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Oat, shea butter and sugar body smoother

Exfoliator with organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts. Features a great new maple fragrance.



This sweet, nutty gourmand fragrance is filled with mouthwatering almonds, hazelnut and citrus, on a heart of maple syrup and vanilla. The fragrance leaves a delicious finish of sandalwood and amber. It's more than a little moreish...

Top notes: Strawberry, Frangipane & Pistachio

Heart notes: Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Brown Sugar & Praline

Base notes: Creamy, Sandalwood, Milky & Amber

Instructions for Use

Scoop out a handful and rub it between your palms, then scrub in circles onto damp skin until you feel smoother.

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Overall Rating:

5 out of 5 (53) Review(s)

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Bry from St Austell said on 21/12/2016

A gift from my son and I love it, ordering more now!!

Leah from Milwaukee said on 20/06/2016

Holy cow! This scrub rocks! I use it before I shave and it really helps make my legs (and arms) smooth and soft! Not to mention it smells delightful! (And if I am being honest, I freak out every time I get halfway through the tub because I am afraid to run out!)

LeesaLeesa from Brooklyn, New York said on 24/03/2016

My first product, I love a good body scrub. But this in particular smelled good and the grains weren't too rough on my skin. Unlike most scrubs it feels like your ripping your skin off. Breakfast Smoothie smells so good it makes you want to eat it. I literally scrape the container when I was down to the last little bit.I purchased this particular from Sephora along with the 3-in-1 Facial Wash. I was upset when they were removing these products from their store. I was without this scrub for awhile until Ulta and Walgreens picked up the line. But I realized with S&G products its best to stock up on two if you can because the products are so addictive you'll use them everyday and run out in a blink of an eye. STOCK UP!!!!

Michelle from USA said on 21/03/2016

This product is flawless. I will purchase it for the rest of my life! I had never tried it before but noticed it was at ulta and after one use I was hooked! I now buy three or four at a time so I can make sure I'm never out whether that's away at college or at my house. The smell is incredible and it has never irritated my extremely sensitive skin.

Jaleesa from Brooklyn, New York said on 29/01/2016

Crazy! Back when Sephora was selling Soap & Glory products. This was the very first item I picked up. I love me a good scrub. But this has been the best scrub that I have ever brought. Kept my skin soft and buffed away all the dead skin and I love the smell.

Hayleyh from Essex said on 18/11/2015

Love this scrub not too harsh and leaves my skin nice and soft. The only downside is there is no lotion or body wash with matching scent. The other products in the smoothie range just don't smell as good. Please start a line in this maple syrup fragrance s&g!!

Lia from Malaysia said on 21/08/2015

I love this, I have all of the products from the current smoothie star range. Please add more Soap and Glory! It's just too good!

Rebecca from Norway said on 04/04/2015

I've tried a lot of scubs and this one is the best...but can you please please either make a lotion of fragrance that smells like this? I'm sure a lot of people would buy it.

Paigey from Liverpool said on 15/12/2014

Absolutely In love with this product, big 2 thumbs up to it I actually use it as a scrub in the shower leaves my skin like a babys bum. My Next purchase is going to be the Flake away scrub as heard so many good things about it.

Jenny from London said on 13/12/2014

Love,love,love this product!! As someone partial to a bit of dry skin and a few celly dimples, I found this product very easy to apply, gorgeous smell and perfect texture. Left my skin feeling soft,smooth and visibly less dimply!! (After continued use of course ;) )

Anita from Oxford said on 02/04/2014

Best body scrub ever! Leaves my skin nice and soft and that smell... Just delicious. I just wish the body lotion and the shower gel had the same maple syrup scent, love it!

