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Dual-Use Shower & Bath Body Wash

Almond and honey milks, oat extract, and our soft and frothy M-SUDS™ MoistureBoost system leave skin clean, supple and irresistibly scented. The next best thing to waking up to the smell of fresh baking is taking a shower with RICH & FOAMOUS™ Body Wash. Super creamy, ultra sudsy, conditioning on dry skin, it's everything you ever wanted in a wash.



This sweet, nutty gourmand fragrance is filled with mouthwatering almonds, hazelnut and citrus, on a heart of maple syrup and vanilla. The fragrance leaves a delicious finish of sandalwood and amber. It's more than a little moreish...

Top notes: Strawberry, Frangipane & Pistachio

Heart notes: Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Brown Sugar & Praline

Base notes: Creamy, Sandalwood, Milky & Amber

Instructions for Use

Rub a handful of RICH & FOAMOUS™ onto damp skin & massage till it bubbles, then rinse. Alternatively, squeeze a few pumps-full under running water for a lather-rich bath.

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Overall Rating:

4.4 out of 5 (33) Review(s)

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Dee from USA said on 10/08/2017

This is a MUST for Me! Thankful that I can find these products in the US! After trying it out I was Hooked! The Almond smell is Amazing & after the shower the Body Butter makes it a Wrap!

cara from australia said on 18/06/2016

absolutly love! the smell is amazing it is not to sweet but its perfect, makes you feel really smooth and i love it THE ONLY THING is that it goes off really quickly i had it for about 4 months and then it started to smell funny and went a bit white-ish / creamy colour and now it smells bad and is going green but if u use it for a family or share it you will use up heaps fast and it will be amazing

brit from australia said on 19/04/2016

THE BEST S&G product ever! the smell is absoulutley amazing and stays on your body like perume. trust me, i hate the smell of like chocolate and caramel candles and sweet stuff, it makes me feel sick but this is sweet but its not disgusting sweet. it smells amazing and i love it

B-ri from Essex said on 04/08/2015

I love the way this smells. Its almost a savoury but sweet. I was worried it might be discontinued so I bought a supply! c

Mimi from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne said on 14/04/2014

This stuff smells AMAZING! OMD, everyone thinks I'm mad because I have to keep opening it and smelling it all the time, but it's so sweet and delicious I can't help myself! It foams up really nicely when you are using it and is thick, gorgeous and easy to rub straight onto your skin (I find many similar products have to be used on a sponge or just disappear into thin air) Also, the smell is not too overwhelming that it fills the whole house, but lingers on your skin nicely, not overpowering. If you aren't a big fan of heavily sweet smells then this isn't for you, but I strongly recommend it as it is a great quality, reasonably priced, AWESOME smelling body wash!

Holly from Warrington said on 03/04/2014

I absolutely love this product. It's definitely one of my favourite Soap And Glory products. It smells so good and it lathers up so well, especially if you use a shower puff with it. The smell is kind of creamy and actually smells like popcorn in my opinion. It makes your skin super soft and the smell of it lasts on your skin instead of fading away like most bath products do. I totally recommend this, you won't be disappointed !

Lizzie from Australia said on 09/03/2014

This body wash sounds amazing and I really want to try it but they only have Soap and Glory at a couple of places in Australia and non of them have this product!

Lauren from Sunderland said on 10/01/2014

Absolutely in love with this! The smell is to die for and so moisturising! Can't get enough of it! Highly recommend

hlw from Derby said on 21/11/2013

My all time favourite S&G product, I absolutely love sweet and creamy scents, and this one is to die for. Smells just like my favourite biscuits! Its so creamy when used in the shower and so bubbly in the bath tub. I use this also alongside Smoothie Star my next all time fave! I wish you did them both in a travel size also. As for people complaining on the people not smell before they buy?! Or if your ordering online, check out the reviews first as it pretty much describes the scent in the description along with other peoples reviews. Oh well I guess it isn't for everyone, still my fave though and I would always re-buy again and again!!

summersmum from manchester said on 07/08/2013

I love Rich and Foamous, the smell is amazing, can't recommend it highly enough but you need to do it in the travel size as well please :)

Amy from Liverpool said on 15/04/2013

This was the first Soap and Glory body wash I ever got and when I tried it in the bath, I couldn't stop smelling myself, this body wash was Rich and Foamous and the fragrance is absolutely gorgeous. After drying, my skin felt like a baby's skin, it was so soft. I just love it. I also have the hand food and my hand are now the softest as ever, and I just want more. I love Soap and Glory and soon I will have the full collection!

