Soap & Glory™ Hair Turban™

Soap & Glory™ Hair Turban™


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The super lightweight alternative to walking around with a heavy towel on your head!

UP IN THE HAIR™ Quick-drying Hair Turban Keep it under wraps!

Put it up (up and away) and let the hair turban towel work its speed-drying magic.

The super lightweight alternative to walking around with a heavy towel on your head!

Now, do your make-up, paint your nails and get your glam on, while your hair stays put and dries, quickly!


• With microfibres for super quick, fast drying

• Designed to be lightweight, compact, and durable

• eal for everyday use at home, in the gym and travelling

Instructions for Use

Bend over and flip your hair over your head.

Put the turban on, buttonhole at the back, and tuck your hair into the front & sides.

Twist the front of the turban a few times so it's nice and snug around your hair.

Then flip the twist over your head and button it securely into the hole at the back

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Fibre content: • 100% polyester


Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5 (41) Review(s)

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sadbunny from Not as pictured said on 23/02/2017

I'm a bit disappointed. The picture shows a lovely fluff, large looking hair towel. What you get is somewhat smaller and quite thin. Due to the thin fabric i don't think it dried as well as it could have done.
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Jessica from A good product! said on 24/01/2017

I had never heard of a hair wrap and so when I came across this, I was pleasantly surprised. Although thin, it makes my hair dry faster and gets it out of my face whilst I do make up and stays put firmly on my head, thanks to the button that clips at the back. I have medium- long hair and it's plenty big enough for my hair. I have fine hair, but lots of it and it all was able to fit into the hair wrap
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Jean from Lovely item said on 11/12/2016

This is the second one I have, it absorbs lots of water so my hair dries so much quicker. It stays put unlike a towel. Highly recommend
Boots review Originally posted on

Ruth from Lovely iten said on 08/12/2016

Love this item only started using it about a year ago its great don't know how I didn't realise it soone
Boots review Originally posted on

Joanne from Absolutely brilliant said on 07/12/2016

This product is absolutely brilliant and lasts for years. I have ordered 2 on the offer so even better value. Thanks Boots
Boots review Originally posted on

Anne Marie from Easy to use said on 23/10/2016

This is easy to use and helps dry hair quicker than an ordinary towel so glad I bought one.....
Boots review Originally posted on

Martin83 from Disappointing said on 23/10/2016

I purchased this hoping it would help speed up the drying time of my hair before I used my hairdryer on it. _x000D_
The turban soaks through very quickly even after wringing my hair out after washing. My hair is still soaking wet after an hour wrapped up in the turban and takes me longer to dry. With a normal hair towel it it much dryer than this and much quicker. _x000D_
Really disappointed.
Boots review Originally posted on

neetc from Hair turban said on 21/08/2016

I decided to give my hair a rest from so much heat, blow drying, straighteners, curling tongs and heated rollers but it's difficult when it's long. However this is perfect. Just wrap it round your head, twist and fasten the button at the back. It really soaks up the excess moisture while I dress and put on make up and then if time permits I just let my hair dry naturally.
Boots review Originally posted on

Zara from Perfect said on 08/08/2016

I have had the same terry turban for 15 years. It was so old, it had worn out in places! BUT...every time I bought a replacement, they were never big enough, or suitable for long thick hair. This one is perfect. I have now bought 2 more for my daughters. It may not last 15 years, but I would definitely buy one of these again.
Boots review Originally posted on

Sinead from Great hair turban said on 25/07/2016

One if the best hair turbans I have bought, i left my previous soap and glory turban in a hotel room so had to purchase a new one, I love them so much I bought 2!!!!
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Joanne from Fabulous said on 23/06/2016

I have bought 2 of these products just in case they sell out._x000D_
They wash really well and dry hair really well._x000D_
Great for travelling and dry quickly
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Malwina from Love it said on 27/05/2016

So easy to use and my thick hair are dry much quicker!
Boots review Originally posted on

Ann from Excellent turban -good length said on 13/05/2016

Hair turban is a good length and very efficient at drying and keeping long hair off clothes._x000D_
Met expectations and would recommend
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Michelle from Great product! said on 28/04/2016