Alicia from Dubai said on 26/03/2014

SUch a nice smeel really nice texture love the packaging only thing is that you hate to use quit a lot to do your whole body

Harrietxo from England said on 03/03/2014

The smell of this is AMAZING! If you don't like sweet things then this may not be for you as it does smell just like sweet maple syrup! Has a very lick consistency which I like. It's not too rough nor too gentle, has the right balance of exfolents I like. Left my skin soft amid smelling sweet!! Defiantly my new favourite srub and I will repurchase this

Jessica from England said on 01/02/2014

I have literally just used this and my skin feels gorgeous, I bought this today purely for the smell, I'm not a fan of a lot of soap and glory scents as they seem to have a strong, perfume smell. This doesn't smell fresh as such, so I'd say it was more of a night time bath scrub as the smell is warm and relaxing as I personally enjoy fresh smelling products for a morning shower. Nevertheless, I love this and will continue to use it religiously.

Heather from england said on 23/11/2013

this stuff is AMAZING!!! works so well is very moisturising aswell as being the perfect scrub!! One of the nicest smelling things ever!

hlw from United Kingdom said on 21/11/2013

LOVE! This + Rich and Foamus + Smoothie Star = HEAVEN ON EARTH. They work so well together!!! I love this scrub, it smells delicious, its quite a thick and 'wet' scrub, users of this I'm sure will agree if they've also tried out flake away which I think is quite a 'dry' scrub, anyway this one appears to moisturise my skin a little more than flake away. I love it, and will always buy again and again!!!

Mbali from Dubai said on 15/09/2013

I travelled to Bangkok recently and found this on
Shelves at boots stores I was quite envious to be
Honest because it wasn't the case in Dubai still.
I made sure to stock up though frm Bangkok.
But I was so so so overjoyed to see its finally on our
Shelves out here too I think I did a lil happy dance
When I discovered it THANKYOU S&G TEAM!! I can't
Wait to see more new products being introduced out
Here. Just reading up about them is torture enough!
Cheers to bath time!

bird23 from United Kingdom said on 19/05/2013

Yum yum yum! What a beautiful scrub. It's borderline sickly sweet when overused but I just can't help myself! It's great for the morning after the night before shower session and leaves your skin feeling buff and smelling sweet.

Teamed up with a rich butter cream, every girly should try this at least once!

Erynn from England said on 07/05/2013

I actually bought this product today and i LOVE IT! i'm a huge fan of anything S&G but this is most definitely one of , if not my favourite skincare product by them. It smells like caramel and maple syrup and it leaves your skin super soft and beautiful. Plus it lasts for quite a while too so its really worth getting!

Daisy from Bewdley said on 01/04/2013

I love this, it feels amazing and makes my skin feel so soft. Makes me smell like a pancake in the best possible way. I adore it!!!!!!

miffie from uk said on 25/03/2013

clears away the whiteheads and blackheads without tearing your skin. skin food never smelt yummier!

annap from london said on 25/03/2013

best scrub ever and my fav product from S&G

Kate from Cardiff said on 06/03/2013

Love it love it love it! Smells like pancakes and leaves my skin so soft. Caught the boyfriend stealing it too!

Reita from Finland said on 06/03/2013

Soooo wonderful! So happy that I bought this abroad. Can't buy it from Finland at all :/. I will buy it again when traveling ;). U just want to eat it when using it, smell is so lovely :D. And scrubbing power is just perfect too. I would rate this for 10 stars if it was possible <3.

Abby from Oxford said on 05/03/2013

This smells literally INCREDIBLE. Just like brown sugar - I buy it for the scent more than anything! Also leaves your skin super soft and lovely. Can't rate highly enough but would love it to be a bit cheaper!!

AbdnAnne from Aberdeen said on 05/03/2013

I ADORE this scrub, it's the only scrub I've bought more than once. I really wish they made a shower gel in the same scent!

Michelle from East Lothian said on 23/02/2013

love this product make your skin so soft and smells lovely

Sophie from UK said on 18/02/2013

The only scrub I've found that can keep my beyond dry & flaky skin under control! Smells exactly like maple syrup and gives my skin a really nice sweet scent. Personally I prefer the 'flake away' scent better as I'm more of a 'fruity scents' girl, but I always resist buying it over the breakfast scrub cos this one leaves my skin so amazingly soft!

