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Distinctly 'no-brow'? (Or could do with a fullness boost?) Brush-on-brows and fill in any gaps with the all-day, long-wearing precision-point stain, then use the crayon to give your brows the perfect shape.

This product is vegan.

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4.3 out of 5 (70) Review(s)

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Queen from England-Essex said on 16/12/2017

I Absolutely Recommend this product its amazing well worth the money I use it now every day in my normal makeup routine it's better than others that I've tried and is definitely a 5 star product the quality and simple style is just perfect for me good for all ages and a nice Brow Pen Well Recommended By Myself!

Hazel from London said on 17/08/2017

The pen end is brilliant! The only reason I haven't rated this 5 stars is I don't like or use the pencil end (which is just a bog standard retractable brow crayon) and hate having to throw away half of what I have paid for unused, especially as it is pretty expensive for what it is. Please make this in a larger version with pen only!!!

Archery User from Warwickshire said on 24/05/2017

I love this eye brow pencil, I have tried many and this is the only one I will use as none others compare. I particularly like the liquid end and the reason I have given only 4 stars is because this runs out very quickly. I wish SOAP AND GLORY would think about making this an actual product in its own right as I end up having to buy new pencils for the liquid way before the other end is anywhere near used.

Louis from Don't have one said on 21/05/2017

I love this mine is used everyday need a new one I recommended this, I'm blond and find it hard to find a perfect brow produced but ‘ love is blond ' is the perfect shade, strongly recommended this

Louis from Don't have one said on 21/05/2017

I love this mine is used everyday need a new one I recommended this, I'm blond and find it hard to find a perfect brow produced but ‘ love is blond ' is the perfect shade, strongly recommended this

Wendy from Ayrshire said on 23/03/2017

My daughter introduced me to this and I love it. I used Wonderbrow before but this is by far the best I have used and lasts for ages.

Babs from Kent said on 21/03/2017

I totally agree with previous 2 reviews. It is £10 worth of wonderful new brows.

Rach from Liverpool said on 19/01/2017

Just bought this today....and I can definitely say it is BY FAR the best eyebrow pencil I have ever bought!! Defines eyebrows perfectly!Yet again Soap & Glory you have not failed to amaze me! :)))

Ani from EAST MIDLANDS said on 19/01/2017

I have to agree with Rach from Liverpool, I redeemed this with my advantage points (What a bargain at £10) previously I have used at lot more expensive eyebrow products as they were the only one's that stayed put, but this product is AMAZING and takes a bit of pressure to remove at night.
Well done Soap & Glory!

DashingAsh from London said on 19/01/2017

This brow pencil is absolutely fantastic! At £10 in Boots, its a bargain. One end is a felt tip type brush which is great for drawing a defined line and even tinting the entire brow. The other end is a retractable brown pencil for a softer look. It comes in 3 shades, blonde, brown and a soft grey/black. I went for the brown as my hair is dark and it was a great colour.
Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase... will definitely stock up on a few more and recommend to friends. Thank you Soap & Glory!

Soapy girl from West Midlands said on 19/01/2017

Amazing best eye brow pencil both sides are you fab

Mrs TAT from Milton Keynes said on 19/01/2017

Love love love this! Best eyebrow make up I have EVER used, eyebrows are very sparse due to couple rounds of chemo-my beautician thought I had had permanent make up done at another salon!

Loobyloo from Weston-super-Mare said on 19/01/2017

At long, long last! My search for the perfect eyebrow tool is over!

This is a revelation to me. When I first bought it (with a voucher from S&G, thank you so much!) although I had arrived home late from shopping that evening, I just had to try it out. Superbly defined but natural dark blonde arches were so easy to achieve. They looked so good that I couldn't bear to cleanse them off, so I went to bed with these lovely brows and.... hey ho! they were still looking perfect when I woke up the next morning!

