buy just for me but my mother-in-law loves your products, so will be purchasing a nice package for her for xmas, xx

  219. Jean Maunder said:

    Love Soap and Glory products – my very favourite

  220. Beckie said:

    I love soap & glory products ….. Especially the scrubs …. They are lovely

  221. Louise said:

    I love S&G products and especially their make up. Pretty much all of my make up is S&G.

  222. Deborah Taylor said:

    Every soap n glory product I’ve tried is fabulous .

  223. Emma Louise Rowley said:

    I love soap and glory want for my birthday

  224. Kirstyanne Atkins said:

    My friend introduced me to soap & glory and ever since I have been hooked absolutely love all your products especially the sugar crush range

  225. Tammy Westrup said:

    Love these fingers crossed!

  226. Jade Taylor said:

    Love all your products WOW!!!

  227. Deborah Taylor said:

    Love every soap n glory product I’ve tried.

  228. Louise Bailey said:

    Soap and Glory products are just so amazing.

  229. Louise said:

    My skin was awful before I tried the miceller water and peaches and clean. I cannot believe the transformation in my skin it’s so clear and I’m so much more confident now. Massive thanks to soap and glory

  230. Jenny Sue said:

    I had fun and Soap and Glory envy counting the Christmas hats x

  231. Daisy said:

    Soap and glory is my favourite brand of all time and I would love to get my hands on another gift set! Fingers crossed

  232. Cassandra said:

    Would love to win this set had all the favs and old faithfuls in it.

  233. Tanya said:

    I absolutely love your products particularly the body butter, can’t wait to get some more!

  234. Lucy said:

    Love soap & glory, smells great & the moisturiser is fabulous. Love to see all the amazing new products

  235. Alison said:


  236. Kirsty Langer said:

    I love this time of year and putting your gift sets on my Christmas list, they are all so glamazing!!!!

  237. Qurtulaine said:

    LOved looking for new products and hope to win.

  238. Claire hyson said:

    I’m loving peaches and clean cleanser. Please don’t stop making it and now my daughter has started nicking mine, I guess I’ll put one her present list.

  239. Andreia said:

    Already have some of your products and can’t wait to try new ones! I’d love to win so I could share the prize with my daughter.

  240. Karen Crosbie said:

    Love your products and due to your great choice of xmas gifts I now have my family loving your products too!! 😀

  241. Amy said:

    Would do love to win prizes soap n Glory stuff is amazing and I get it all year round even buy the star gift every year

  242. Amy sumner said:

    Love soap and glory range look good and smell beautiful would love to win this as haven’t checked out the new range. 🙂

  243. Sianne said:

    Soap and Glory eyeliners are by far the best I have ever used. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they glide on and last such a long time. A must have beauty buy!

  244. Katie said:

    Can’t get over how your gift set puns get better every year! Your marketing team is amazing

  245. Sheila said:

    I love your body butter makes my skin so soft

  246. Sheila said:

    Would love to win. I love your body butter and body scrub. Makes the skin so soft

  247. Sharon Jackson said:

    I love all Soap & Glory products & my daughters do to. My youngest is 11yrs old & she has it on her Christmas list.

  248. Colette said:

    Would love to win your compition for my daughter who love soap and glory from bath and body to make up which she gets for Christmas every year so fingers crossed

  249. Tracey Neal said:

    Id love to win this

  250. Chris Williams said:

    fabulous products they smell amazing and leave your skin feeling so soft. I’d be thrilled to bits to win one of your lovely sets of products.

  251. Jane said:

    I would love to win so I can sneakily treat myself over Christmas!

  252. Debbie said:

    Fantastic products always recommend xx

  253. MsL said:

    Would love to put get my Glitzmas on. Ho! Ho! Ho! x

  254. Laura Chapman said:

    Oh, wow! Brilliant prize. Absolutely love Soap & Glory.

  255. Max Whitney said:

    Love Soap & Glory, such love smells and leaves your skin super soft.

  256. Nicole Foley said:

    Love Soap and Glory products

  257. Nicole Foley said:

    Would love to win this for my gran, she loves soap and glory!

