Sexy Mother Pucker™ XL Extreme-Plump LIP PLUMPING GLOSS


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Sexy Mother Pucker™ XL Extreme-Plump LIP PLUMPING GLOSS


(£10.00 per 10ml)

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(£10.00 per 10ml)

Extreme-Plump Collagen Lip Shine

A super-sizing, extra-strength collagen lip shine with LIPSWELL™ natural plant oil infusion, SUPERFILL™ nanovectors and VISIVOLUME™ immediate effect lip filler.

This product is vegan.

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INGREDIENTS/INGRÉDIENTS: Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polybutene, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene, Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer, Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer, Magnesium Silicate, Menthyl Lactate, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Mica, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Polyethylene, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Parfum (Fragrance), Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax (Cire De Carnauba), Hydroxymethoxyphenyl Propylmethylmethoxybenzofuran, Silica, Propylene Glycol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, Sorbitan Isostearate, Portulaca Pilosa Extract, Limonene, BHT, Tocopherol, Tin Oxide, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Sucrose Cocoate, Propylene Carbonate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, (+/- (May Contain/Peut Contenir) CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77492 (Iron Oxides), CI 15850 (Red 6) CI15850 (Red 7 Lake), CI 77491 (Iron Oxides), CI 77499 (Iron Oxides)).


Overall Rating:

3.5 out of 5 (51) Review(s)

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mitzimoo from Falkirk said on 09/04/2017

I bought this yesterday, as I desperately wanted a lip plumper, but was very disappointed did not plump my lips at all, yes there was tingling and gloss but that was it, again really disappointed

Caz from Australia said on 13/03/2017

I had high hopes for this product, but all it did was tingle for a few minutes and no plumping actually occurred... very annoyed.

Gillian from Ypsilanti said on 04/03/2017

Not too sticky, great shine, however the "taste" is a little off-putting. The tingling lasts about 20 minutes and isn't too extreme. I noticed visible plumping however it doesn't last more much more than an hour. I really enjoy the results!

Laura from Birmingham said on 19/01/2017

I think I'm in love... supremely glossy, ultra plumping, amazingly unsticky and fabulously tingly! Can this product get any better?

MyDivaAddiction from Denver said on 19/01/2017

For best results... use with Marvelips!! I'm rating this plumper as one of the best on the market. It's not as "extreme" as some, but the sting isn't always what makes it better. It's not too sticky and never messy like some others out there. Oh, and it has collagen!! Must-Have!

Hiba from Manchester said on 19/01/2017

I don't know why it didn't seem to work for me. I've used a lot of lip plumpers before that have had better results; I was impressed with ratings from various websites but this was a disappointing purchase. The tingling can be a killer initially.

M Leyba from Albuquerque said on 19/01/2017

I like the texture and feel of the gloss and the tingling is awesome, but the taste and scent is awful!! I wish it didn't have such a nasty flavor.

Fizzy from London said on 19/01/2017

The tingling sensation and super gloss look always add the finishing touch to make me feel super sexy before a night out... not too sticky either. Great price & great gloss!

Crowstoes from Concord said on 19/01/2017


Gemma from Wrexham said on 19/01/2017

I am quite possibly the world's biggest fan of this superb lip plumper. It makes my lips fuller and the tingling sensation makes me feel sexy. All my friends have tried it and love it. One even said it was better than sex! Fabulous!

Katie Anne from Gaithersburg said on 19/01/2017

This is the best damn Lip Gloss I have ever purchased. I have spent a lot of money looking for the perfect lip gloss that wasn't super sticky, but stayed on past the wine sipping. This passed with flying colors! Thanks for the perfect lip gloss!!

smithie from USA said on 19/01/2017

Soap & Glory yet again created 8th wonder of the world! This gloss/plumper is beyond amazing - it plumps in an instant, gives lips fullness, shine and tastes good. Giving it 10 out of 5 stars ;) Great job!

germanshepard from canada said on 19/01/2017


LeopardGirl from London said on 19/01/2017

Once again - fabulous product, looks good, smells good and tastes fantastic! I don't normally like stuff on my lips, too sticky-tacky but not this! The tingle is a real boost as well! I don't know if my lips are improved but I don't really care. Its one of life's little (cheap) pleasures!

