Whipped Clean™ Shower Butter

Whipped Clean™ Shower Butter


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Shower Gel and Moisturiser in One

Don't have time to moisturise? (Sheesh. We thought WE had it busy.) This incredible body-wash-and-butter in one is made up of 25% moisture oils and butters including sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa & shea butters.

Fragranced with delectable pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla, it's the perfect appetiser to the similarly scented Smoothie Star™ Body Buttercream and a MUST if you've already fallen for our oat-and-brown-sugar scented RICH & FOAMOUS™ Shower & Bath Body Wash. Creamy, cleansing and super-softening, it puts some seriously moisturising power into your shower!



This sweet, nutty gourmand fragrance is filled with mouthwatering almonds, hazelnut and citrus, on a heart of maple syrup and vanilla. The fragrance leaves a delicious finish of sandalwood and amber. It's more than a little moreish...

Top notes: Strawberry, Frangipane & Pistachio

Heart notes: Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Brown Sugar & Praline

Base notes: Creamy, Sandalwood, Milky & Amber

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Overall Rating:

4.7 out of 5 (27) Review(s)

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Jellybean from Pershore said on 09/03/2017

This stuff just makes showering a level higher. Smells absolutely gorgeous. I love it..

Justine from FALKIRK said on 17/04/2016

Love, love, love this product!!!! One of my bathroom essentials. Leaves your skin so soft and smelling gorgeous. I won't shave with anything else now and the smallest blob is needed to get a beautiful lather. Please don't ever, ever discontinue this Soap and Glory!!!! And packaging it in a travel size would be totally awesome!!!

DebbieF from England said on 19/03/2016

This shower butter is the best thing ever for shaving your legs. It's the perfect consistency and leaves them super smooth. However, the smell just isn't for me. If they made it in the original pink, I would be buying it constantly but the smell just doesn't suit my skin at all.

DebbieF from Essex said on 18/03/2016

I love the consistency of this shower butter. It is the best thing ever for shaving your legs with. But, I cannot stand the smell. It is far too sweet and sickly for me. If they made this in the original pink, I would be buying constantly. As I got this in a gift set, I was happy to use but would not repurchase as the smell just does not suit me at all.

Ella from Uk said on 03/01/2016

I love the smell of this product however when your standing in the shower you put it over your body and half of it always falls to the floor it's quite a lumpy product and falls into the bath.

ReraPops from London said on 23/09/2015

LOVE this stuff and am disappointed when I can't find it in every Boots store (but hey, more reason to buy the big gift sets at Christmas!). The only reason I haven't awarded it five stars is down to the packaging. The snap-shut lids are so difficult to open - especially with wet hands - that at times I've had to use my teeth. I have manicured nails so I'm damned if I'm going to ruin them trying to access my shower gel, but in the current container I've come close a few times. Please fix it Soap & Glory - then you can have all five stars!

ritzy from coventry said on 21/06/2015

Just one sniff of this beauty and I was sold ! I couldn't wait to get out of the shop and into the shower ! This stuff is dreamy, so moisturizing there was no real need to do this afterwards and that suits me fine !

Angelka33 from Plymouth said on 26/05/2015

Smells sooo lovely! Great shower butter. I can't wait to have a shower, haha

myvintageshoes from UK said on 23/02/2015

This is probably my favourite shower/bath product from Soap & Glory the smell is amazing its like almond and vanilla, its really gentle on the skin especially if you have really dry or sensitive skin it works wonders I always use it after I've shaved my legs! I really need to re-purchus another bottle! :)

Tori from Chester said on 19/02/2015

Oh my god! This is literally the best shower gel I have ever smelt in my life! I have never loved a cleaning product as much as I love this! My friend bought me this for my birthday and I have since bought it again and purchased the moisturiser with the same scent. I walk round my office requesting that people smell me, I'm pretty sure they think I'm weird but I bet they will all agree I'm a fantastic smelling weirdo! Not only does it smell like awesome its also very nice to use and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft......the only reason I bought the moisturiser was because apparently its inappropriate to cover myself in shower gel and leave the house?! If you could make a body mist/perfume of this scent that would be even better!
All in all AMAZING!!!

Sandra from Sweden said on 08/02/2015

I really like this product and did my second purchase on it recently. It smells really nice and makes shaving really easy. The thing I like about it is that once you put some on your hand and start putting it on your skin, it stays. Even though your skin is wet, it doesn't feel like you're losing any of it due to running down.