  258. Lorette Hughes said:

    Soap & Glory do products that smell so good you want to eat them. So the more I have the merrier.. May I add not to eat but to make myself smell as amazing!!x

  259. Lindsay McPhee said:

    Love Soap and Glory:)

  260. Surinder said:

    ❤️All your products

  261. hampshirehog said:

    I can’t wait until you reveal you’re Christmas big box like every year. Love you’re products would love to win. I’m a massive fan

  262. lauren said:

    love your products excited about the gift you have out this xmas love the gift sets amazing prices too

  263. Rabz said:

    I absolutely love love love Soap & Glory. In fact Ive got the whole family hooked on it. 🙂

  264. Nicola Doherty said:

    I love soap and glory ! But especially the Christmas sets !!! Lovely packaging and last really well! Hopefully I’ve been a really good girl this year and Santa leaves one or 2 soap and glory items under my tree!!!

  265. kelly ford said:

    whats not love about healthy glowing radiant fresh skin !!! please let me win .

  266. Hannah said:

    The most talked about skin/bath/makeup products. So I would love to be lucky enough to win something! Very special Xmas treat.

  267. Debra said:

    Absolutely love Orangasma !

  268. Rebecca Miller said:

    Love, Love, Love Soap&Glory products, I always insist hubby treats to a big set for my Birthday and Christmas, sadly this year he won’t be as we don’t have the penny’s so fingers crossed for a win instead good luck everyone xxx

  269. Kimberley said:

    Favourite make up brand ever! Also an interactive brand that keeps their buyers in touch with S&G, good luck everyone! And Merry Christmas

  270. Robert kearney said:

    Would love the chance to win

  271. Tara Watkins said:

    Would love to win, love your products 🙂

  272. Sue G said:

    I’ve loved Soap & Glory ever since I got a lovely gift set last Christmas. Lasted for ages and now I’m ready for some more!

  273. Elaine Fitzpatrick said:

    I’ve been using the Righteous butter Diamond shine – it’s so luxurious. Love it so much I’m looking forward to trying more products

  274. Jeanette said:

    Love Soap & Glory. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  275. Kirsty Kovacs said:

    would love to try a gorgeous gift set! xx

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    This would be a great prize to make me looking fab this Christmas.

  277. Kathy said:

    Love soap and glory especially if I receive some at christmas.

  278. Keri Jones said:

    Would love to win, thank you for this fun game. Will keep everything crossed x

  279. Izzy said:

    love soapy & glory !

  280. Debbie Heath said:

    I’ve always loved soap and glory ever since I got the shower gel and body buffer for my birthday a few years ago.
    Now I never buy anything else.
    I love the smell of the righteous body butter, it’s really moreish!

  281. Rosie said:

    I am a fan of soap and glory the products are gorgeous, also love the retro designs.

  282. Marie said:

    Soap and glory is the BEST

  283. Laura Bryant said:

    Super products super company

  284. Sarah Wilson said:

    LOVE Soap & Glory, fingers crossed!!!

  285. bev milburn said:

    Soap and glory not just for xmas, products and scents for throughout the year!

  286. helen smith said:

    Soap and glory was recommended to me last year.so I purchased the whole she bang set.and a few other items.iv never looked back.everything from body care to skin care to make up I wouldn’t use anything else its fabulous stuff

  287. Sarah said:

    Absolutely fabulous products. Can’t say anyyhing bad.x

  288. Kayleigh Gough said:

    Would love love love to win. I’m obsessed with S&G, especially the Sugar Crush range! Smells divine <3

  289. meryl said:

    Really nice products which SMELL divine.

  290. Sarah Mccarthy said:

    yummy products

  291. Natasha said:

    I would love to win this fabulous prize I love soap& glory .

  292. Susan Young said:

    Would love to win some Santa Glitz

  293. Julie Wells said:

    Fab giveaway. Love Soap & Glory.

  294. Anne Wigglesworth said:

    Just love all your products. I emptied my makeup bag and started from scratch, and now have a big collection of your products. The only thing I think missing is some bright kohl pencils. I have last year’s xmas tin, but they are almost gone (boo hoo) and this year’s kaleidoscope only has 3 pencils in. Major disaster for my eyes, as I have sensitive skin and find these do not irritate at all.
    And your shower butter is absolutely amazing. No more eczema cream for me (yay), this does it all, topped up with body butter and butter lotion in my really dry areas.
    Thank you so much for your products.

