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Skin-Toning Tummy Serum

Are you an itsy bit afraid to bikini-bare all?

AB FAB™ Skin-Toning Tummy Serum visually tackles the problem areas we love to hate around our middles. It features Soap & Glory’s SUPER FIRMIN8™ complex which is packed with these powerful ingredients:

• MARINE ALGAE SEAWEED complex – known for helping to firm, tighten and smooth the skin

• Stimulating GUARANA – a natural form of caffeine, renowned for its energy-boosting properties

• ACTIGINSENG™ – a nourishing GINSENG energy booster

• A special firming and smoothing blend of plant cell extracts including ZINGIBAR, GLOBULARIA CORDIFOLIA and VEGETABLE CAFFEINE

Instructions for Use

Every morning (plus evening and after exercise if you’re super keen to look lean), knead a generous layer of AB FAB™ over your tummy and problem areas.

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Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5 (2) Review(s)

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mobakeng from United Kingdom said on 11/10/2016

Hello, I am into my third week and I can see the developments; this product is a wonder and a must-have, I am combining with a loose-fat-on-the-tummy banana drink booster. For good measure, exercising will come at some point before the end of the year.
I utilise this product in conjunction with SIT TIGHT [4D]. Considering the special offer on the range, I have been tempted to buy ARM-A-GOODEN and SIT TIGHT SADDLEBAGS+.
I have got a nagging question, can AB FAB be applied on the breast? If not, which one can do?
Thanks for the much awaited reply.

SharlotteOctober from Perfect Toning routine addition said on 05/09/2016

One of the best products of its kind. If you are looking for a product to help firm the skin whilst you are loosing weight or just to add to your routine if you enjoy working out this most definitely for you. I had a small bit of chub on my lower belly and this tightened the skin and as it says on the bottle smoothed out the wobbly bits. I most definitely recommend this product as I didn't even believe it would be as good as it was.
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