Thank you S&G for another brilliant product.

fran from preston said on 19/01/2017

Best ever brow product - i have all the hd brow kits and the really expensive kits and NOTHING compares to this one by SOAP & GLORY - absolutely fantastic.well done!! do not stop producing this brow kit please

Chezza from UK said on 19/01/2017

I went to my local Boots in search of a brow product that matches and works. I went to the S&G section and saw Archery for brows. As I have tried many S&G products, I bought Archery. When I gt home, I got straight onto the brows. I bought the blonder colour as I am brunette but don't have very full brows anymore. :-( I love Archery. The felt tip is perfect however there is one issue I do have: the 'crayon' ype side broke and continued to crumble. That side of the product contains a very small amount of product which was a hughe dissapointment as it cost £10.00. I expected more product. I use a light hand on all makeup applications so I assume this is a product malfunction. I love S&G and use many of their products however, I won't repurchase Archery which saddens me. You get what you pay for and I paid £10 and definately expected more on every level. Please sort it out S&G!!!

Kirsty from Sheffield said on 19/01/2017

I absolutely love this product, my best friend when I was in my early teens was my tweezers so now my brows are rather sparce :-( I have tried various pencils & what not but they always smudge! My face tends to get very oily through the day so that doesn't help either. But I tried Archery & fell in love, it doesn't smudge at all! I use the felt tip bit to line my brows to shape then just fill with the pencil side & it stays on all day. But I must say unfortunately I have to agree with 'Chezza' because the same thing happened to my pencil side, it snapped off & it always falls out now. I have tried to save it, but everytime I put it back in, it falls out :-( bit of a pain but I'm pretty sure the next Archery I buy will be fine! :-)

stanka from USA said on 19/01/2017

I don't know why but my hubby Collin is obsessed with my eyebrows. I constantly hear how beautifully shaped they are. The trick? Archery (in Brownie Points for me). I simply love this brow tool. At first I was doubtful about the tint part, I thought it may be too much as I like very decent, barely-there makeup. But was I wrong! This tint - when applied in short strokes - gives the illusion of a hair that does not normally exist. It looks very natural. And the crayon is great as well - it gives that perfect polished finished look. FANTASTIC.......however, I do feel a bit sorry for my Arch De Triumph now as it is going to be laying in my cosmetic bag untouched for a while. Sorry, babe, I still love you though ;)

stanka from usa said on 19/01/2017

Sadly, I have to write a follow up of my previous review - I still give this brow tool 5 stars because results are amazing, however quality is not. Tint part ran out after two weeks and crayon breaks and crumbles. Please S&G, fix these issues, thanks.

TalulaBrandy from Liverpool said on 19/01/2017

I absolutely love this it makes your eyebrows flawless and is really simple to use, not a hair out of place! I have tried many different eyebrow kits, pencils etc and I only picked this one as my boyfriend does archery and it has turned out to have been the best thing I have bought in a while! So I have my boyfriend to thank I guess :) xx

Cath from Penrith, Cumbria said on 19/01/2017

Wow this is amazing! Sick of looking for eyebrow kits to replace a very old No17 one. Tried HD brows, but the results are not instant like this, would have taken months to get the brows I want plus very expensive! Did my eyebrows at 6 this morning and they look as perfect now at 9.30 as they did then. Used my Boots points to get this but well worth spending £10 on, so pleased I just want to keep showing everyone my eyebrows!!

Jill from Jersey said on 19/01/2017

I have fair eyebrows, fairly sparse and this is by far the best eyebrow pencil I have used. No harsh lines, easy to apply and long-lasting. I am delighted with this product.

Why has the felt tip dried up after one use? from East Sussex, England. said on 19/01/2017

I was so excited to use this, but maybe I'm doing something wrong? The felt tip is all but dry now after only one use! Any tips out there please? Thanks you.

Mollymole from Norwich said on 19/01/2017

Great product but have to agree with other reviewers - felt tip soon dried up and the pencil crumbled and there was not much of it - unlike the amount that other pencils offer. It is a wonderful natural looking product and because of this I do feel that soap and glory can get away with the high price tag - but a pity because it does feel that you are getting ripped off. For the amount there is it should not attract this price - must cost pence to produce!

Martin from Leeds said on 19/01/2017

Not a bad product but not half as good as the "arch de triumph" so why does this appear to have replaced it?!

