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Soap and glory fragrance notes and families explained

Our Fragrance Families Explained

27 April 2021

Soap & Glory fans know that our products come in an oh-so-sensual suite of seven house fragrances which have been specially crafted to indulge your senses. However, as simply scent-sational as they are, we also know that fragrance can sometimes be hard to get your head (or nose) around.

With top notes, bottom notes and everything-in-the-middle notes, understanding something as effortless as smelling good can feel a little strenuous. So, we’ve taken the hard work out of it, and put together this handy fragrance guide – all you have to do is decide on the one (or three) you want to stock up on!

What are ‘fragrance notes’?

Before we get started, a quick (smelly) lesson on ‘notes’. Fragrances are described by three layers of ‘notes’; a fancy word for the individual ‘scents’ that reach your nose at different times. Here’s why they’re important:

Top notes:

These are the fragrances that hit you on the first spritz. They last between five and 15 minutes and will deliver your first impression of the fragrance.

Heart notes:

When the top notes have faded away, you’ll be able to identify the heart notes. They make up most of the fragrance so it’s worth giving them time to warm up before you make up your mind about a perfume. (This is why it’s advised you try on a fragrance and wait 15 minutes before you can smell it’s true scent.) The heart notes stay with you for between 20 to 60 minutes.

Base notes:

And finally, base notes are the big hitter, the foundation of a fragrance. Rich, heavy and long-lasting, they can stay on your skin for up to six hours.

OK, so now you know why we obsess so deeply about our fragrance layers, here’s a guide to our signature scents.

Original Pink™

Feel utterly indulged and fabulously feminine

Our signature fruity ‘chypre’ fragrance Original Pink™ has been a firm favourite since we launched. The perfectly poised blend of refreshing bergamot, crushed green leaves and mandarin offer up a zesty wake-up call with rose, jasmine and violet. Feel sensual with the base notes of utterly indulgent patchouli, oakmoss and musk.

Top: Fresh leafy, greens of Bergamot & Mandarin

Heart: Floral Rose, Muguet*, Jasmine, Violet

Base: Woody Oakmoss and musky Patchouli & Amber

(*The green, fresh floral scent of Lily of the Valley)

Original Pink™ favourite: The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter >

View our Original Pink™ range here >

Soap & Glory original pink fragrance guide Soap & Glory original pink fragrance guide Soap & Glory original pink fragrance guide

Smoothie Star™

Warm and cosy for a tantalising self-treat.

If you like the sweet things in life then almond, vanilla and sweet gourmand are your olfactory recipe for success. Our fabulously foodie, mouth-wateringly moreish Smoothie Star™ scent is split into three options, each one has a deliciously divine almond and vanilla base for your a la carte menu.

Smoothie Star™ Breakfast Scrub™

Top: Strawberry, Frangipane & Pistachio

Heart: Caramel, Vanilla, Brown Sugar & Praline

Base: Creamy, Sandalwood, Milky & Amber

Smoothie Star™ Buttercream

Top: Fresh Citrus, Hazelnut & Almond

Heart: Jasmine, Helitrope & Patchouli

Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla & Caramel

Smoothie Star™ Body Wash & Body Lotion

Top: Orange, Almond & Pistachio

heart: Rose, Jasmine & Helitrope Sandalwood,

Base: Golden Amber, Rich Vanilla & Sweet Musk

Smoothie Star™ favourite: Smoothie Star™ Breakfast Scrub™ >

View our Smoothie Star™ range here >

Soap & Glory smoothie star fragrance guide Soap & Glory smoothie star fragrance guide Soap & Glory smoothie star fragrance guide

Call Of Fruity™

Be transported to tropical climes for a dreamy exotic sensation.

Did you know that scents can trigger a memory twice as quickly as other senses? Even on the dreariest days you can reminisce on memory bliss with this lightweight blend of refreshingly juicy melon and exotically floral gardenia. Dreaming of beach holidays? Your bathroom is your new jet-set getaway.

