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25 August 2017

Want to give your pout a special shout out? Our new MATTE-ALLIC™ Lip Creams are so fabulous, they’re worth their weight in gold (pink and bronze)!

Save the tinfoil for the turkey!

Just because the 80s metallic trend is back, doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re going to an intergalactic costume party or wear blue shiny lipstick that looks like you’ve come from cyberspace (where you caught hyperthermia)!

Our sophisticated, subtly metallic SPECTACULIPS™ mattes are super-wearable because they have just enough sheen to catch the eye – without blinding it with dazzle.Matte-isfaction guaranteed

Amazingly light-weight and easy to apply, these ultra-hydrating, long-wear lip creams are smudge proof and last up to 12 hours! The velvety-soft, liquid-to-matte formula is available in three gorgeous shades: Gold Dusk, Pink Charming and Bronze Girl.

So gals, if you want to step up the sass day or night, grab yourself a glamazing SPECTACULIPS™ lip cream (or three). Go on – we know you want the set!

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