Laura from East Yorkshire said on 19/01/2017

This is by far the best eyebrow product I've ever used! I have very fair eyebrows and unfortunately they also have gaps, and so I cannot comfortably leave the house without using some sort of make up product on them. I have tried all sorts of items, all at different costs, and this one beats them hands down. It's so easy to apply and yet the results are fantastic. It stays put all day and is natural but also perfect-looking :) I've caused a bit of a frenzy as since trying it myself I have recommended it to friends and family who have struggled to find any in stock anywhere :( Hopefully this is just because it is so popular and not because it may be discontinued? I am surprised to read that some people are disappointed with the quality, I have been using mine for nearly four months now and it is still going strong. Excellent work Soap & Glory, I will DEFINITELY re-buy.

Caro from London said on 19/01/2017

Having naturally very light eyebrows, it is really difficult to find a product which looks natural and yet gives a defined look. I have been using a Rimmel eyebrow pencil for the last ten years but am always on the look out for something new, and better. The Archery brush/pencil is my new favourite product! The first time I used it, I was a bit scared of how dark it was but I quickly worked out how to get good coverage and definition from the brush whilst blending it and giving it a natural texture with the pencil. Any blondies out there wondering whether this will work, give it a go!

foxy from west midlands said on 19/01/2017

This is the second one i have used (first one has to be replaced as pen brush ran out after 2 weeks ) now after 2 weeks same thing has happened again.Very disappointed as found it really brilliant.

Toribeth from Suffolk said on 19/01/2017

This product was a total waste of money. Firstly, I had to press really hard on the pencil to get any colour so much so I ended up snapping it. The tint end performed just as badly it was as though ut had dried up despite being brand new. Thanks to these issues application was difficult and the effect was total rubbish. Another thing I dislike about this product is the small amount of pencil you get for the money, I would expect to get more for £10 but as I dont use it anyway I suppose it doesnt matter anyway. I have a brow pencil from mua that cost £1 that is 100 times better than this. I do wonder if I picked up a faultly one as I am suprised at the amount of good reviews here.

Archery Review from London said on 19/01/2017

I am surprised about some of the recent bad reviews as I think this eyebrow pen is absolutely amazing so wanted to share my review so that other's are maybe not put off by these.

Potentially a bad/old stock has been purchased as I've had my pen about 3 months and it's only just running out now and I use it every day! (I buy the same mascara every time but every now and then I will get one that dries up very quickly too)

I've never been able to use eye brow pencils in the past but this is so easy to apply. The pencil end is great because it is slim and simple to use (you don't have to press down hard), and there is no need for sharpening due to the design. The pointed brush is very fine and releases just the right amount of liquid. It is absolutely ideal to create the perfect shape.

C from England said on 19/01/2017

Definitely worth the money! Having naturally pale skin and fair hair, many eyebrow pencils that I have used in the past have looked too dark, even when buying a colour meant for blonde! I have also found that pencils in the past have given a very thick and over-the-top look, but this was perfect! Not only is it extremely easy to apply, the effect and colour is natural, making my eyebrows look defined without being too dark. Also had trouble as in the past had to try many attempts before getting the eyebrow shaping right.. But this double ended beauty sorted that right out! So easy to get perfect brows now! Really advise getting this!

amitchell from London said on 19/01/2017

I absolutely love this product. The felt tip really builds up your brows gradually and allows you to create a natural defined look. The pencil, is about average, good ashy colour so does not look red on the skin.

However I have to agree with a lot of the other reviews, that the felt tip seems to run out almost instantly. I have to shake it really hard before using to get any fluid out of it, which is disappointing, as I have only had it for 2 weeks and it definitely felt like it started to dry up after a few uses. That’s the only thing stopping it getting 5*.

charlotte ryan from england said on 19/01/2017

I don't usually wear a lot of makeup just the simple concealer foundation mascara blush and powder and have a natural look, I have heared good things about this product and debating on whether to get it or not. I don't have much of a defined brow as I have blond hair, you can see them just they are more fair at the start of the brow. I wouldn't want to look like I have slugs on my head as I have a very natural makeup routine should I buy this prouct

Laura from Wirral said on 19/01/2017

I've used a LOT of different eyebrow products and this is by far the best. No other product is as precise giving you the perfect shape brows & the colour is perfect too, so natural. I bought mine about 2 months ago and it still works perfectly. I find sometimes it takes a bit of practice to get used to new products so I would ignore any negative comments and try it for yourself. I just hope this is never discontinued but just incase I've taken full advantage of the 3 for 2 deal in boots and bought 3 of them ( and will continue to do so) so to sum up, I absolutely love this product, full marks, well done s & g, genius !!