I have been using hair drying turbans for years, but I have to say I'm so glad I found this one! The best one I've ever used, I have very long hair, and usually these towels come up small, but this one is very roomy and has a very secure fastening. Also looks more stylish than others, even though I wouldn't go out with it on! Lol! Great product. 10/10
Boots review Originally posted on

karen from Soap and glory hair turban said on 01/04/2016

Fantastic no more struggling with towels that slip or dripping wet hair
Boots review Originally posted on

JGilly88 from I've used better. said on 27/02/2016

I bought this to use after misplacing my usual hair turban, which to be fair, cost twice as much as this._x000D_
I'm not impressed. It's rather large so would suit someone with lots of hair; I only have a shoulder length bob and it's too big for me. The fabric is horrible, catches on your skin like cheap microfibre cloths do. It appears to be absorbing water getting very wet but I did not feel that it dried my hair as much as my old turban._x000D_
I really could not recommend this and I have now found my old turban so have relegated this to emergency spare.
Boots review Originally posted on

Susan from Good for the job said on 15/01/2016

Nice looking turban and does what it is meant to do.
Boots review Originally posted on

Shopaholic001 from Really mediocre- do not purchase said on 07/01/2016

I purchased this requiring a hair towel and, after reading all the rave reviews, was very excited to try this product. In fact, I almost purchased two on the 'buy one get one half price' offer. Thank goodness I didn't because the towel is seriously average! It doesn't dry your hair better than an ordinary towel, in fact, for the last few days my hair has been wetter and taken longer to dry due to this rubbish towel. I seriously haven't a clue as to why it received such rave reviews. Stay away guys, could have saved my money simply by using my own towel.
Boots review Originally posted on

Joanna from Brilliant said on 30/12/2015

Bought this as a stocking filler for my daughter. She loves it and unlike normal towels stays on her head. I find it easy to put on and it securely attaches.
Boots review Originally posted on

Najla from Very practical product said on 18/12/2015

There was a slight smell of oil on the hair turban and required quite a few washes to eliminate
Boots review Originally posted on

SUSAN from Mornings are a bit less stressful now said on 17/11/2015

This has made it much easier for my 18yo to deal with her long hair when she washes it . Wish I'd got her one of these years ago
Boots review Originally posted on

Margaret from At last a turban that fits said on 09/11/2015

Ample material in this makes it especially good for thick hair. The elastic and button connection is very strong. The best one I've had yet!
Boots review Originally posted on

Rabito2 from Love it!! said on 30/07/2015

Love my hair turban from Soap & Glory :) I have quite a sensitive scalp and I was finding that even hand towels would pull on my scalp/hair and it would be quite painful but this has solved my problem. Super absorbent and really easy to put on, I have medium/long hair and it fits it in nicely, I would say if you have really long hair you might have to fold you hair to get it all in.
Boots review Originally posted on

F from Good sized Turban said on 16/05/2015

Only had this turban a couple of weeks but it is proving to be very useful. I have long hair, (past my shoulder blades) and have no trouble tucking every wet lock away in the turban while I carry on with life after the shower!
Boots review Originally posted on

protanner from Superb Product! said on 09/04/2015

I've had this turban for years. It's fantastic! Keeps hair out of the way and secure until I'm ready to dry it. Much easier than using a regular towel. I never knew I needed this product, until I found it!
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Lucyxxxxx from Ok said on 09/12/2014

It does what it's meant to do. But I have long nails and it's so tricky! It's just overall easier and less time consuming to use a regular towel. I use this when cleansing my face to keep my hair out of the way. I love soap and glory products otherwise
Boots review Originally posted on

Patriciaemily from Great and keeps hair in place! said on 29/11/2014

I love this hair turban! I have very, very thick hair, so I was worried that it wouldn't fit, but it totally does! I would say that it's a bit complicated with VERY long hair, but other than that, it's perfect! I did expect it to dry my hair a bit quicker than it does, but it's still very good, since my hair takes 3-4 hours to air dry.
Boots review Originally posted on

M from This is the third one I've bought for my daughter said on 27/11/2014

She loves it so I always put one in her Christmas stocking, just the job.
Boots review Originally posted on

Sammi92 from LOVE THIS HAIR TURBAN! said on 20/05/2014

After looking through the Soap & Glory accessories in my local Boots store, I came across this hair turban and was drawn to it because of its unique design. Not knowing how well it would do the job, I purchased this on a whim as I desperately needed a new towel for my hair. Upon using this product, I was extremely pleased as it stayed in place and dried my hair more efficiently than regular towels.
Boots review Originally posted on

Miclare from Every girl needs one said on 30/04/2014

I wouldnt be with out this now, in fact I had to buy my mum one as I raved about it so much.

