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28 November 2016

Girls, we’re hauling our S&G beauties down to KENSINGTON OLYMPIA for BEAUTYCON LONDON and we’d love you to join us for a GLAM-azing day of talks, tutorials and touch-ups – we’re talking make-up, what did you think we meant?

If it’s tips and tricks you’re after, there’ll be LIFE HACKS and EXPERT ADVICE aplenty from the likes of vlogger Fleur De Force, Jordyn Woods, Suki Waterhouse, Zara Martin and Rochelle Humes. Plus, panel discussions on social media (INSTA-GLAM anyone?), the changing face of beauty, #GIRLBOSS and soap much more!

Glow all out with GLITTER TATTOOS, a soaper-cool SELFIE space and an exclusive meet-up with YouTube sensations – LUCY AND LYDIA, who will be giving out signed Glitzmas gift sets to the first 50 luxey ladies.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry girl, we got you covered! Enter your details in the below form for the chance to win £50 worth of glamstuffs including a signed gift set by Lucy and Lydia! OMG right?! Don’t say we don’t treat you!

Don’t miss out – bag your ticket today. Tickets start from £30. Grab yours here.

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  1. Satveer Kaur Rathore said:

    I love soap & glory. Glad hair day, calm on me, motherpucker all omg.

  2. Anne Wigglesworth said:

    Shower butter is my godsend fave. No more eczema. Love the kohl pencils, just wish more colours were available all year round x

  3. Gill Yardley said:

    I love Soap and glory

  4. Shakira love said:

    What a fantastic prize draw!! Fingers crossed ☺️

  5. Katie Brook said:

    I absolutely love Soap & Glory. Sexy Mother Pucker is the only lip gloss I use. The moisturiser goes on better than any other. And my sister-in-law always asks for your giftsets at Christmas.

  6. Charlotte said:

    I love soap and glory! I hope I win! Good luck to everyone. 🙂

  7. Sarah Eckersley said:

    Love love love it! Gimme more more more!

  8. alice said:


  9. lara said:

    The breakfast scrub works beautifuly for ‘chicken skin’

  10. Beatriz Velasquez-Sealey said:

    So glad Soap and Glory is now at my local Walgreens!

  11. Sadia shehzad said:

    I love soap&glory…i m in love with the fragrance of soap&glory’s products

  12. Susan said:

    I absolutely love soap an glory it’s amazing that’s all I use xxx

  13. Francesca said:

    Love the sexy mother pucker lip gloss. bro in law didn’t believe it made your lips tingle until I put some on him lol. hand cream is brill

  14. Khadija said:

    I need this in my life!

  15. Khadija said:

    I need this!

  16. Leah Wilkes said:

    I love your Orange-gasm shower gel, it smells amazing!

  17. Lusa ritchie said:

    It’s all my daughter can use on her skin we live it ❤

  18. Sarah Ruse said:

    I LOVE Soap & Glory! I’m like a walking advert! I wash using clean on me, use the shampoo and conditioner so that my hair has a ‘Glad Hair Day!’ And I won’t use any other primer or foundation now!

  19. Charlotte McConnell said:

    Absolutely love the hand cream! Keeps hands nourished and moisturised, especially in the winter!

  20. Zooni said:

    Great product, smells sooooooo yummy

  21. Sophie McKenna said:

    soap and glory AND lucy and lydia best combination ever!!

  22. Katie said:

    Amazing prize! Love soap and glory and Lucy and Lydia’s videos! Especially “whipped clean”, an absolute must have product of mine

    • Katie said:

      Would love to try more products, so this would be perfect!

  23. Emma said:

    Two teenage girls love Soap & Glory!

  24. Chelsea said:

    I’m currently living in Australia and I’m so miserable that I can’t buy soap and glory here!! I’ve ordered over £100 worth for a treat for when I get back to the uk! Every year I buy the Christmas specials I literally have two of everything. I’m obsessed! #soapsessed

  25. Erusa said:

    Love Soap & Glory !

  26. Charlene rowe said:

    I love soap and glory scrub it Descales my legs all day every day x

  27. Alice said:

    I m in love with soap and glory

  28. Tamanna ali said:

    i just love mother pucker.
    But there should be more shades of purple pls

  29. Nicola Elcoat said:

    I love soap and glory and always buy their products especially the biggest one with the fancy box (I love the box they come in handy for storage Hee Hee) x

  30. Karyna Rodriguez said:

    Love the plump lip gloss and mascara!!

  31. Alisha dwarkadas said:

    This sounds sooooooo great .I hope I win!!!

  32. RUTH WHITE said:

    You can never have enough SOAP AND GLORY
    toiletries, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  33. sophie said:

    I LOVE SOAP AND GLORY! Righteous body butter … Oh my amazing! x

  34. Silvia Schmidt said:

    I was there! Thank you so much for the personalized gift. Best on beautycon. Totally appreciate it 😉

  35. Natasha said:

    I don’t know what I would do without soap & glory I love all the products

  36. sofi said:

    would love to try out some products as i have heard amazing things

  37. Natasha rivera said:

    So far I’m loving the pillusion plum lip gloss, the tingly feeling makes my lips feel more luscious.

  38. Megan Chatterley said:

    Love Soap and Glory there sets just keep getting better and better the make up range is to die for! Good luck everyone great comp!!

  39. Georgia Hewitt said:

    Love Soap & Glory product is lovely. The best…..