FatSam from Dover said on 29/01/2013

I cannot rate this high enough! The scent is incredible and delicious and leaves your skin so soft and smooth its almost unbelieveable! Love love love it.

elliebee from Lancashire said on 28/01/2013

Omg this is like the best scrub ever , it smells so good I realy could just eat it nom nom nom its the first soap&glory product iv ever tried and by how good it is it definitely wont be the last . Its so good id recommend it to everybody!!!!! Thanks S&G my bath time will never be the same again :D

LauraBee from Croydon said on 23/01/2013

I absolutely love this scrub - it reminds me of maple syrup pancakes and crunchie bars. If I am having a bad day, then using this scrub is almost always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.

You can always tell I've used it as my other half wiggles closer to me on the sofa so he can get a whiff - it leaves my skin soft, and me smelling delicous.

Margaret from Yorkshire said on 22/01/2013

This scrub is fantastic! I've had mine for ages, it just keeps on going. It smells so good I want to eat it every time I use it! It's fantastic for all over my body and easily the best scrub I have ever used. Thank you S&G!

jkaclark from hampshire said on 05/01/2013

WOW! best scrub ever!!! i use this with my rio microdermabrasion system on my face, but use VERY gently and oh my gosh my skin has never been smoother! i have to say pores look smaller and fine lines look less obvious too! it's amazing and smells so good I could eat it, no joke! i love soap and glory and this is one of my faves by them! love love LOVE

Weehenny from Scotland said on 26/11/2012

Wow. The last product I used from Soap & Glory was a face scrub thing and it smelled so unpleasantly clinical it put me off trying anything else. But yesterday I was browsing round Boots and they had a huge S&G display and I picked this up and sniffed it - and it's AMAZING! Where the face scrub smelled cold and minty and clinical, this is the exact opposite - warm and sweet and delicious. I immediately started sniffing the rest of the range to see what else had the same maple syrup fragrance but it seems this is the only item which does... I really really really hope there is a matching shower gel and body lotion in the pipeline!

PeonyRose from Edinburgh said on 25/11/2012

Oh my goodness, I love this so much. It's so gentle but at the same time so effective - and the moisturising oil in it leaves my dry skin so soft and glowing. Most of all I love the incredible, delicious, edible smell - please please please can we have a whole range in this scent? It's by far my favourite of all the Soap and Glory scents and it breaks my heart that I can't smother myself in it from head to foot. A body lotion would be amazing, as would a moisturising bath oil. Oh, and a body spray or perfume. Pretty please?

Mbali from Dubai, UAE said on 25/11/2012

OH MY GOSH!! i got this scrub as part of the soap and glory box set, and i was blowen away! its so beautiful its almost edible!! i love it for use in the morning, hahahaa,, the name truly fits. they do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not offer your skin the same amount of nourishment. its the best scrub i've ever used, thick, rich with a great smell. this should be in every bathroom around the world!! i highly recommend it. sadly its not a regular on dubai shelves though, except when coming in a promotional pack which i think is rather unfortunate because it's a definite hit!

Liv from London said on 24/10/2012


I love Soap and Glory, and after hearing so much about this scrub I decided it was time to test it out. OH MY GOD it is the best money I've ever spent on a scrub. I kid you not, it is everything it promises to be. Firstly, the smell: the mental picture of a steaming hot stack of maple pancakes popped in my mind. I read that I would have to keep reminding myself that it was not edible, and in fact that is what happened. Having failed to try to get over the smell, I then took a tiny handful and started scrubbin'. The buttery consistency spread wonderfully and I didn't even have to use too much of it, and proceeded to leave my skin wonderfully soft and velvetty.

Thanks for this wonderful invention!!!!

Miss Chanel from New Zealand said on 26/09/2012

For one I absoutely love all of soap and glorys packaging, they are super adorable and super cute. I love this product, not only is the container a great size & totally adorable but it smells amazing leaving my skin fresh and clean. Ive had this scrub for what 3 months and use it twice a week, my skin is always smooth and always smelling fresh because of this scrub. I still have loads left and I think the price is very good for what the outcome is. As you have probably noticed this product is amazing from all the hype about it. I would reccomnend it to everybody.

Mico from Norway said on 10/09/2012

I love this scrub, leaves my skin feeling amazing and smelling devine. And no plastic! The only way I could love it more would have been if they sold it in Norway, but they don't. So it's one of the things I fill my suitcase with when I'm in England.