Yon-dy from Perth, Western Australia said on 19/01/2017

I bought the "Brownie Points" Brow Tint & Precision Shaping pencil when I was In Northern Ireland last November 2013. I totally love this pencil, it's the best brown pencil that I have ever used but really disappointed that I can't buy it again on-line. I have been lucky enough to have 2 more posted over to me by my sister but please let me know if you you start to sell on -line as I love this product and highly recommend it. I live in Perth, Western Australia :-)

Layla from Birmingham said on 19/01/2017

I absolutely love this product! it has to be one of the best pencils i have tried and believe me i have tried many! Everyone always asks whether i have my eyebrows professional done as they look so neat and natural. You also don't get that smudged red effect you get with other pencils it seems to just blend in with my natural hairs. The felt tip is great for filling in those gaps and getting the basic shape of your brow, i do agree that the felt tip gets dry at times but i just slightly wet it with my finger that seems to do the trick.

slesley from Swindon, Wiltshire said on 19/01/2017

I love the Archery eyebrow pen. Most pencils wipe off or smuge, but this one stays put. Especially love the blonde colour, as most blonde eyebrow pencils are just light brown, but Soap & Glory Archery actually looks blonde and not too dark. I don't use the pencil on the other side though, only the side that looks like a felt tip pen.

Suki from Scotland said on 19/01/2017

This has been the best product for my eyebrows. Since I'm trying the thick, youthful eyebrows and while they are in the process of growing (and looking pretty terrifying at the moment), I bought the "Brownie Points" Brow Tint & Precision pencil and it is the only one that doesn't fade and is the perfect shade for black hair! The only product I use for my brows.

Daisy May from Bradford said on 19/01/2017

Best eyebrow pencil I have ever tried looks perfect and so easy to use I love this so much I can't get enough! Beautiful!

Rachelk from Manchester said on 19/01/2017

I am literally so in love with this product! I switched from the hd brows set to this about a week ago and so far its been 100 times better! its so quick and easy to get the full brow look, it literally takes me 2 minutes!!

Danif201 from Scotland said on 19/01/2017

Love this item looks so good will defo be re buying

Valli from Devon said on 19/01/2017

I bought the Archery Love is Blonde yesterday, as I wanted the colour of my eyebrows to look more natural. Whereas the colour of the tint end is good, it feels dry, like a felt-tip pen drying out. Is this as it should be, and can I be assured it will not dry out in a short amount of time?

Holly from London said on 19/01/2017

OBSESSED with this product, it's perfect. It doesn't leave obvious 'drawn on' stroke marks or smudge like all other pencils I've had before, it just gives you a natural looking background colour in your desired shape. Perfect for filling in parts where my eyebrows go thin. I use both ends, the pencil to fill in gaps and the pen to add create draw my arch and tapered end. Buy it, trust me.

cathyb from reading said on 19/01/2017

Wasted my money with this, every time I use it it just completely breaks and the stick falls apart, plus you don't get much product for £10 so I only have a few more goes with it now, still looks natural and nice anyway, hoping my product was just faulty

Cathy b from Reading said on 19/01/2017

Wasted my money with this sadly, the stick just crumbles and breaks and i have hardly any left already so will have to go out and spend more, it does give a natural look but I wouldn't buy this again, maybe my product was faulty but sadly this isn't my favourite

Emmyradrad from London, UK said on 19/01/2017

I have very dark eyebrows and these shades don't match for me at all. I need a really darn brown, nearly black without a red tint. Such a shame as I love so man other Soap and Glory products D:

Jess from Gloucestershire said on 19/01/2017

Wonderful to use and apply, very quick and easy to get an excellent shape, however using the tint actually ended up turning my eyebrows green? Not sure if I have had a couple of faulty ones, but very disappointed.

Katie from Aberdeen said on 19/01/2017

The only thing preventing me from giving this product 5 stars, is the fact that the pencil end breaks/ falls out really easily. despite this I would highly recommend it because it genuinely looks flawless once it's on! So natural! I've

Katie from Aberdeen said on 19/01/2017

The only thing preventing me from giving this product 5 stars, is the fact that the pencil end breaks/ falls out really easily. despite this I would highly recommend it because it genuinely looks flawless once it's on! So natural! My eyebrow game has been complimented since I started using it!

