Thick & Fast™ Flash Extensions Effect Mascara


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Thick & Fast™ Flash Extensions Effect Mascara


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Add definition and length to your eyelashes

Ever tried flash extensions? introducing Soap & Glory s Thick & Fast Flash Extensions Effect Mascara. Volume, intensity, length, definition and curl - For lashes so full on fabulous, you wont believe your eyes.

• SILICOAT™ MINERAL LASH PLUMP - hydra-mineral complex with Quackgrass extract helps to boost silicon absorption for stronger lashes
• Exclusive, all-day wear NO FLAKE™ 4D-FLEXYWAX™ TECHNOLOGY - wraps lashes in a creamy, thickening combination of hard wax and plastic wax – for perfect adherence (and no tackiness)
• Anti-oxidant rich VITAMIN E - lash-strengthening and nourishing)
• VOLU-AMP™ SUPERSOFT 360° LOADING BRUSH - double trim with ultra-soft bristles for superior lengthening, volumising and clump-free application

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Overall Rating:

2.7 out of 5 (49) Review(s)

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WhitakerBlair from Does not create ‘extentions effect’ said on 02/04/2019

I love soap and glory and I always use their products so thought I would try this. _x000D_
I have long lashes and this product makes them look short, the product does not go to the ends of lashes easily so I spend double the time trying to get it to the ends._x000D_
It’s such a thin liquid that it takes multiple, and I mean 5 attempts to get the look I am after, which is nothing too over the top otherwise it looks as if I have not got anything on them at all. _x000D_
I honestly regret spending my money on this. Would rather stick to other cheaper brands that do what they say on the tin.
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Barbie x from My go to mascara said on 10/01/2019

You really can’t go wrong with any of these mascaras! They apply well and don’t clump. The formula doesn’t dry out. There’s no awful smells or stinging eyes. My lashes aren’t long but this gives a very wide eyed, long curled lash effect even for me! and my favourite thing about it, I don’t lose any lashes cleaning it off either! Will always buy again. Would probably marry <3 ha!
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RubyJ86 from Love it! said on 28/12/2018

I absolutely love this mascara, I’ve used Soap and Glory mascara for a while now but this is the first time I have purchased this particular one._x000D_
It is definitely my favourite, it goes on beautifully and makes my eyelashes look long and thick._x000D_
Will definitely be buying this again.
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Laurab1111 from Fave mascara ever said on 21/02/2018

I absolutely adore this mascara, it makes my short and thin lashes look long and voluminous! The consistency is great and the brush is great for a no clump look. The mascara lasted me about 3 months - I was wearing it everyday - will definitely be repurchasing
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Sassy from Gloucestershire said on 08/02/2018

Amazing can’t go wrong with it.

Tiana from Super thick lashes and the tubes lasts for months said on 15/01/2018

This is probably the best mascara I have ever used! I have very fine lashes and this makes them very thick and long, I would say it is better than the YSL mascara, but it is half the price and the tubes lasts for months. Don't think I will try another mascara again!
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RhiannonW from Best Mascara! said on 02/12/2017

I have been on the hunt for a good mascara for a while and have tried so many. Luckily, I picked this one up on a whim and absolutely love it! It's not often that I find a mascara that I actually would repurchase but this one is a definite!! It makes my lashes so long and nicely coated, and the effect lasts ages!
Boots review Originally posted on

Sammy from Liverpool said on 12/11/2017

Possibly the best mascara ive ever used. Only 2 coats required for the longest lashes !! No clumping , smudging or flaking ! Excellent value for money . One point of for not having a waterproof option x

Loranolom from Not terrible but gold one is better said on 30/08/2017

Normally use the gold collagen mascara by soap and glory but tried this, was disappointed. It was way more clumpy, the brush shape didn't coat all of my lashes no matter what angle I Heldi the brush. It did stay on as long as their other mascara, gray all day wear and its Norbert even sold as waterproof so not all bad!
Boots review Originally posted on

Irene from Pasco Wa said on 08/02/2017

This is amazing. They discontinued the mascara I like from cover girl and I went to Walgreens and found this new line and I loved the display of the products. I bought the mascara and tried it the following morning and I was so happy with how my lashes looked. Honestly this is so much better than the cover girl one that I used before. I just wish that they will make a waterproof version for when I go swimming or on vacation to the beach. This is also twice as much money as the cover girl. I will totally recommend this product.

bunnybop550 from Clumpy said on 11/01/2017

Too clumpy, stuck my lashes together..............
Boots review Originally posted on

Juleseye from Love! said on 30/08/2016

I usually buy the gold one but thought I've give this a try, absolutely love it! Goes on even and fans lashes out nice and full.
Boots review Originally posted on

Beth from MK said on 29/04/2016

I got the thick and fast 'super volume" mascara for Christmas and it was amazing, when i ran out I went to buy more but they was out of stock so I bough this one 'flash extension effect' and it was terrible in comparison. The brush was so thing and after about a week the bristles started sticking together and also the mascara itself is very liquidy. Will defo be sticking to the super volume one.

