Sugar Crush™ Body Buttercream

Sugar Crush™ Body Buttercream


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Moisturising Body Butter

Soap & Glory’s must-have new moisture-extreme, re-energizing, sweet-lime scented body buttercream for supreme skin smoothing! Loaded with shea and cocoa butter, almond and coconut oil, and a super-refreshing triple whammy of lime oil, kiwi juice water, and smoothing lime tree blossom extract, Soap & Glory’s new ultra-rich body buttercream is irresistible, really!

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Lime and Brown Sugar


A citrus gourmand fragrance with super-refreshing lime and juicy mandarin top notes, a flamboyant heart of jasmine and crushed brown sugar and a base of vanilla crème brulee. It’s a mojito in a bottle!

Instructions for Use

A VERY FINE LIME: After a bath or shower – on still slightly damp skin – massage a handful of Sugar Crush™ Body Buttercream onto your skin; from your toes to your shoulders. (And then – of course – let us know if you love it.)

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Overall Rating:

4.9 out of 5 (35) Review(s)

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Pepper from Lincolnshire said on 04/01/2017

I can't say how well this worked for me, as my husband has stolen it from me!

He loathes the feel of most moisturisers but can't get enough of this, and the smell is absolutely gorgeous.

I'll have to buy him a pot of his own.

hurriya from pakistan said on 21/09/2016

i bought this online after buying their hand food from soap and glory, i found those to be a bit strong perfumy ,so thought should give sugar crush a try, its very good at moisturizing but the smell i am a bit disappointed with, reminds me of calpol orange and sprite mixture, too medicine like.

Surfin'68 from UK said on 04/06/2016

I am addicted to the scent of this body butter which is gorgeous. I also got the shower gel.

Carol from Exmouth from Devon said on 28/12/2015


S from London said on 15/06/2015

This buttercream smells so delicious, and at the same time; it works very well! The great sweetness of the lime makes the summer much better! And it is very soft on the skin! I recommend this to every girl!

Chloe from Edinburgh said on 23/03/2015

This product is amazing! Was given it as part of a present and will be buying more when it runs out! I love the scent and it keeps my skin moisturised all day. You do not need to use much and the tub is huge so it lasts for ages!

SheShops from birmingham said on 22/02/2015

Received this as a sample and will be getting the full version. Absolutely love! Absorbs straight away and leaves a fresh smell. Love, love, love.

c from nottingham said on 11/02/2015

Yet another soap and glory product I love. I love the smell , I love the way it disappears on your skin leaving it moisterised but not greasy. I love putting loads on before getting into bed so the bed smells all of lime as well. The smell might not be to everyone taste but it reminds me of lemonade on a sunny day.

Product addict from England said on 16/01/2015

Amazing. Smells like cola bottles. Keeps my skin moisturised all day. Use this product with the wash and the scent lasts all day. Hard to match with a perfume though without smelling strange.

Ziggy from Uk said on 15/12/2014

I love this I use it all the time, I buy it for everyone's birthday and Christmas present give it a go it's lovely

Ang from Manchester said on 10/12/2014

I really love this Soap and Glory products.!! ♥♥

Haj from London said on 04/12/2014

Okay guys I will be real here.
I don't know if it's just me or my luck with the particular batch of body butters that were on the shelf that one time I went to boots to buy this but this product has not worked for me at all when it comes to moisturising.
This only gets a 2 stars for me purely because of it's sweet, invigorating scent. Nothing else.
I don't really like the consistency of this product either as it is very much like a lotion and not a butter :/ there is so much in the tub I just want to get did of it as it's sitting there :( maybe it's because I compare too much to the body shop body butters because in all honesty, they are the best hands down

Indie from England said on 23/11/2014

This product is amazing! Firstly it smells gorgeous; it is very citrusy, yet it isn't too strong due to the brown sugar which makes it slightly sweeter. Also, I have very sensitive skin and sometimes get eczema and this product soothes it drastically! I use this with the body wash which leaves the smell on me all day! I recommend this product to anyone! It's perfect for all x

Ella from UK said on 24/06/2014

This body butter has left my legs more moisturised, smooth and soft than any other body butter or moisturiser could! I use it every day after my bath or shower, and will definitely be using it again once it runs out! The only drawback of the product is the price, but you do get a fairly large tub and a quality product.

Harrietxx from England said on 20/04/2014

I get dry skin and have to moisturise every day. I've found a few moisturisers to be great when first applied but by the middle of the day my skin feels tight or they will be so so moisturising and never fully sink in so I feel sticky all day.. Until I found this beauty! So moisturising and keeps me feeling soft all day but sinks in very quickly. Smells amazing too! And I find I don't need to use a lot as it spreads nicely as it is not too thick but it isn't runny either. Great product! Love it!

ally guy from cardiff/ wales said on 21/02/2014

this product is simply amazing. the smell is delicious and it makes you skin feel wonderful. can,t find a match to it anywhere and beleive me i,ve tried!

