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Liquid Eyeliner Made Easy

20 April 2018

Liquid eyeliner! It’s the bane of the beauty world. You aim for Adele and end up looking like that time Lady Gaga turned up as panda on Japanese TV…

lady gaga panda eyes


And if even Gaga can’t make that look good, then there is literally no hope for the rest of us.

HOWEVER, we have a solution to this all too common beauty fail – our SUPERCAT™ Liquid Eyeliner Pen. This ain’t your normal liquid eyeliner, it’s essentially a felt tip pen (that you can use on your face), which makes it about a bajillion times easier to use than one of those fiddly pot and brush contraptions.

Watch our girl Jasmin use it to achieve the perfect cat eye below. ‘Cus panda eyes only look cute on pandas (sorry Gaga).

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