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26 September 2016

We’ve been there, we’ve done it and we’ve got NUMEROUS dodgy club-night t-shirts covered in pen to show for it. Which is why, on this rainy Monday in central London we’ve taken a trip down memory lane and have come up with the ultimate Soap & Glory wonder-stuffs that we think will enable you stay on FLEEK during Freshers’ Week (… see what we did there?!)

For some of us here at HQ, our student days are only a few years behind us. For some of us *sob* memories of the bomb-site chaos of halls accommodation, struggling into 9am lectures and going OTT for every single fancy-dress night are a little more hazy (and that’s not-at-all-whatsoever because of the amount of jägerbombs we enjoyed).

HOWEVER the one thing we could all remember with painful clarity was that I-may-never-feel-fresh again feeling when you’ve overslept, woken up in yesterday’s make-up, and have less than ten minutes to get yourself looking human/half presentable. You’re living on a budget and you crave simple, instantly-effective products that REALLY work.

That’s where we step in, obvs. Read on… and then head to Boots to GRAB THE GLORY.


Our FACE SOAP AND CLARITY™ Facial Wash (those are not microbeads, girls – we’re very eco-conscious) will melt away make-up and grime leaving you feeling MUCH brighter and more in control of your complexion. Refine and mattify with our ONE HECK OF A BLOT™ perfecting power primer. This won’t let you down.students 1

Grab a banana PRONTO to help take the edge off that oops-I-mixed-my-drinks-again ache, then apply our HOCUS FOCUS™ Illuminator on your face and neck to get a subtle glow and a smooth appearance. You CAN go without foundation, girl!students 2

Feeling a bit puffy and dazed? We HEAR YOU! Define your features with our THICK & FAST Mascara and ARCHERY Brow Pencil to quickly look more awake and socially acceptable (!!). Drink as much Coconut Water as you can stand (… we know!) and you’ll feel it starting to re-balance your system.students 3

Final touches now, girls, and you’ll be good to head off to lectures! Spritz our scent-sational SMOOTHIE STAR Body Spray with gusto and build colour back into your cheeks with our WONDERBRONZE Shimmer Brick. students 4

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  1. Shirley Borrelli said:

    I love the thick and fast mascara. I had no lashes and now I have Lovely Lashes. Thank you for making this product it’s the best