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Fresh, fruity antibacterial hand gel

A fresh, fruity floral scented antibacterial gel with natural grapefruit extract and XBAC-99™. Special formula for tube, air travel and commuter use! Contains moisturising ingredients to help soften the skin. Scented with our Original Pink fragrance.

Instructions for Use

Deploy a generous splodge onto your palms, then rub it all around your hands (covering all surfaces) and between your fingers until it absorbs. Re-use regularly.


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Overall Rating:

4.6 out of 5 (33) Review(s)

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ZoeRam from West Yorkshite said on 17/01/2017

Absolutely love this, have one on my desk, in my handbag and a few other for going out bags. Lovely smell and an absolute gem of a product

Kelly from Ireland said on 05/08/2016

I really hate this hand gel, I am pregnant and my colleague who sits beside me is using it everyday, the smell is just too strong and giving me a terrible headache.

Pinkfluffyunicorns from England said on 19/04/2016

This is about the only hand gel that actually smells nice. Also great because doesn't effect my sensitive skin.

Jessieb from North Yorkshire said on 01/03/2016

Aww man I love this stuff, everyones always complimenting me on my perfume. It shoudl definitely come in a bigger version AND as a body spray.

Chloe from UK said on 19/02/2016

I recently bought this from boots and I put it on after buying and about 1 minute later I find this huge rash covering my hand and my hands started swelling up! I have it to my friend to try and the exact same thing happened! I don't have sensitive skin and neither does my friend! I'm pretty disappointed as I have used these products before and had no problems but seems to be this one thing! And boots won't take it back either

Ella from Uk said on 03/01/2016

I love this product although it looks really small it lasted me ages and it leaves your hand nice and the smell stays it's really good just brought some more!!!i would recommend it to people and also there's a new sugar crush hand sanitiser I would recommend too

Rosieb from California said on 26/10/2015

Picked this up at Heathrow, I love it SO MUCH! It's the only hand sanitizer that doesn't make my hands crack. I wish I could get it here in the states!!!!! How can I get more???

nBailey20 from Bristol said on 31/07/2015

Smells AMAZING and leaves hands feeling smooth and fresh!! Would be nice if it came in a bigger bottle as I have nearly used mine all up after a few day (applying it once every hour though) This is a perfect present or a treat for yourself.

Amy from England said on 11/07/2015

I love using this hand sanitiser, and so do my friends! It leaves my hands feeling fresh and clean and smelling wonderful.

cyet from uk said on 29/10/2014

amazing! its smells pretty good and super fab!

Sweetipiegranny from Bannocknurn said on 03/10/2014

Love it - Hand gel would be good in bigger size as I work with the elderly and use nearly every day - many comment on my PERFUME !

Bowlers from Cambridgeshire said on 24/04/2014

Now, I'm not usually one to write a paragraph on a hand sanitiser. However... this is different. Not only is it a 50ml bottle of pure heaven but it also cleanses your hands leaving them smelling gloriously divine!! ... Anyone who doesn't rate this amazing product five stars must be extremely foolish as it is definitely my buy of the year so far! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Clean Lovely smelling hands.

Ooooooooooh and dont forget to top it off with the Hand Food moisturiser for an incredibly soft and once again delightful smelling pair of hands :) YAY <3

Marnie Buckley from London said on 01/02/2014

It smells nice and fruity. I absolutely love it! SNAZZY!

Jhimly from London said on 28/10/2013

I love it, it's amazing!

Jhimly from London said on 28/10/2013

Hate it rubbish

Zainab from Derby said on 01/10/2013

Smells lovely, really nice hand gel!! I love it!

Sophie from United Kingdom said on 06/08/2013

Love this gel! Would love it if this comes in a bigger size

Beccafun from Skegness said on 11/06/2013

I LOVE this! It smells amazing and it is very hydrating. I have been using hand gel a lot more since I've been using this kind. I just wish you did it in a 250ml pump bottle so that it matches the Hand Food pump from the Christmas gift set, so I can keep both in the metal cradle on my desk!

Meg from Cardiff said on 02/06/2013

The only nice smelling hand sanitizer I have ever come across. Love it!

S from India said on 07/05/2013

My absolute favourite hand gel. The smell of grapefruit is so uplifting. A hand bag must have!

Sam from London said on 06/05/2013

I just got this and I love it!!! It smells great, the scent lasts forever, your hands feel amazing after using it and the packaging is adorable. The only problem is that it comes out of the bottle very quickly sometimes. I'll definitely buy it again!

NiaB from Ireland said on 04/05/2013

Best anti bac I've ever used. Only negative about it is the lid, which can sometimes open in your bag if you're not careful. If there was a different lid, I would have given 5 stars no problem! But other than that, it's amazing. Doesn't dry my hands out and smells divine. I have given away all my other hand gels since I've started using this.

vikki from tamworth said on 17/04/2013

can't believe how good it smells! the best hand gel there is! and once its been paired up with hand food your hands will think they are in heaven! amazing stuff

Zaynab from London, UK said on 11/04/2013

This smells absolutely amazing and it doesn't dry out your hands like many other hand gels do. I never leave the house without this in my handbag. Thank you S&G!

Soph from York said on 18/02/2013

I am addicted to this and the Hand food, i find they are such a great combination to use. Since using the gel it has definitely helped reduce my spots on my skin because it has killed all the horrible bacteria that usually get on my skin. It smells so nice and it alway hydrates my skin as well as the hand food! I would love this even more hough if it was in a bigger bottle too so i could have one at home and one in my bag!

Faithy from Derry said on 25/01/2013

I got this as a stocking filler for Christmas because I am addicted to cleaning my hands no other antibacterial gel smells so gd and doesn't sting it is an essential item now when packing my baby's changing bag n beside the nappies, love love love it

not required from Suffolk, England said on 22/01/2013

smells so nice and keeps my hands hydrated,

s & g addict from walsall, westmidlands said on 15/01/2013

smells so good!

Evie from uk said on 29/09/2012

Such a treat for the hands :) I'm a bit of a hygiene freak and it was frustrating that all other hand gels I'd tried had a strong smell of disinfectant. This has a nice fruity smell and is a joy to use to make sure my hands are squeaky clean and does not dry them out. 5 stars

smithie from USA said on 27/06/2012

Fantastic antibacterial gel! I only wish it was at least twice the size.

S&GLove from Glasgow said on 23/04/2012

Love this product, i will never buy another anitbacterial handgel. It smells amazing & doesnt dry your hands out, keeping them soft and germ free!

niamhywoo21 from england said on 31/12/2011

this is great! its so good for the winter when there is cold and flu going around it makes your hands really soft and its a great size to put in your handbag! and it dosnt cost much either you really should buy this!

MK from London UK said on 17/10/2011

I've got three words to describe why every girl needs this now: HELLO, FLU SEASON!
Smells fab, layers onto hand cream or body butter. Doesn't dry hands out, no matter how often you use it. Don't take the tube without it.
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