SUGAR CRUSH ™ Body Spray

SUGAR CRUSH ™ Body Spray


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Fragrant body spray

A sweet spray, with a fruity lime twist. SUGAR CRUSH™ features essential lemon oil and Elemi oil for an ENERGIZING lift using Active Refresher technology. A heady cocktail of vanilla musk blended with sweet lime, ginger and smashed brown sugar. This happy-hour-all-day, mouth-wateringly moreish, mojito-zinging body spray is the closest you can get to a smile in a bottle.

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Lime and Brown Sugar


A citrus gourmand fragrance with super-refreshing lime and juicy mandarin top notes, a flamboyant heart of jasmine and crushed brown sugar and a base of vanilla crème brulee. It’s a mojito in a bottle!

Instructions for Use

Spritz SUGAR CRUSH™ on whenever you need a quick uplift. WARNING: Flammable. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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Overall Rating:

3.4 out of 5 (10) Review(s)

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Nicolem27 from Best fragrance said on 03/10/2019

Used to buy the original one until I smelled this, it’s honestly so good!
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Samsam from Good Body Spray said on 30/03/2019

This is a strange smell but I really like it. _x000D_
Very summery and fresh scent, good to just throw in your bag._x000D_
Good value for money in my opinion
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Gem84 from Gorgeous fresh scent said on 27/02/2019

I'm surprised at the low ratings iv seen as I absolutely love this body spray! It's always in my bag, I spray it in the morning and at lunchtime to keep the smell there all day and everyone always comments on how lovely it is.
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Karley92 from Yum yum ! said on 16/11/2016

This is delicious! Girls in work thought I smelt like Malibu and lime ! So my review... it's a BODY SPRAY not a perfume like someone above expected lol the smells stays with me for a good 45 mins after shower + body lotion , smells very similar to the body wash but not identical... because of course.... it's not body wash therefore it's made with different ingredients . A gorgeous fresh zingy spritz to feel fresher and it lasts long than body spray such as lynx :) gonna grab some more
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kitten1711 from Smells nothing like the shower gel said on 29/06/2016

I absolutely love the scent of Sugar Crush - I have a bottle of the body wash in every bathroom to use as handwash (as well as one in the shower, of course) and thought the body spray would be great to pop in my bag to freshen up during the hot weather. Unfortunately the smell bears very little resemblance to the shower stuff, scrub & lotion - I ended up throwing it away. I'd advise trying in store before buying to make sure you like it first.
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GEMNottingham from total waste of money said on 10/06/2016

Gutted, this was a treat, no point to it, no smell at all, would not buy again.
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Lyndsey from Leeds said on 20/07/2015

If you LOVE sugar crush body scrub as much as me, you will adore this scent! We've got the scrub, wash and body spray, all we need now is this lovely scent in the form of shampoo!!!! Another beautiful product xxxxx

allthebaconandeggsyouhave from Sadly disappointed! said on 16/07/2015

Firstly I want to say that I wanted to write this review to aid others before buying, but at the same time I'm quite gutted about what I have to say about this product. Soap & Glory is a firm favourite of mine, from the makeup to the skincare back to the bodycare, there's not really been much that has let me down, aside from a product or two being slightly too perfumed and irritating to my sensitive skin - apart from that it's a brilliant brand, packaging and product names and formulations. The Sugar Crush scent in particular I utterly adore, I have the body scrub, body butter and shower gel from the range and thought it was about time I picked up the mist too. Since I was between perfumes recently I figured it was a good time to purchase this, and it's in the handy little sized bottle ideal for throwing in your bag and topping up if you have to. But that's where I felt the product fell completely short. At first spritz, there was that glorious limey fragrance again, and the prospect of smelling like that all day felt great. But that's the thing, after honestly only around the ten minute mark, I sniffed my arm just to catch a whiff of the scent again and it had vanished completely. Not even a trace left on my skin. I realise of course that body sprays aren't as potent as actual perfumes, but what's the use in having one at all if the smell doesn't stick around for a while at least? You can't hope that it lingers around for hours and hours but I was surprised it disappeared quite as quickly as it did. If you're hunting for a reliable spray to leave you smelling delectable all day then this isn't for you- unless you're prepared to spray repeatedly over the course of the day. If you're an avid excessive sprayer then that wouldn't be a problem, but for most of us perhaps it's just a waste of money. In the end I had redeemed my points against this so it wasn't a huge loss and at £4 it won't break the bank anyway, but perhaps the vanilla and lime fragrance at £10 is a better bet. Either that or slather on the body cream before starting your day and you'll have heavenly scented limbs until you get home.
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amelia pond from manchester said on 29/06/2015

this is the most beautiful thing i have ever smelt and i have smelt a lot of things

smells like sprite/lemonade but less gassy
im in love
definitely recommend

KP from Scotland said on 18/05/2015

I bought this product and was very excited to get using it as I love the sugar crush range from soap and glory. However I found myself very disappointed it smelt nothing like any of the sugar crush things I own, it had a very strange scent and I really don't enjoy it very much
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