Hawkee from Staffordshire said on 19/04/2016

I love this mascara. After reading previous reviews, felt I must write to say I had no problem with drying, panda eyes or smudging. Made my lashes long and volumised.

Simba21 from Best mascara I've ever used said on 28/12/2015

The only reason I used this mascara is because it was part of a Soap & Glory gift set that I received from a friend. I'm forever grateful to her because it's simply the best mascara I've ever used. It has an amazingly thick brush that coats every singe lash, it makes my lashes noticeably longer and fuller, it doesn't flake or clump - regardless of the amount of applications and hours that it is worn and is also (apparently) free from animal testing. As I wear mascara every day, previous mascaras have only lasted about 4-6 weeks. This mascara lasts me about 4 months and is also one of the cheapest in store.
If I had to choose one product from my make up bag, this would most definitely be it. It ticks every single box!!!!
Boots review Originally posted on

emurrly from UK said on 16/09/2015

Really surprised to read the negative reviews, for me this is the best mascara i have ever used, so much so that I bulk buy in 3's when boots has the 3 for 2 offers!

I find it makes my lashes look so thick and long but also very natural, which I love. I have never had any problems with it smudging or running, cant recommend it highly enough!

Sky_eyed from Dublin said on 28/10/2014

SMUDGES all over the eyelids!! I was very disappointed with this mascara... it doesn't seem to dry very well and sticks my eye lashes together... it doesn't do a good job in volumizing them at all (Rimmel's mascara does much better job at that and is cheaper!). I went on a clubbing night out and, as I never had to worry before about 'panda eyes', I didn't pay much attention to my make up. I went to toilet after an hour of dancing and, oh my world! I wish somebody had told me I had this mascara all over my upper and lower eye lid!!

Not recommended at all...

Amy from United kingdom said on 21/10/2014

Worst mascara I've ever used, doesn't dry and is a waste of money.

Abby from Newquay said on 14/10/2014

It is a lovely mascara but I found that during the day it would flake away and leave marks below my eyes. I've ended up using one of the other mascara's instead.

Island Girl from Isle of Wight said on 18/08/2014

Have used the volumising mascara and loved it so I thought I would try this one for a change. Very disappointed as it smudges continually. Contacted Soap and Glory who said they are aware of the problem and advised me to return it to Boots where I exchanged it for the volumising one again. It's a pity they don't withdraw it until they get it right!

beth from uk said on 31/07/2014

The best mascara i've used in ages love it

Ju from Warwickshire said on 28/07/2014

I think it's fantastic on my second one now !

abi from bath said on 17/06/2014

Honestly the worst mascara i have ever used, it was too wet and gloopy sticking all my eyelashes together, it wouldnt dry and so i ended up removing it from my face and binning it. Very Gutted especially as i have just wasted another 10 pounds down the drain, would not at all reccomend

Lee from Plymouth said on 07/06/2014

This mascara is awfull it's sticky it's smudges all the time and doesn't dry! The brush goes really clumpy and it's makes your lashes stick together safe to say I won't be using it agin.

Kazzyg from Newcastle said on 27/05/2014

I love s and glory products but this mascara is terrible... It just doesn't dry.. And I ended up with panda eyes within an hour... I've used the one in the black tube snd that was fine..
I won't buy it again .... It's in the bin... £10.50 wasted

lips from uk said on 27/05/2014

This really let me down i was so happy about this product coming on sale and like said above for the price i paid i wasn't satisfied would not recommend this product

Snail from Glasgow said on 25/04/2014

I was really excited to buy this, as i shop in soap and glory all the time. I should have just stayed with my old and trustworthy loreal mascara. I was fairly disappointed, and i buy a lot of make up products. It's such a shame as well, because Soap and Glory are one of my favourite brands! Bummer!

Linjazz from Worthing said on 06/04/2014

This was a real let down for the price.
Basically I ended up with Panda type looking eyes by the end of the day.

leeshievansmith from Bristol said on 31/03/2014

I honestly thought this was brilliant? I never had any dark circles or anything even after having 4 hours of dance. Made my lashes huge and filled! Love this!

yaz from glasgow said on 10/03/2014

do not recommend! leaves huge black smudge marks under eyes!! also doesnt give the extension effect it states :( probably the worst mascara i've ever used to be honest, will not be using this again!

Dene from Bristol said on 07/03/2014

So disappointing, love Soap and Glory and mascara did as stated and pleased with lashes BUT so embarrassed as wore out for a lunch and on visiting the loo was horrified with black rings above and below the eyes, made worse when trying to clean up. I looked ill :(
Not cheap but now sits in the drawer after one use.

Sarah from Cardiff said on 09/02/2014

Poor quality for a high price! Was very surprised as I usually LOVE Soap and Glory Products. Smudges even after hours of wear and leaves me with black panda looking eyes at the end of the day.

Becky from East Anglia said on 05/02/2014

I am so disappointed in this mascara! I had recently converted to Soap and Glory mascara after finding the skincare so good.

Unfortunately this mascara is awful. I find it goes in fine, but within an hour it has smudged all under my eyes and I look like a panda. I have had so many people comment on how bad it is in just the two days I have worn it! Definitely not good when you need to have a professional appearance.