Natalie from Wilts said on 27/03/2013

After receiving a body lotion with the same fab fragrance within my Xmas star gift from Boots I was immediately on the website looking for a matching body wash.
Fortunately I was not disappointed. I love the feel and yummy fragrance of this product and hope that S&G never stop producing it!

S&G love x from ireland said on 23/02/2013

omg i use to have a very bad acne problem going down my back a my chest so my mam bought me this and i used it in the bath and within a few weeks it was gone i had no more acne down my back or on my chest and besides that it smalls amazing i love it thank you S&G

LeaDev from Manchester UK said on 10/02/2013

Hands down the nicest smelling bath wash I have ever used. Goes well with Smoothie Star to make the smell last!

Kay from Yorkshire said on 05/02/2013

This has got be the best smelling stuff ever, you really do feel rich and famous bathing in this stuff. Love it, love it, love it.

Debbief from Essex said on 13/01/2013

I'm so glad its not only me that really dislikes the smell of this. Like bathing in cookie mix. Am trying to get thru the bottle as quick as I can. Have even encouraged my kids to use and that's something I never, ever do with my Soap & Glory. As always, the value for money is excellent. For once though, would have been happy with a tiny bottle.Will be sticking to my original pink in future

xJadoreBellex from London said on 03/01/2013

I received this as a gift for Christmas in one of the S&G gift sets & I must say it's now my favourite wash ever!!! The smell is so beautiful. I've only been using this about a week but My skin has become much softer : )

Tracy from Glasgow said on 23/12/2012

This is the most divine smelling product I think you have released. I cannot wash just once with this in the shower, I am having to wash twice or three times because it smells so so good and I don't want to leave the shower. Please please please consider releasing a body mist in this scent, it would make me very happy :)

Tan from Dorset said on 18/11/2012

Well done I love this , love the smell ,love how its leave my skin soft, it's top of my Christmas list ;-))

Roxy G from Southend said on 23/10/2012

I bought the body lotion fist and I vowed to buy this shower gel when I ran out of mine. The smell is too good and I got it anyway today, although it was very hard to decide between the Rich and Foamous and your new body wash Sugar Crush as I adore the scrub, and now you even have it as a body lotion, are you trying to make me skint?
Honestly, I only swears by your products when it comes to shower gel and body lotion, they have the most amazing smells ever thank you!

Sauce balloon from Sheffield said on 14/10/2012

I I absolutely adore this shower cream. It has the most beautiful fragrance. Team this with breakfast scrub and the smell is divine. Please, please bring out a body mist and cream with the same fragrance. If they are already available, please email the name. Thank you so much for this shower time treat.

Sauce balloon from Sheffield said on 14/10/2012

I I absolutely adore this shower cream. It has the most beautiful fragrance. Team this with breakfast scrub and the smell is divine. Please, please bring out a body mist and cream with the same fragrance. If they are already available, please email the name. Thank you so much for this shower time treat.

10Freckles from Nottingham, UK said on 16/09/2012

So disappointed. Being a newbie to S&G products, I thought I would treat myself to a new product after Clean on Me ran out. The smell is so so so bad !! Its really sickly sweet and it's making my whole family feel sick whenever we try and use it.
Have a whole pump full of a product I don't want now - I feel cheated!

