Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lipstick - Matte Powder Coat

Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lipstick - Matte Powder Coat

Ultra-long wearing, moisturising matte lipstick

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Glides on, stays put and packs a colour punch! Featuring our exclusive POWDERCOAT™ MATTE finish to fix velvety-rich colour to your lips, 3-D PLUMP™ peptide complex to tone and plump, and orchid extract to soften and moisturise. Available in 3 shades: Supernude, Blush Pink, Pom Pom

Instructions for Use

Smooth onto lips directly from the bullet or apply with a lip brush for more precision.


  • Choose a colour below
  • Blush Pink
  • Pom Pom
  • Supernude

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5 out of 5 (25) Review(s)

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CBER from AUSTRALIA said on 01/04/2015

I adore this lipstick. I have both pom pom and blush pink and get so many compliments. Unfortunately they aren't for sale in Aus!!!!

zenab786 from berkshire said on 26/01/2015

i have tried many matte lipsticks in the past however i found that they were not comfortable and quite drying on the lips. After using this lipstick i didn't have that problem it felt i had nothing on my lips. The pigmentation is amazing i just need a single swipe and i get a lovely finish, on the other hand you can also build the color for an intense look. I also love the smell, it smells like vanilla!

chlo from London, UK said on 01/11/2014

Blush pink is my favourite lipstick in the world! I have been buying this colour for a few years, and there is no other like it. I have tried so many, including Chanel, Armani and Mac, but this is buy far my fave. I am so pale, and Blush Pink is a really nice subtle colour for my skin. I am not a fan of lipsticks with red undertones, and so i love the pink in this. Also i have found that by applying a couple of layers of this lipstick the colour becomes even nicer and richer. Have had so many people coming up to me and asking where my lipstick is from. Really perfect for Autumn. In love.

MB from UK said on 12/09/2014

I bought a couple of lipsticks while they were on offer at Boots and loved them both. You can see from the other reviews here how much everyone loves Perfect Day and I agree. However, for all you Indian/Asian women out there who want a full-on colour that is suitable to wear every day, please try the POM POM's a deep fuschia pink and a great alternative to a true-red lipstick for us (I never have the courage to use full-on red for everyday wear anyway). This will replace my MAC Ruby Woo as it's just so much better on Asian skin tones. Go buy, buy, buy this shade, it's great. PLEASE, bring out more shades to choose from S&G.

Steph M from Wolverhampton said on 14/08/2014

I am a lover of Mac but I bought this as I heard good reviews about it. I was looking for a nude and couldn't find the right colour in more expensive brands. So I got 'Super Nude' and WOW! It's light weight on but the pigment is fantastic. Stays on for ages and not a nightmare if you want to take it off. to buy 'Pom Pom' now!!

XxMsVickyxX from Cheshire, UK said on 01/06/2014

This lipstick is PHENOMENAL I bought it in the shade 'super nude' it smells like vanilla pods and I can't stop sniffing it! Unlike most Matte lipsticks, it glides on and doesn't drag and it doesn't dry out the lips either, it stayed on me for about 3 hours before I had to touch up, if you're looking for a natural nude this is definitely the one for you! I think I even prefers this to mac =O

Iff from London said on 26/04/2014

I bought the lipstick in "blushing pink" after seeing good reviews and been wanting an everyday pink with the perfect texture for so so long! Bit the bullet by buying it without sampling and seeing the actual colour - best risk I've ever made! My favourite lipstick without a doubt.. Will be popping back into boots soon to buy the other shades!

Bea from Oxford said on 18/04/2014

I got this lipstick in Pom Pom and I LOVE it! The colour is gorgeous and the matte finish is really nice too, it also smells amazing! It applies really easily and it is not too drying, it also has really lasting wear and doesn't smudge onto my teeth. Great buy!

Naomi from Manchester said on 26/03/2014

Knowing that I am a lipstick addict, a friend bought this for me as a gift a couple of months ago. I am completely in LOVE with this lipstick. Perfect coverage, long wear, not drying my lips, no smudging or transferring onto my teeth. Just wish there were more shades so that I could buy more!

Abigail from Leeds said on 08/02/2014

Just got this lipstick in Blush Pink and I love it! I've only worn it once but its a great colour and doesn't dry out your lips which I find can be a problem with other brands :) Great buy so far!

Helenabcn from Manchester said on 08/02/2014

I had never bought anything by this brand before and yesterday I thought I'd try. Got the blush pink lipstick and I love it! Loots of people complimented me about it. I have quite dry lips and wearing this lipstick I had to apply a lip balm a few times..but the colour is so beautiful that its worth it!