Kuro from Derby said on 19/01/2017

I bought this after using the Sexy mother pucker range and this is as good if not better than those lip plumpers. It gives me a subtle but sexy shine, which makes my lips look healthy, as well as lasting all day. I kid you not - ALL day. I put some on at 9:45 this morning and it's now nearly 5pm and it's still there keeping my lips looking lovely. It seems to last well throughout eating and drinking, and hours of nattering. Awesome product.

Smellynelly from Suffolk said on 19/01/2017

Really like this. Bought at the same time as another lip gloss which was sticky and I thought this would be the same but it isn't. Glides on nice and smooth and I love the tingly feel you get for a few mintues afterwards. It really did plump my lips up and make them feel softer and has a nice sheen without being too glossy.

loz from liverpool said on 19/01/2017

I love soap and glory and was surprised when I got this as a present. Yes I wasn't expecting miracles, I know I have small lips but I thought that was who this product was aimed at. There was no tingling sensation and it was essentially just a lip gloss. Very disappointed It did not pump my lips up at all.

missy from Ireland said on 19/01/2017

Was very disappointed in this product, tingled slightly for about 2 minutes and no plumping at all, it's very shiny and a little sticky to begin with and the scent from it is awful. Raging I bought it.

Shadow x from London said on 19/01/2017

I like this product, and the tingly feel is really good, but it tastes real rough......and the price?

Black pistons from Margate said on 19/01/2017

We are seriously disappointed with your product alll that it does is tingle no extreme plumping or any sort of plumping occurs !!! It certainly does not do what the packaging advertises. We are also going write a formal complaint !!! And Gemma from Wrexham hope you views have moved on since sept 11 that this product is better than sex !!!!

joanne from n-ireland said on 19/01/2017

not a bit happy with this item, no tingly feeling. no extreme plumping, not worth £10.

Chi from Hampshire said on 19/01/2017

DEFINATELY WORTH the moneyI Completely Disagree with people saying there is no tingle. They must have lips of steel!
I first tried this from the tester in the shop. I didn't buy it at the time but by the time I got to the till I had to ask the shop assistant if my lips were ok because it tingled so much I thought it may have ballooned my lips right out! However it was fine and you get used to the tingle feeling. You can notice the plumping effects within about 10 minutes and the more often you apply the greater the effect! Although I would use little at first to see the effects so you don't go overboard with those new plump lips of yours!

Miriam Teaiyard from Norway said on 19/01/2017

I can't belive people don't like it! I think the scent is okay, and I love the tingeling. And I think my lips are plumping as they should :) Im actually addicted to the tingeling. Love it so much!

Hairspray_Queen from Dundee said on 19/01/2017

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVE THIS!!! I have quite full lips already but still get "the tingle" and the feel and look of plumpness too!!! altho it sometimes doesnt last as long as it cud as i tend to lick it off as it tastes soooooo scrummy. Its always one of my must have's!!

killa from fairfield, california said on 19/01/2017

i love lip plumpers that tingle. this is the best one i have ever tried! and it's way more affordable than most good quality products out there. it also has a yummy smell, and it compliments anybody who wears it. you can't go wrong with this plumper.

Michelle from England said on 19/01/2017

Since Patricia Wexler stopped making her lip plumper (a sad day) XL Extreme-Plump comes as near as you are ever going to get this side of surgery and for the 'older' woman, using the plumper over the upper lip line does wonders.

Jasmine from Cheltenham said on 19/01/2017

This certainly made my lips tingle and I was expecting great results. Absolutely no difference whatsoever. I normally use another make and will go back to that.

Fifi from South Africa said on 19/01/2017

Who needs Botox or fillers with this product! Superb!!! Have all the colors!

Linny from Beijing said on 19/01/2017

I have thick asian lips, and after applying this, i have naomi campbell kinda lips... tingly all the way and plumping like magic...

Misslexy101 from London said on 19/01/2017

I love this product! It's smells/tastes amazing and the tingles feel so cool. Never had anything like it and there's alot of it so its worth £10. It also leaves a plump looking shiny finish on your lips.

Jacqui from London said on 19/01/2017

Very happy with this ! So worth it

Jasmine from UK said on 19/01/2017

What a complete waste of money, apart from a few minutes of a tingly feeling, there was no result at all. Wish I could get my money back.