njayne3 from Blackpool, England said on 17/08/2012

I absolutely adore this - I tried to get it when it first came out but all the stock in my local Boots had gone, and I can completely understand why. First of all I am a mahussive fan of 'The Breakfast Scub' so the 'Rich and Foamous' seemed right up my street with its vanilla and honey biscuits smell and it is so amazing. It's got a really creamy texture so it feels really nice going on your skin and because of the amount you get in the large dispenser I use it as bubble bath too. I just use lashings of this in the shower and in the bath, I'm officially hooked. I finish off with fabulous 'smoothie star' which again smells like vanilla and honey and all things yummy. Never get rid of this product - its just too good.
My Soap and Glory top 5:
1. Peaches and Clean (I physically can't live without this - I used to have spots and after using this I'm constantly blemish free!!!)
2. Rich and Foamous (It used to be clean girls and although I didn't think it was possible this is even better!!!)
3. Smoothie Star (Again it used to be the daily smooth but this is now the gold medallist of my lotion wonders)
4. The Breakfast scrub (The superstar of all body scrubs and easily the most addictive- a true classic)
5. Glow job & Glow lotion - (It's a tie these are true must haves one provides a bit of colour for the face and the other gives a bit of shimmer to the body - party heroes!!!)

1234 from manchester said on 24/07/2012

I love this body wash, it lathers up really well and smells soooo nice i could eat it!!!

Wouldnt use anything else now so please never discontinue!!!

I use along side the breakfast scrub and my skin has never been so smooth and smelt so good, i now need to get to boots and purchase the smoothie star body lotion which i have just seen!!!

Love Soap and Glory!!!!

Thanks for such amazing products xxx

Bownsey from sheffield said on 30/06/2012

I am finding it hard to take the 2 minute shower challenge when you guys at soap & glory keep making the most amazing products, that leaves it virtually impossible to leave the shower. I Love this stuff. It smells amazing and leaves you feeling so soft and cleansed, and it does foam up a lot so you don't need huge amounts. Another awesome pamper product to be tried. I am running out of space in my bathroom for all the s&g bottles... My hubby will just have to move out....

XTashaX from England said on 23/06/2012

I initially brought this product as part of the 3 for 2 offer in boots simply as i was already buying solarpowder and breakfast scrub and I was out of shower gel so thought what the hell, it's free! As it turns out im so glad i came across this little gem, it smells like cake and the smell was so intoxicating i sat there sniffing it like an addicted druggie for a good while when i got it home! The bottle is massive as well so even though it's on what i would consider to be the more expensive side for shower gel you certainly get your moneys worth here. It lathers up so well you only need a tiny blob on your shower scrunchie to get you nice and clean ( i discovered this during a particularly soapy shower in which i greatly over estimated how much to squeeze out the bottle) All in all I think this is a fab new product which i will definitely be buying again whether it's on offer or not. I don't really have a choice to be honest i think I am officially addicted....

smithie from USA said on 20/06/2012

At first, I was quite hesitant to purchase this simply because its scent belongs to foodie category and I certainly don't want to smell like food no matter how delicious it may be. Also, I happen to dislike the scent of Breakfast Scrub. And then someone said Rich & Foamous smells like cherries and Viva La Juicy perfume (which I love....right after pink scent of course). So I gave it a go and oh my! The smell of this wash is fantastic - it's actually hard to describe. It's like well balanced passive soft "bake"-like scent paired with active fresh cherry-like one. All I know I LOVE what's in the bottle - skin is so clean, smooth, refreshed and improved, smelling gorg.

Sophs from Berkshire said on 01/06/2012

I love this it smells soo amazing!

Amelias Allsorts from Shropshire said on 29/05/2012

Love this! The scent, the moisture, the bottle, everything.
Used after Breakfast Scrub = heavenly!
Though some have reported to not like the scent, I love it and would recommend people at least have a smell of it in store! So glad I bought this and I have done a big review on my blog.

bexbexbex from sydney said on 20/05/2012

everybody used foam call, clean girls or clean on me. soap and glory this isnt a nice smell, like the name but its just not for me

Claire from Bucks said on 24/04/2012

Extremely creamy and moisturising plus leaves a gorgeous scent on your skin. I love the sweet vanilla scent, smells a bit like biscuits! It goes perfectly with breakfast scrub.

S&GLove from Glasgow said on 22/04/2012

Oh no, soap & glory what have you done? I got this today & it's horrible, the smell actually makes me feel quesy! it's like popcorn. Gutted. Will definitely be sticking to my Clean on me.
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