Cat from London said on 19/01/2017

I never used to fill in my brows are they are thick and whatever I tried gave me serious slugs, however I tried this and it's honestly amazing I'm in love with it, it gives the perfect arch and looks completely natural, the only thing is I wish they had a third shade in between the blond and brown as I have slightly too light hair for the brown and slightly too dark hair for the blonde, nonetheless this product is incredible and I will continue to re purchase

Caity from Cambridge said on 19/01/2017

The Archery Pencil is the best eyebrow pencil I have ever used, and after leaving my brows patchy after overzealous plucking in my teens, I've tried them all. I went to Boots to buy my usual pencil only to find they didn't have it in, tried again and again, and they never had it in stock! I assumed this pen/tint was a replacement and they no longer did the pencil so bought it thinking it'd be just as good. WRONG. I'm very dark brown, and the darkest brown this pencil comes in isn't the right colour-it's got an orange/red tint, which most people know is the colour you need to avoid when it comes to eyebrow pencils or it'll never look right regardless of your hair colour! The pencil is too thick and also 'pulls' on the skin and the pen dries out after a few strokes.
Disappointed in the product and annoyed i spent a tenner on it.

Rachel from Hertfordshire said on 19/01/2017

Absolutely obsessed with this product! I have never had nice eyebrows until I purchased this brow pencil. My brows were always too thick and messy, after trying too completely change the shape of my brows I accidently plucked them too thin. With this product I am able to transform my brows. I use the pencil end to outline and shape the arch of my brows, then the pen too draw on the hairs that are missing. They look perfect now and I have received so many compliments after using this product! The only thing that I found was that the pencil didn't last any longer than a month. However, I will definitely be purchasing another pencil very soon. Highly recommend this product!

Fluffy from London said on 19/01/2017

I absolutely love this product. I received it as a birthday present a while back and I'm currently on my forth one. It's worth the tenner I promise. Natural and even coverage.

El from Worcs said on 19/01/2017

best product I've ever used now my eyebrows look fleeky as ever sexy man

Katie from East Sussex said on 19/01/2017

My absolute favourite brow product, bought this to try it out once and I've been hooked ever since, I've bought three in total now! It fills in my brows perfectly and allows me to create a really nice shape that looks so natural unlike previous brow products I've used. The thin pen is great for creating the appearance of real eyebrow hairs. I've received so many compliments since using this product, so I highly recommend buying!

WookieWoo from Jersey said on 19/01/2017

BEST EYEBROW PENCIL/PEN EVER!! And I really have been through them all over the years....

Perfect colour, so easy to apply and really long-lasting. If they ever discontinue this I will turn up at S&G HQ and stamp my feet until they make it again hahaha!

Megan gaston from Blackburn said on 19/01/2017

This eyebrow pencil has been my favourite by far as I'm blonde, it really suits me. However on the second day of using the product, the pencil side snapped into pieces so I wasn't so pleased. The pen side is great, definitely would recommend!!

Rena from Yorkshire said on 19/01/2017

I bought this item because I had heard good reviews about it and it made your eyebrows 'natural' looking. When I first got it, it was really good and I used it almost every day. Then after only 2 weeks of having it, the waxy bit broke and fell apart so I couldn't use that end of it. Then after about another 2 weeks of using the pen end of it, it dried up (bearing in mind I always put the lid back on it) and I could also not use that side of it any more which was really annoying since its not the cheapest of eyebrow product I had ever bought. I really liked this product, it made my eyebrow look natural looking and, before it broke, it was really worth the amount of money I had paid. I paid £10 for it and it only lasted me around 3-4 weeks which was really disappointing!
I do recommend this item but it could possibly fall apart and be a let down

Robyn from Coventry said on 19/01/2017

Second time purchasing this product in the colour Brownie Points and I loved it the first time, this time I've got comments about how my eyebrows look slightly purple! The purple is from the pen side of it which never seemed to happen the first time I purchased this product so maybe I got a faulty one? I now only use the pencil side of this and I don't think I'll be purchasing it again as I don't think its worth the risk of having slightly purple eyebrows!! Very disappointed since I loved it the first time.