Top: Bergamot, Orange & Violet Leaf

Heart: Hibiscus, Gardenia, Melon & Cherry

Base: Musk, Creamy & Cedarwood

Call Of Fruity™ favourite: Bubble In Paradise™ Shower Gel

View our Call Of Fruity™ range here >

Soap & Glory call of fruity fragrance guide Soap & Glory call of fruity fragrance guide Soap & Glory call of fruity fragrance guide


Bad mornings be gone

Wake up on the bright side with our Uplifting collection – a range filled with scientifically certified mood-boosting smellies to perk you up even on the murkiest of days. Let’s get technical, we have a citrusy, fruity floral fragrance featuring top notes of zesty grapefruit, bergamot, rhubarb and red fruits. With a heart of peony and rose finishing on a musky base of cedarwood, raspberry and vanilla – let those feel-good vibes radiate all day.

Top: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Rhubarb & Red Fruits

Heart: Peony, Rose, Freesia, Violet & Mint Leaves

Base: Raspberry, Musk, Cedarwood & Vanilla

Uplifting favourite: All The Right Smoothes™ In-Shower Moisturiser

View our Uplifting™ range here >

Soap & Glory uplifting fragrance guide Soap & Glory uplifting fragrance guide  Soap & Glory uplifting fragrance guide

Mist You Madly™

Fall in love with yourself all over again. And again.

We can’t wake up every day loving ourselves so let your nose do the heavy mood lifting with this floriental combination of fresh magnolia and comforting cassis*. Aromatic top notes of bergamot, mandarin, cassis and cinnamon turn up the heat, and the heart of magnolia and rose freshen up the headiness of vanilla and musk.

(*Blackcurrant to you and me.)

Top: Bergamot, Mandarin, Blackcurrant Bud, Cassis & Cinnamon

Floral: Magnolia, Freesia, Rose & Jasmine

Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Warm Musk & Amber

Mist You Madly™ favourite: Clean Girls™ Body Wash

View our Mist You Madly™ range here >

Soap & Glory mist you madly fragrance guide Soap & Glory mist you madly fragrance guide Soap & Glory mist you madly fragrance guide


Like you intend to spend the day in a hammock. Coastal calm guaranteed.

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hammock, sand between your toes, sipping from a freshly-cut coconut cocktail. Get beachy with your bath-time with a laid-back yet indulging blend of fresh, energising apple and rich, creamy coconut. Our Magnifi-coco™ scent features a refreshing marine breeze, gently leading into a delicious heart of creamy coconut and crunchy green apples, delicately melting into warm musks and salted vanilla. Pass me another.

Magnifi-Coco™ Body Scrub + Body Wash

Top: Apple Tea, Coconut Water, Passion Fruit & Pineapple

Heart: Coconut Milk, Heliotrope & Water Lily

Base: Salted Vanilla, Sea Fennel & Musk

Magnifi-Coco™ Body Lotion & Body Butter

Top: Sea Salt, Apple & Strawberry Coconut,

Heart: Cyclamen & Orchid Flower Vetiver,

Base: Cedarwood, Creamy, Amber & Musk

Magnifi-coco™ favourite: A Drop In The Lotion™ Body Lotion

View our Magnifi-Coco™ range here >

Soap & Glory magnifi-coco fragrance guide Soap & Glory magnifi-coco fragrance guide Soap & Glory magnifi-coco fragrance guide

Sugar Crush™

Anyone for a cocktail (at 7am)?

Start your day with a cocktail of crushed brown sugar combined with a revitalising, zesty blend of fresh, citrus lime and mandarin. With a flamboyant heart of jasmine and a base of utterly yummy vanilla crème brûlée. Always wanted to start the day with a mojito (and keep your job)? Well now you can.

Top: Lemon, Kaffir Lime

Heart: Juicy Mandarin & Elemi*, Jasmine & Smashed Brown Sugar

Base: Sweet Vanilla & Musk

(*A spicy incense scent)

Sugar Crush™ favourite: Sugar Crush™ Body Scrub

View our Sugar Crush™ range here >

Soap & Glory sugar crush fragrance guide Soap & Glory sugar crush fragrance guide Soap & Glory sugar crush fragrance guide


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