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28 December 2016

Over the party season we’ve all enjoyed a cocktail or two (or three or four) until the next morning, when it feels like our heads have been rolled-over by a very large double-decker bus! Just as you’re contemplating how on Earth you’ll ever feel OK again, we’ve come to the rescue with a few caring tips on how to get rid of that beastly hangover.


1. Get hydrated—quick.
Yes, to continue the broken record it is SO important that we’re going to tell you again. The reason your head hurts so much is because alcohol dehydrates you. So start drinking that H20, pronto!

2. Drink some electrolytes.
What really helps you to get over a hangover is building up your electrolytes. A great way to do so is by sipping on sports drinks, like Powerade or Lucozade, which are both packed with them. If you’re not keen on sports drinks, you can go ‘au natural’ with coconut water which is thought to contain similar levels of electrolytes. Cool hey?!

3. Caffeine to kick that ass!
Nutrition Expert Tina Ruggiero says “the caffeine in coffee can help to thin the swollen blood vessels in your head, easing your pain. What’s more, you have probably heard that caffeinated beverages don’t count toward your water requirements, but recent studies have shown that coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages are just as hydrating as water.”

4. Go back to bed.
The most fool-proof hangover cure is simple: time. Go back to bed and doze through your favourite re-runs of Gossip Girl!

5. Pump-up the potassium.
Potassium is great in aiding a hangover. Everyone knows that bananas are a great source of potassium. What you might not know is that “water is good, but something with potassium is better” says Ruggiero. Try a banana or avocado to help!


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  1. Jennifer Theiss said:

    You used to sell a fabulous body wash that came in a round pump bottle, was the deepest emerald green, and smelled like mint. It was called Daily Detox if I remember correctly. I am now unable to find it anywhere, or indeed find proof that it even existed. Has it been discontinued or is it just not available in the US anymore?