  295. Pete said:

    Your products can turn white Christmas into pink

  296. Samantha huish said:

    I would love to win this competition as its my birthday today so these goodies would be a great present. I love your body butter and the shower cream they are so luxurious.

  297. Bridget Daley said:

    If it is glitzy and Glamour it has to be Soap & Glory my Daughter introduced me to them

  298. Emma xx said:

    I would love to win the Glitzmas Competition. I hope I have a good chance because I really want to advertise your products and getting the hope of winning this competition will enable me to do so, to get you more customers xx

  299. Hayley said:

    Love your products- so fabulous x

  300. Eleanor said:

    Absolutely love soap and glory! Would love to try some more products!!! xo

  301. Emma Griffiths said:

    I was actually on your website to look for Christmas gifts for my sister. She is in love with your products, and I wish to buy her something from your range this year. Winning some Glitzmas gifts would be amazing -me and my sister may even have to share!

    • Aimee said:

      Me too!!

  302. Audrey Docherty said:


  303. Angie Thompson said:

    I love your products, they are amazing!

  304. Venezia Salim said:

    I would hopefully like to win the products as I heard that soap and glory has the best skincare products.

  305. Ailene said:

    Awesome things of utter loveliness <3 if i won the lottery i would have one of everything! x

  306. Gaia Scaduto said:

    I saw 2 hats

  307. Kate Latham said:

    I always buy soap and glory make up and skincare, It would make a great present for my 30th birthday.

  308. Fiona Jenkins said:

    I am a little disappointed to have purchased my ‘The Whole Glam Lot’ and received a voucher which has an offer on cleansers. It also has a notification of a competition to WIN BIG (date of closure of competition published as 30.01.17) – having followed the intructions to go onto the website to enter there is a notification that the competition is already closed!!!

  309. Samantha maltby said:

    Absolutely LOVE soap and glory, feel good and look great!!!

  310. Samantha maltby said:

    Absolutely love this product soap and glory are by far the best!!! Look good feel great! X

  311. Paige Noble said:

    I really like your soap and glory boxes. they have been very helpful.
    They make me smell as though I am living on a cloud

  312. Lucy Noble said:

    Clean in me is super lush and my favourite xx

  313. Clare Mason said:

    I’M Lucky

  314. Julie Dennis said:

    Lovely prize just treated myself to the whole glam package Im

  315. Kayleigh said:

    I got your “the whole glam lot” as a gift from my sister and I am over the moon with it!! Lip gloss is fab as I always use this brand of yours and although it’s rude to swer I like to shock people when they ask what’s on my lips “sexy mother pucker”

  316. Vanessa falcus said:

    I opened a gift on Christmas day to find a competition inside when I tried to enter it the competition had closed but on the voucher inside it closed on the 30/01/2017.Could you let me know why it is closed .

  317. Taylor said:

    I love your Products the smell is just to die for they are the only creams that I use on my skin and the make-up is amazing

  318. Morgan said:

    Would love to win love all of your products

  319. Amber said:

    I would love to win these products I use them all of the time especially your mascaras. Me my mam and my sister use your products and still find that your products are the best we have used and we’ve used a lot of products.

  320. Chloe said:

    Love all your products, smell great and works like a gem on all skin types.

  321. Holly Worton said:


  322. Kizzy said:

    A lot.

  323. Katriona said:

    I received “the whole glam lot” products and there was a voucher to win products up to the value of £500, however I cannot find it and the closing date is 30/01/17.

  324. Emily Garnett said:

    Love Soap and Glory been a fan for many years. Would love to win something back ☺

  325. Tracey Nixon-Mordica said:

    This is my favourite brand, I would love to win the prise

  326. Annie said:

    Would to try a wider range of your products out!

  327. Shanay said:

    I would love to win as the products what I have already bought I’m in love with and now I’m ruining low on then which it would be lovely for me to win as it would be much appreciated.

