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THE FAB PORE™ 3-IN-1 OIL CONTROL SERUM is your go-to defence against all things shiny.

It’s absolutely jammed with wonderstuffs – BLOT A LOT™ technology helps keep skin matte for up to 12 hours and PORESHRINK™ makes pores look instantly smaller.

SODIUM HYALURONATE and VITAMIN E are renowned moisturisers and SKIN BLURRERS give an ultra-smooth finish for complete complexion perfection.

THE FAB PORE™ 3-IN-1 OIL CONTROL SERUM also works as an amazing primer. (After all, no girl likes to let things slide, least of all her make-up.)

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Chloe from London said on 03/06/2016

I love this product. If your a SUPER oily girl like me then this is for you!!

I've tried every thing you can think of to control my oil including simple drug store brands like Simple, Good Things, Garnier, to more expensive brands like Mac, Benefit, Dermalogica, Murad and Dr Nick Lowe. . . . The Fab Pore oil control serum is so far the best!

I stayed oil free all day long which is unheard of for me, and when my oil started to seep through at the end of the day it was still barely noticeable!!

If your a semi-oily girl then perhaps you may find this makes you a little chalky BUT if you are unfortunate like myself and often look as though you've rubbed oil in your face by lunch time then do give this a whirl.

Do make sure you apply evenly to avoid white streaking though :)

Thank you Soap and Glory!!

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