I would consider trying one of the other mascara's but am loath to potentially waste another £10. I may instead 'play it safe' and go back to buying all my make up from Rimmel and Maybelline.

Alexis from London said on 17/01/2014

Love this mascara really lengthens lashes and allows you to build volume at the roots really easily! Make up staple :0)

bel83 from swansea said on 15/01/2014

I've now tried all of the thick and fast mascaras and am so far finding this one to be the best for how I like my lashes to look.

For every day use the regular one is fab, and for thicker lashes, the collagen mascara works really well. However, this one makes my lashes sooo long! The first couple of times I used it, the mascara was a bit clumpy but it seems to have blended in a bit now.

It comes off really well with removal wipes and doesn't leave smudginess under my eyes like a lot of mascaras do. I've got super sensitive eyes too and it doesn't irritate them at all.

Fantastic S&G.. yet another win for you :)

Natalie from Essex said on 08/01/2014

I used this mascara after a friend of mine recommended it & I absolutely love it.

I personally didn't find that it smudged at all (apart from the time I forgot to take it off before bed...whoops).

I found it helped to enhance my lashes making them longer & much more noticeable. I did find, that I had to wait for the first coat to apply before adding a second but apart from that I love, Love, LOVE it!

lbev94 from Scotland said on 07/01/2014

As a 19 year old, I use a lot of beauty products, mascara in particular and have tried a variety of different brands. This is by far the worst mascara I have ever bought. Shadowing the viewpoints of the other reviews I have read, the mascara is clumpy and does take a long time to dry. Although I have not had any problems with 'panda eyes', I have after taking the mascara off noticed swelling and redness around my eye area - again I have not had problems with this when using other products. I personally would not recommend this product.

Jonesy from Kent said on 06/01/2014

I found this mascara to give my lashes a very natural look. I wouldn't say its thick or volumising. However I do like it for the fact that I can get a natural look from it. I like the brush which is a big round soft brush, much better then the comb type. I got this in one of the gift packs but not sure if I would feel differently if I had specifically gone to buy the product.

Lisa from Preston said on 31/12/2013

I am surprised with the other reviews as I have found this to be one of the best mascaras I have ever used I haven't found it at all clumpy. I find it comes out of the tube evenly and goes smoothly onto my eyelashes making them look great. I would like to add that I normally use much more expensive mascaras and will be buying this one again. Double thumbs up

Em from Dorset said on 28/12/2013

I have to echo what the other reviewers are saying - this is sadly the worst mascara I have ever used which is a shame as all the other cosmetics I have used from S&G have been great. I have used it twice and will have to bin it - what a waste of money! When you pull the brush out of the mascara tube, it brings out an excess of mascara and even when you tissue off the excess, when you apply the mascara it is gloopy and smudges everywhere. Very disappointing!

Paula from Preston said on 19/12/2013

Don't think I have ever given a bad review on anything, but this mascara is terrible, don't think I have ever had such a bad product, not worth 50p never mind £10.50. You end up with panda eyes and working with the public this was very embarrassing . One word for it RUBBISH !!

Carly from Liverpool said on 17/12/2013

As someone who owns every soap and glory product ever made, I am SO DISAPPOINTED with this mascara!!! Smudges after a few hours, doesn't do much to eyelashes and generally feels cheap! Go for the original mascara instead!

Jen from Bellshill said on 07/12/2013

I love S&G...There isn't enough power in my laptop to tell you just how much. Unfortunately, this is the ONE product that I don't like one wee bit. It makes me sad because I want to like it, I really really do. I also want to not be annoyed that I bought it, but it's too late for that carry on.

If I haven't made it clear - I think this mascara sucks and I wouldn't recommend it to my next door neighbour (who is really noisy and inconsiderate).

Please, S&G, fix this situation.

Bee from Maidstone said on 30/11/2013

I normally love soap and glory. I had the gold mascara which is my second favourite to they're real. This though, is the worst mascara I have ever used. Goes everywhere. Clumpy. Takes ages to dry. I don't understand because the gold one is great!

Lucy from Cardiff said on 07/11/2013

Really dissapointing. Within half an hour of applying i look like a panda!. I always love soap and glory products and they always do what they say on the tin, not this!.

Emma from Essex said on 01/11/2013

I use this mascara every day & love it!! Well done S&G another great product.

Hannah from Leeds said on 29/10/2013

I bought this as I love both the other S&G mascaras but feel massively let down by this product. It does look good at first but smudges really badly after a couple of hours, feels tacky and clumps together toward the end of the day. Really not worth the money and will stick to the two other mascaras instead.

CCGB from London said on 29/10/2013

A W F U L stuff! Horrible horrible horrible, S&G you have definitely gone downhill!

emiloupop from Lancashire said on 24/10/2013

I bought this mascara a few days ago because I love the other soap and glory mascaras. However, I was really unimpressed with this one. Within an hour of putting it on, most of it was under my eyes. It didn't last long at all! I use soap and glory a lot, and this is the first time i have ever had to give something a bad review.
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