Han from London said on 19/01/2017

Really love this product. Great purchase!

Stormi from RVA said on 19/01/2017

I love this product! The tingle it has feels awesome and it tastes a lot better than other lip plumpers I've used. I feel like it works (about as much as you can expect from a gloss attempting to do something you'd normally need with a needle and syringe). I will say I feel like it's not as intense as Too Faced's Lip Injection, but I'm still in love with this product and would definitely buy it again!

Kez from Bradford said on 19/01/2017

I have used the soap and glory lip plumper before when i was younger, and i remember the tingly feeling i had so today i went and purchased the XL one, i put it on just as i was walking into work and as soon as it hit my lips it was tingling, they feel plumped and i feel like mine look a tad swollen (in a good way) defo worked on my top lip, theres usually nothing there!

Love the smell :-)
i bought the nude one as i always use nude and brown lipsticks so when i come to use it over a lipstick i have the ideal colour.

berry from uk said on 19/01/2017

Lips tingled but no difference whatsoever. Just made me feel greasy

very important person. from london said on 19/01/2017

This product is very bad. It gives all the burn and sensation of a lip plumper but has ZERO effect on the lips. It does not plump your lips in the slightest way. I am very disappointed and would like my money back. Complete waste of money!!!!!

Lightbubble from Canada said on 19/01/2017 works, long is this thing supposed to tingle for? From what I've read, it's around ten minutes, but it's been half an hour already! It would be really unpleasant if this goes on the whole day long!

Can from Uk said on 19/01/2017

Am i using this product wrong? Yes it tingles but makes no difference to my lip size? very disapointed waste of money!!

Miss no top lip from Sunny Scotland said on 19/01/2017

I love the tingly feeling it makes me feel like am pouting and I have noticed a difference! Defo worth the money!!!

goodmum from Leicester said on 19/01/2017

Sexy mother plucker - what a HORRIBLE name - wouldn't buy......

Nikki from USA said on 19/01/2017

It tingles, it smells and tastes good, but there is no true change.

beth from england said on 19/01/2017

This product is amazing. The smell is fabulous, the tingling is intense and although my lips are already quite large this lip plumper took them to the next level

beth from england said on 19/01/2017

This product is amazing. The smell is fabulous, the tingling is intense and although my lips are already quite large this lip plumper took them to the next level

beth from england said on 19/01/2017

This product is amazing. The smell is fabulous, the tingling is intense and although my lips are already quite large this lip plumper took them to the next level

Sarah from Swansea said on 19/01/2017

Bought this as an upgrade from Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss, but it still has no effect on me. It gives a very tingly feel, but alas it does not do anything for me personally.

mads from united states said on 19/01/2017

so, this doesn't do MUCH in the plumping business, but it hydrates the sh*t out of my lips! I've had the hardest time finding something that keeps my lips from being chapped, and this keeps them ultra hydrated, which is what leads to the plumping effect that I get when using it. I wouldn't want to mislead anyone by saying it super-plumps, but overall I'm in love with this stuff. Just ordered more!

Char from Horsham said on 19/01/2017

The tingling sensation is off the charts! It's super hydrating and incredibly plumping, I don't like talking when I have it on all I want to do is pout!

jojo from Ipswich said on 19/01/2017

dissapointing, maybe my lips went 0.05% redder?

Beth from Derby, United Kingdom said on 19/01/2017

WOW, this stuff is actually amazing. I noticed a difference very quickly and loved the effect. It smells gorgeous also and is not sticky. It also blends really well with lipstick to give a wonderful effect.

Libby from London said on 19/01/2017

I would give this product no stars if I could. It cost £10 which is an extortionate price for what it is. It is essentially a lip gloss that tingles. It calls itself the 'Extreme-Plump' version but does nothing of the sort. As a regular loyal customer of Soap and Glory who trusts their products I am disappointed to say the least. I have asked to be refunded on my wasted £10 and have had no response. It is a shame that such a usually fantastic brand would charge such a high price for a product that promises to do something that it doesn't actually do at all, not even a tiny bit.
I would not encourage anyone to buy this for the purpose of plumping you lips and cannot imagine how many people can be satisfied with buying an 'Extreme-Plump' lip gloss for £10 that does not plump your lips at all!!!
Extremely disappointing and a waste of money do not buy.
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