Lynn from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia said on 17/07/2012

OH.MY.GOD.I.JUST.LOVE.THE.BREAKFAST.SCRUB.TO.DEATH! This is by far the most amazing scrub I've ever used! Love the texture, I especially LOVE the scent! It really makes me want to eat it, thank god for the warning on the packaging! It's not too harsh on your skin and it doesn't leave an oily film after rinse which is superb! Would be cool if S&G can come up with a body wash of similar scent, I would definitely buy! When it reaches Malaysia of course. Because of this scrub, I am now an avid fan of S&G! I don't care if it's made with paraben or not, we all die sooner or later anyway. Okay, I'm starting to sound very morbid now. I'll stop. THANK YOU, SOAP AND GLORY! Keep up the good work!


Milly from Lancaster said on 27/06/2012


arkamitra from Kolkata, India said on 26/04/2012

I have literally tried hundreds of scrubs to get rid of the rough patches on my arms and while some have helped a bit, nothing has ever been even half as effective as this miracle in a jar! I have used it twice so far and my problem has literally vanished. I love that despite its efficacy, it is neither too abrasive nor too oily. Did not leave the shower slippery at all. I have already started singing its praises to one and all! And yes, love the maple smell!

VickyAndRach from UK said on 05/02/2012

I simply cannot fault this scrub! For a more in-depth review, go to where I have taken the time to rave about how much I love this product. Have no doubts, the scrub is amazing.

Becky from Limerick said on 27/01/2012

I absoluely love this! The smell is gorgeous and it leaves my skin so soft! It has gotten rid of that stubborn dry skin on my arms that I could never get rid of. There's nothing it change about this product! ♥

Bells from London said on 18/01/2012

I love this it smooths my skin so much softer works well on elbows and knees. And it smell so good.

DollFace from Sheffield said on 18/01/2012

Im not sure if you're meant to use this product on your face, but i do from time to time! Its great for all those little annoying dry patches. Its true this product does smell so yummy and i was half tempted to have a little taste lol (but i didnt).
Even though the product is £9.45 it lasts ages so i'm not guna complain. This product is always sold out at my local boots, so it is obviously a god send!

Rachel Amy from West Midlands, England said on 28/12/2011

Just used this for the first time... I actually smell edible. Omnomnom! It feels lovely on the skin and has certainly made my skin feel fab. The price may come across as a little steep but it is totally worth it for how amazing the product is!

Love Jasmine from Milton Keynes said on 12/12/2011

Oh. My. Gosh.
The Breakfast Scrub™ is just a miracle.
As soon as you unscrew the cap, you are flooded with such a beautiful aroma; I genuinely have to restrain myself when using The Breakfast Scrub™ otherwise I will just gobble it all up.
The texture isn't sticky or oily, but satin-like and thick and it just works perfectly to cleanse and soften my face. I have also noticed that it prevents my face from getting oily and greasy throughout the whole day.
10 out of 5 stars.

PS. This product was most likely made by angels, therefore Soap & Glory must be God.

Sophie from Manchester said on 20/11/2011

The BEST scrub I've ever used!!!! Makes my skin feel fantastic and smells incredible. Pleaseeeeeee make a body butter to go with it!!!

LOZZA from DURHAM said on 06/11/2011

this smells absolutely gorgeous, omg i'm in love with it!! to whoever said they're trying to turn it into a perfume, how do you recommend that? cos i would totally wear this. AHH IT'S LUSH!!!

Lou from England said on 05/11/2011

I'm begging soap and glory to please please make the smell of this scrub into a perfume, it is divine. It also works amazingly and leaves me feeling super soft!

Jan from London said on 27/10/2011

This has got to be the best scrub ever! The texture is perfect and it leaves skin bright and so soft and the smell is divine, so delicious you really feel you could eat it! Just unscrewing the lid makes me feel good - go buy some now!

Becca from London said on 18/10/2011

I love this scrub! It smells delicious! I have to tell myself "" while i'm using it. seriously. Leaves skin soft and smelling good enough to eat!
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