However, my skin is super dry during the cold Swedish winters so it doesn't help with that, but that was no surprise for me. All in all, I definitely recommend this.

Chezmum80 from Scunthorpe said on 31/01/2015

Whipped clean love the stuff I have a shop like bathroom full of soap&glory full sized products!,my amazing top 1 is whipped clean brill for dry skin and smells out of this world.i have 7 tubes to be on with,also second runner up is rich and foamus love it!!!,9/10 wish the whipped cream was a tiny less exspensive I mean £8 for a shower gel wow but of course we pay it as it's just amazing stuff x

Rockiesmam from Durham said on 18/01/2015

Omg I adore this, I suffer with dry skin on my legs that itches so much it hurts but this has solved the problem, it smells divine and the texture is such a treat, this will be a staple in my bathroom from now on!

Product addict from England. said on 16/01/2015

The best smelling product I have ever bought. If you like sweet scents this is a product for you. Smells like freshly baked biscuits. Amazing for shaving and dry skin. Prepare for a lot of compliments with this one.

Kathryn from Oxford said on 04/01/2015

I absolutely love this stuff, definitely my new favourite product, the scent is wonderful, pistachio, almond and vanilla. I wish they did hand cream of this scent. Once I had showered with this, my skin felt so smooth and moisturised. I would recommend this to anyone!

DJ from Wales said on 29/12/2014

So easy to use, takes no time at all in the shower, lathers up slightly, easy to spread around. It leaves the skin feeling super soft but not oily. The smell is amazing! I think it smells like marzipan, amazing

Lucy from London said on 09/07/2014

This actually smells like pistachio ice cream! A heavenly scent, and a great, more skin friendly alternative to foaming shave gels. Or just a fabulously moisturising body wash.

hlw from Derby said on 29/11/2013

I have so much time for this product, amazing!! It really is luxurious and doubles up to use when shaving your legs. This followed by Smoothie star body milk is just pure heaven!! The consistency of the product is very creamy, feels very soft when on the skin, when I left the shower also I felt well moisturised and probably didn't need to use smoothie star!! The smell lingers on your skin a while after using as well, this is definitely my new favourite product!!

Sham from East London said on 09/10/2013

this has to be the best product ever!!!!! I';m in love with this! Its heaven!!!! I wish it was offered in more of the boots shops though, as not all of them stock this. It smells amazing that i could eat it!

Could be slightly cheaper but oh well, can't have it all.

Emma from London said on 23/06/2013

Honestly, probably my favourite S&G product! I am in love with this product- a must have! The smell is incredible, beautiful and packaging and the consistency of this is perfect! It feels so creamy and moisturising when using it yet leaves your skin feeling smooth and you smelling like
a goddess! I need to repurchase this product numberous times!!

Blush from London said on 03/05/2013

"This shower butter is a dream, if you need to just wash and go"



Stephi from Portsmouth, UK said on 21/02/2013

I love Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean Shower Butter soooo much. Check up my review/praise for it - http://alittlebitoflippy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/the-note-soap-glorys-whipped-clean.html

Charlotte from London said on 05/11/2012

Another Soap and Glory favourite to add to my list! The consistency for shaving was spot on and love that it moisturises as well!

Roisin from London said on 02/11/2012

Love this!! Great smell and lovely rich texture. Definitely adding it to my Soap and Glory collection!

Lizzie from London said on 02/11/2012

This Shower Butter has a great consistency to lather up with in the shower and smells fab as well. I was a bit sceptical as to how moisturised i would feel afterwards but it's perfect, and is a fab product to use when you're short of time in the morning. Would definitely recommend!

Tasha from London said on 02/11/2012

Amazing body wash! Perfect consistency for shaving and leaves you feeling moisturised afterwards! On top of this it smells great! Definitely my favorite Soap & Glory product so far!

Mandaminx from Essex, UK said on 31/10/2012

This stuff is awesome, it smells beautiful, sweet and edible (if you are not a fan of cake/cookie scent is it not going to be to your liking). Lovely thick and creamy consistency, I use mine with exfoliating shower gloves and my skin is left smooth and soft and not feeling dry. I used it as a leg shaving cream too and am very pleased with the result. This is a great winter shower treat as it really is very moisturizing, I love the smell and wish the scent lasted longer. I am going to try the matching body butter next, I would recommend this to anyone who loves sweet foody scents in their products.
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