Lauren from Oxfordshire said on 17/02/2014

OMG this is an amazing product, smells delicious and works so well. I bought it the other day and I cannot keep my hand off it!!

LindsayCakes from Manchester said on 03/02/2014

I received this in a gift set for Christmas and oh my wow! My skin always smells amazing, like a lime yogurt! I wish you would make a perfume to match to enhance the fresh zingy smell 10/10 product will definitely buy another when I run out :)

40ish nature lover from Leics, UK. said on 14/01/2014

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Beautiful smells good enough to eat. Bought my daughter a set with one of these in for Christmas and just had to buy myself a big pot. Scrumptious!!

Vicky from Telford said on 03/01/2014

Honestly never used soap and glory until my brother brought this for me and since then I have been addicted to the whole collect from the shower creams to scrubs and butters. This one particularly leaves such a beautiful scent on your skin, I'm always complimented and it keeps my skin silky smooth and spreads lovely, you hardly need any! It will last forever. I'm hooked to soap and glory. Beautiful product!!!

Ashleigh from England said on 03/01/2014

This product is gorgeous! It has a beautiful sweet smell and leaves your skin super soft. You don't need a lot of it to cover your body as it spreads really well. Defiantly worth the money. Beautiful bargain!

Mynameisjoel from Wales said on 14/12/2013

I would defiantly advise anyone who likes sweet scents to pick this product up.
The scent is very sweet but also super refreshing at the same time, I use this product after using the Sugar Crush Scrub once a week and it's amazing, I've had it for a year and the tub isn't even half empty yet!
The consistency is very thick and luxurious and this product is by far, 100% worth the money!
I will defiantly be re-purchasing this body butter.

Barbe from Nova Scotia, Canada said on 02/10/2013

Love this body buttercream! Makes my skin soft, but not slick. It absorbs quickly & completely. The scent is outrageous! Sweet, citrus, vanilla. Smells a lot like the lemon vanilla sugar cookies I bake at Christmas time. Yum!

lizzieh from England said on 08/08/2013

There's a reason why this product has so many 5 star reviews! It smells soooooo good it's citrusy but sweet (it reminds me of key lime pie) which is a big plus. It seems to be moisturizing but to be honest i would give it 5 stars based on the smell itself ! It absorbs into the skin really quickly and leaves the skin lovely and soft, a must buy

Patrice Cox from UK said on 13/06/2013

OMG the smell is so lovely, it's very moisturising and it makes my skin feel wonderful and soft. I am so in love with Soap & Glory products

sarah from Dublin Ireland said on 22/04/2013

Oh wow, love love love this product. Smells amazing and
Is such a great body moisturiser. Every time I pass a boots store
I have to go in and smell this and of corse always end up buying
Something from soap and glory while im there!

gobbylily from northampton said on 08/04/2013

i absolutely love this product, It smells gorgeous!! It moisturises my skin really well and the lush fragrance lasts all day. Definitely 5* for me:)

Chelsea from Surrey said on 02/04/2013

The smell is so fresh and tangy! It's kind of like lime sherbet.. This will be my go-to summer cream, it smells very summery and has a great, quick absorbing formula!

Izzy from London said on 13/03/2013

It's smells amazing and fresh, perfect for spring summer. Texture is gorgeous, sinks in straight away and doesn't leave any stickiness! I want the whole sugar crush range now! Also please please make a bottled lotion one so I can put it on my bedside table and a perfume because I would love to spritz this on!

Deborah from Manchester said on 23/02/2013

Absolutely love this stuff, Leaves you smelling good enough to eat !!

Sarah from Leicester said on 16/02/2013

Absolutely amazing!!! I'm addicted to this stuff! The scrub, body wash, and the buttercream smell beautiful when used together. Difinately my favourite sent so far, will be repurchasing over and over

little pink freckles from england said on 10/02/2013

This product is amaziiiiinnnnnggggg you definatley need to bring lots more things out in this scent perfumy body spray hand cream etc i have all 3 of the sugar crush items and they are all amazing !!! bought thi today and i can't get enough of it

Roxy G from Southend said on 26/12/2012

I agree with StevieB, after discovering the sugar crush scrub and its lovely smell, i really wanted this to be a body lotion. But this is better, its a buttercream, so creamy and moisturizes perfectly the skin without feeling it greasy, sinks in the skin in seconds and smells lush! Again, thank you!!

StevieB from Lancashire said on 20/11/2012

I love, I love, I love this body butter! I have waited soo long to have this scent in a body butter after becoming addicted to the sugar cruch scrub. It has an amazing texture and even though the lime fragrance doesn't last all day, a lighter scent stays on the skin which is just as nice. Thank you soap and glory i will be buying all my friends it for xmas! p.s this scent would be great in a body spray!!
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