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23 November 2016

So, we’ve teamed up with our bestie Chelsea Derber from @Grinanddagger to create some poutstanding lip looks – starting off with:




Step 1

Chelsea says, “Prep and prime your lips using our HOCUS FOCUS™ Illuminator. It will moisturise and soothe the skin whilst evening-out colour and tone. Next, dab a little of our LOVE AT FIRST BLUSH™ Blushing Powder in the centre of both the top and bottom lip to add to the luminous effect and to give lips 4D impact.”


Step 2

Chelsea says, “Using a thin, flat brush carefully paint on solid white stripes in small, careful strokes. Mix a little water with face paint to allow easy application and to let the paint flow quite freely (but not too freely) over the creases in your lips.”

Our top tip: The more unsteady your hand, the bigger brush you should use. It’s hard to get this look as neat as Chelsea first time, but you’ll get there. Practice makes perfect!


Step 3

Chelsea says; “Next, use Soap & Glory’s SEXY MOTHER PUCKER™ Lipstick in Tom & Cherry to create rich, red candy stripes. The Satin finish makes it easier to work with than a thicker, creamier matte lippy (although the shade Rougenie is also a personal favourite of mine for the boldest colour possible!)

Our top tip: Remember, it’s easier to cover white with red than red with white. Use this lipstick to neaten the joins and try not to mix colours to create pink smudges!


Step 4

Chelsea says, “It’s time to add the finishing touches and get ready for your fierce and fabulous festive close-up. I spotted this HUGE candy-cane lolly in my local sweet shop and I just couldn’t resist (YUM!), and the pretty pearlescent dome gems were a brilliant find in Hobbycraft. To apply these to the white stripes on my lips, I used a pair of tweezers and just a tiny dab of eyelash glue to fix each one securely into place. Another really effective option to finish this look would be to apply red glitter to the bold stripes – although this can be very messy!”


Step 5

Chelsea says, “Once you’ve applied lots of pearlescent gems, talking can be quite difficult – so it’s time to POSE! To get the best close-up shots of my lip-art creations I use the macro setting on my camera and increase the contrast slightly to make any 3D elements really pop forward into the lens. If I were going to wear this look to a Christmas party I would apply fewer gems and keep them closer to the outside of my lip-line so that eating and drinking (hello mince pies/mulled wine) is much easier!”

Our top tip: Using our ONE HECK OF A BLOT™ Liquid-to-Powder Foundation and an angled brush, you can neaten the edges of your lip art carefully and without dislodging any gems. This ensures your pout is as perfect as possible pre-selfie.


Step 6

Chelsea says, “I hope you had loads of fun recreating this sugary-sweet Candy Cane lip art and that you didn’t find it too difficult. Both Soap & Glory and I would LOVE to see your attempts, so make sure you tag us both (@soapandglory, @grinanddagger) in your GLITZMAS selfies.


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  1. Ginalyn said:

    I love the soap and glory remove all the dirts from my face and shiny