Scalderwood from Northern Ireland said on 19/01/2017

THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT!!! I haven't used anything else since purchasing brownie points TWO YEARS AGO!! absolutely amazing, ill be gutted if it gets discontinued because my eyebrows will suffer!

Joanna from Uk said on 19/01/2017

Best make up product I have ever bought. it fills in patches in eye brows really well helps shape brown with out them looking like they are pencilled on. Would recommend this product to anyone x

Joanna from Uk said on 19/01/2017

Best make up product I have ever bought. it fills in patches in eye brows really well helps shape brown with out them looking like they are pencilled on. Would recommend this product to anyone x

Lily from Yorkshire said on 19/01/2017

Bought this in 'Brownie Points' , although it doesn't look like the picture on my swatches but matches my eyebrow colour perfectly! Would definitely recommend. The tint is good especially if you just want a bit of overall colour, but with the pencil it's even better. It glides on smoothly and comes with a lot of product 5/5

Kate from Hertfordshire said on 19/01/2017

I've been using this product for almost 3 years now and I can't explain how amazing it is. So handy if you want to go for a natural brow just to fill in the sparser areas, or more of a bold brow for a night out! Can't recommend it enough, it lasts quite a while too! Really is worth the money.

Courtney from Merthyr said on 19/01/2017

So I purchased 'Brownie points' and at first I LOVED it , it glided on my brows amazingly and felt really great and light but then a few days after I started using it , I started getting comments from my friends about how my eyebrows looked purple, at first I thought they were joking but then I could see it, so even though it's great at applying product I don't use this anymore purely because of the colour.

Anna from Oxfordshire said on 19/01/2017

Okay, so I got this in the colour Love Is Blonde, because although my eyebrows are quite dark, they're also quite ashy and so brown colours look too harsh on my eyebrows. I've tried loads of different powders, gels, pencils and have always just had to make do. I tried this for the first time today, and I can't even begin to describe how impressed I am. It literally took me a minute to shape my eyebrows and they look better than they ever have before. I definitely would recommend using it lightly and building it up, but it gave me such a natural, defined look. The pen side works amazing for filling in the sparse area on the arch of one of my brows! I would recommend this to absolutely everyone!

Bex from Kent said on 19/01/2017

Bough this product when there was an offer and I was buying mascara. The best eyebrow product I've ever purchased. The tint is amazing. I've had so many comments about my brows. Absolutely love it.

Dawn from Chichester said on 19/01/2017

After hearing nothing but good reviews about this little kit, I decided to splurge - I don't normally spend £10 on eyebrow products - and try it out. I settled for Brownie Points as Love is Blonde was just far too light for my hair and Dark Choc was beyond dark. It looked passable but a little off still. The felt tip applied nicely at first, but it began to dry out after a few uses and lost some of its pigment. Then I noticed little pieces of the brush would fall off and stick to my eyebrow as I was applying it - I don't know if anyone else has had this problem? The crayon also applied nicely and was much more suited to my colour, but again, after a few uses it would crack and crumble. It's now split right the way down to the base so I have to keep it scrolled down and apply it very gently to avoid it breaking. There was also very little crayon to begin with, considering the price paid. A real shame as I do like Soap and Glory, especially as they don't test on animals. Hope they improve their formula and introduce some new colours!

Browless from Essex said on 19/01/2017

Purchased this a 4 days ago and so far I'm extremely impressed.... I've showered twice and bathed and it's still on

Ok from Manchester said on 19/01/2017

I always use a "eyebrow marker" when i want natural looking eyebrows, i have just switched from the NYX marker to the soap and glory one and iv never been so impressed in my life my eyebrows look amazing!!

For the people who are complaining its dried out, if you get some tweesers and pull the nib out you will find the other side is pointed, so turn it around and it will be full of life again. As i do this with all marker makeups because some times the nibs go dry or out of shape so that should help it become like new again!

Ok from Manchester said on 19/01/2017

I always use a "eyebrow marker" when i want natural looking eyebrows, i have just switched from the NYX marker to the soap and glory one and iv never been so impressed in my life my eyebrows look amazing!!

For the people who are complaining its dried out, if you get some tweesers and pull the nib out you will find the other side is pointed, so turn it around and it will be full of life again. As i do this with all marker makeups because some times the nibs go dry or out of shape so that should help it become like new again!
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