  328. Lutfa said:

    Soap and glory products are just the best and I’d love to win more products of my one of my favourite brands ever!

  329. Lutfa said:

    Soap and Glory products are just the best and it’d be great to win some more from their amazing ranges

  330. Leighanne McCabe said:

    I’m lucky

  331. Anna said:

    Love soap and glory products would love to win some new products

  332. caroline Dickson said:

    I love your products

  333. Zea Preston said:

    I kept trying to enter the gliztmas/win and the links wouldn’t work. Then it said it was closed before the closing date given on the Christmas gift sets. Anyone else had this problem? Would have liked the chance to win something:(

  334. Yvette Hendricks said:

    6 hats

  335. Judy said:

    I would love to win because I have never tried your products and my friends have told me how good they are. And I love all the other products you sell they are amazing. “I’M LUCKY” – Thank you

  336. Judy said:

    I would love to win because I love all your products and I have heard loots of good things about you make- up. “I’M LUCKY” – Thanks

  337. Margo McMillan said:

    “I’M LUCKY”

  338. Rebecca said:

    I absolutely love and adore Soap & Glory and winning this would be the best thing ever!

  339. Ellie said:

    I am forever using your products and the best products I have ever ever used on my body! Would definitely recommend to anyone! I would love to win this to maybe try things I haven’t before because I want to try everything best things ever!

  340. Madely said:

    I love the products love to try more as recommended would love to win so I could give my review and recommendations to my friends and family

  341. caroline Dickson said:

    bay every mouth and will keep baying

  342. Charlie-May Thomas said:

    I would absolutely love this, i get soap and glory every year for Christmas and im never disappointed r

  343. Deborah Anderson said:

    I use soap And glorify products daily and received a beautiful soap and glory case as a Christmas gift! There was a voucher inside to redeem on your Range of cleaners for £5 valid from 1st Jan to 14th Feb. However, when I visited my local boots store today I found these cleaners on offer at less than my voucher is worth therefore making my voucher worthless.
    Not to be too disappointed I decided to enter the “WIN BIG” competition when I got home! The closing date for the competition on my voucher states “midnight 30.01.17
    When I put in the GLIZTMAS.COM/WIN code it comes up with the seeking santa glitzmas competition which then states “it is now closed”
    I am disappointed that I was unable to benefit from any of the offers you are advertising

    Kind regards
    Deborah Anderson

  344. aimee morgan said:

    “IM LUCKY”

  345. Aimee said:

    I want to win the glamazing kit of my must have makeup marvels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. caitlin said:

    i would like to win becuause i havent had many soap and glory makeup products but i have had lots of toiletries and i would love to try out the cosmetics!

  347. Jane said:

    I love love love soap and glory!

  348. Fuzz said:

    Can’t beat a bit of soap and glory

  349. Lauren darbo said:

    I would love to win these am a big fan of your Products. My skin feels so fresh and lovely after yousing the products ❤

  350. Poppy said:

    Love these products my skin has never felt softer and my brows are looking good with brow archery. Would 100% recommend.

  351. Gul said:

    I love everything about this product. I.love it so much everyone else in the family gets Christmas and birthday presents as soap and glory.

  352. Julie Maidment said:

    25 santa hats . Love soap & glory. Thank you All for all your hard work looking after We the Soap & Glory Lovers 😉 X

  353. Kainaat said:

    Love soap and glory

  354. MILLY said:

    soap and glory lifes guilty pleasure

  355. Courtney Jade Jennings said:


  356. Amanda Marshall said:

    “I’M LUCKY”

  357. Francesca field said:

    The only product that stops my skin feeling dry and itchy. Love the way my skin feels and smells.xx

  358. Norma Baddeley said:

    Just opened my gift case from my partner for Christmas love the case it all came in beautiful products great quality and smell is georgous Would love to further products to try

  359. Rhiannon Perrett said:

    Really disappointed, just find a voucher when sorting my christmas presents out, and it states that the Competition closes at midnight on 30.01.2017, not the 21.01.2017 as stated above.
    Very disappointed

  360. Amber said:

    I’m in love with soap and glory and so is my mum! She absolutely loves it. I would love to win so u could give it to her as a well done present and thank u present for everything she has done

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