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It's Galentine's Day!

It’s Galentine’s Day!

13 February 2018

‘What’s Galentine’s Day?’ you may ask. Well, in the words of its creator Amy Poehler/Leslie Knope…


You see, Galentine’s Day (like its better known/limelight-stealing cousin) is all about celebrating love. BUT, G-day celebrates the love you have for your closest girlfriends rather than your significant other. AND we celebrate it the day before (Feb 13th) because ‘ovaries before brovaries’ and all. In short, it’s an excuse to get together with your besties and have a jolly good time (and if that involves copious amounts of wine and chocolate, who are we to judge?).

If you’re now thinking ‘SIGN ME UP’, read on for our GLORY-ous Galentine’s Day suggestions…

1. Have a classic sleepover/slumber party

Pyjamas on, face masks at the ready, whack a good film on the telly and you’re all set. Oh and you’ll need some snacks of course. Our top film picks for your night? Pitch Perfect (1, 2, or 3!), Wonder Woman, Bridesmaids, Frozen, anything featuring kick-ass females doing their thing.

2. Karaoke party or head out to a karaoke bar

Cue terrible yet hilarious renditions of the Spice Girls and Whitney Houston – ‘AND IIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEIII WILL never hit that note’.

3. Hold your own wine tasting

Ask all your gals to bring a bottle (or 2!), then whip out the blindfolds and get tasting. Make sure to sound suitably pompous whilst giving your verdict – ‘I’m sensing notes of blackberry and vanilla with a strong undercurrent of I DGAF just hand me the bottle’.

4. Have a Galentine’s bake-off

This one is potentially our favourite as it includes CAKE, and brownies, and biscuits, and delicate little macaroons (if you have that one friend that really likes to go OTT on these things). Either way, everyone’s a winner when there’s free cake to be had.

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  1. Fiona cheetham said:

    I like the baking