It has so many good points, I found it helps to dry my hair better then just using a normal towel and it means I dont have another towel to hang up afterwards. I just pop this on the door handle or a hook on the bathroom door. It keeps your hair in super well, nothing escapes and I have really thick long hair, which also makes it great for applying makeup and skincare.

I also use this to boost hair masks, apply the treatment and then this over the top to keep the heat in and stop any transfer, plus it keeps all the hair off your face so you can apply a face mask - perfect pampering!
Boots review Originally posted on

Marian from Works well said on 06/03/2014

First purchased from main Boots store. Then I wanted more (to put in wash etc.) Same good quality fabric - generous cut, but the ELASTIC on these two hair turbans made as an "on line purchase" was TOO SHORT to tuck around the button. So had to replace with longer piece of elastic.
Otherwise excellent. Helps to dry the hair and product easy to wash.
Boots review Originally posted on

rusherwo from Great product, though a little overpriced said on 16/01/2014

For what this is, it's a little pricey, and I would expect the toweling material to be a little better quality and more absorbent. Nevertheless, it's a really handy product to keep wet hair up and out of your face, and the button fastening at the back is secure (even though I have lots of hair). Washes well too.
Boots review Originally posted on

Daffodilly from A brilliant product! said on 27/12/2013

I love this hair turban because unlike a normal towel it stays on your head and doesn't move at all, it also dried my hair quicker than normal towels. It allows you to put your hair up and do your make up and it wont drip everywhere, it soaks up the moisture. It works best with medium length hair. It's also easy to use and dries quickly after use. I would recommend this to every girl.
Boots review Originally posted on

Jennifer from Very happy said on 13/06/2013

Bought this my daughter to use when changing after swimming. It is easy for her to use and does a good job of part drying her hair while she changes. Looks pleasant enough.
Boots review Originally posted on

PineappleLaughter5 from EXCELLENT! said on 30/03/2013

I love this Soap and Glory turban! It's really easy to use, stays put for a really long time, keeps all my hair out the way, dries my hair quickly and looks awesome with the faint pink "soap and glory" writing over the turban. Everything you would want and more! Just a little expensive for a towel turban but overall I LOVE it!! Well done Soap and Glory, another excellent product!
Boots review Originally posted on

M1881 from Great! said on 13/02/2013

Love my hair turban! Really easy to use, has a button & button hole so it does up easily and stays in place well, has easy to follow instructions if you need them. Haven't washed it yet so can't comment on that but I hear it washes well.
Boots review Originally posted on

pauline from This product is great and saves a lot of mess said on 09/01/2013

Great product better than messing with a towel.It also washes and dries great.
Boots review Originally posted on

BeautyAddict1980 from Excellent! said on 09/09/2012

Another excellent product from S&G!
I have really long hair (just above my waist) and before I started using this after my shower I would spend up to 30 minutes blow drying my hair.
I now keep this on while doing my makeup and by the time I'm finished this has soaked up most of the water in my actually feels heavy when I take it off!
I now only have to blow dry my hair for around 10 minutes or less after using this turban now. It's extremelly comfortable and doesn't budge at all.
I would recommend washing it first before using it...I didn't and while it still worked well it works even better after being through the washing machine once or twice.

ps. also great for using when hair is dry for doing your makeup!
Boots review Originally posted on

Tuliptoes62 from Brilliant turban said on 11/07/2012

This is one of the best beauty items I have ever bought. It is so much better than trying to keep a heavy towel on your head. You put your hair in it, then twist it up and fasten it with the button. Easy! Also it dries your hair quicker than a normal towel. I want to get another one now as a spare.
Boots review Originally posted on

prettylushhh from FAB! said on 11/05/2012

GREAT TO DRY and KEEP HAIR OFF THE FACE when doing make-up! great idea - not heavy like a towel which pulls hair! plus it did not shrink in the wash/dryer!
Boots review Originally posted on

CarliJ from Very Good said on 08/03/2012

I love using my turban, it is really comfy and keeps my hair away from my face. The turban really does make my hair dry super fast too :)
Boots review Originally posted on
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