Gail from Glasgow said on 28/10/2013

Pom Pom has quickly become my favourite lipstick EVER. I'm normally a very heavy red girl - anything from pillar-box to claret, so long as it's red - but decided to try something a little bit different and slightly more natural for autumn this year, and picked this up on a whim. It's just perfect. It's only slightly darker than my natural lips, but the finish is so matte and creamy that it looks as though my whole face has been airbrushed when I'm wearing it - genuinely feels quite luxurious. I think it wears much nicer than some higher end lipsticks I've bought, too ... I prefer it to Mac and Illamasqua, which I never thought I'd admit to for something I bought out of Boots! :)

Shayla from Bangladesh said on 11/10/2013

I bought Blush Pink and Pom Pom just out of curiosity. And guess what!!! I was amazed with the product quality & color!! It's easily can be compared with any high end Matte lipstick. Sustainability is more than 4 hours. Only obstacle is color range is very very short. If it can bring some more basic colors I am definite that it will take some of the high end lipsticks place instantly. I am a Brown color lover so I was badly looking for a shade in this one. Hope S&G will bring some more colors :)

Kabikaj from Poole said on 22/08/2013

I tried the Pompom and it's amazing! I put one coat on in the morning about 8am, and it lasts right through lunch and many cups of tea until the end of the day, I don't even normally apply another coat! It smells gorgeous, and suits my pale skin perfectly. I would definitely reccommend this product to anyone who asked!

Claire from Bournemouth said on 22/06/2013

I bought the blush pink lipstick yesterday and it's fabulous! It glides on so smoothly and lasts for ages, and the colour is lovely too!

Hayley from Glasgow said on 12/04/2013

I'm not a natural lipstick wearer as i have quite pale skin, and don't like having a shiny face or lips. I always tend to make my face as matte as possible when i'm wearing make up so I thought I might try this and I'm completely addicted! I have it in Pom Pom and love the colour. I put it on before i leave in the morning and I dont need to reapply as its stays on all day. I think the colour is a bit more plum/dark red than in the pictures, but that might just be because my skin tone is so light.

I'm only 15 but i love make up and only getting about £25 a week from my parents meant that buying this was quite a big buy for me, but now i have it and i know a coat lasts all day, £9 seems like a steal!! I've told all my friends about it and they have went out and bought it too.

If you are considering buying a decent priced matte lipstick that stays on all day and doesn't dry out your lips then this is the one to buy! xox

Phillie from Sheffield said on 09/04/2013

Smells DIVINE and looks au naturel (but in a good way)! I have blush pink which looks super cute because I'm so pale I get a kind of 'doll' effect.

It's just...amazing!

Thanks for this brilliant product and for such a good price as well!

ChiChi from Hampshire, England said on 04/04/2013

My Favourite Lipstick Ever!
Great colour that lasts and Matt Finnish that doesn't dry lips out!
It leaves lips feeling smooth, silky, moisturised and smells Gorgeous!!
I have Pom Pom which is a more striking and bright colour which I think would suit a more tanned or olive skin,
Also I have Blush Pink which is my favourite as it is a more natural colour and I will wear it all day long.
If you wan't to add a bit of plump and shine Clear Sexy Mother Pucker works really well over the top!

Rachael from England said on 11/03/2013

The best lipstick I have ever used. Usually matte lipstick dries my lips but this doesn't and lasts for a very long time. I bought Pom Pom and it stays on without feeling heavy. Would definitely buy again.

Bee from Scotland said on 01/02/2013

Love this product. I bought it in super nude just after Christmas and has became my favourite lipstick. Lasts for hours and is so wearable! Would definitely recommend it! Xx

shan from United Kingdom said on 05/01/2013

I brought this product in early November as I wanted a new lipstick that was a good colour for autumn, winter and then Christmas. So I purchased the colour Pom Pom.

For £9 I excepted a lot and for it to be very high end as Mac lipsticks retail for £12/£13 there really isn't a price difference. But I am 100% happy with this, it is one of the best lip products I have ever ever brought (I have a lot being a massive lipstick gal!)

The colour- Very pigmented and colourful, a little bit more purple/plum then the pictures
The smell- Sticking with the lovely soap and glory smells with a hint of vanilla, smelled GORGEOUS.
Lasting power- At sixth form, this lasted on me a good 5-6 hours and I would touch up after lunch etc.

It definitely is true to its name, it's super-colour and matte.
Lovely product which I will be repurchasing again and again!

RA from London said on 08/12/2012

buy this ASAP!!! i bought POM POM, and the pigments in the colour are amazing. i have naturally tanned skin, and it seems like such a wintery colour, but definitely wearable whenever. i love it so much! I might have to buy more now!

maria from USA said on 18/10/2012

loving it

Mrs Lovell from Northampton said on 11/10/2012

I absolutely love this product!
I'm not particularly a lipstick person because I have a very small mouth so can't pull off outrageous lips and I don't like having wet lips and always having to re-apply or the ones that are practically permanent that if you get them wrong when applying theres nothing you can do about it, but these are soooo good as they dry, but don't dry out, so you can kiss, eat, drink whatever....
You don't need to re-apply if you don't want to (a lil top on a night out never hurts) and they come in some lovely subtle shades that are awesome for daytime too.
I bought two and then went away for the weekend with friends and my friends practically stole them off me.
They would look lovely on anyone (even those who are not natural lipstick wearers like me)!

LuCLu from Worcestershire said on 09/09/2012

Love Love this product!! Normal lip sticks dry out my lips but this product doesn't do that. The colour match is amazing very natural so great for a everyday lippy. Would recommend this to anyone who isn't that confident about wearing lip stick, but just wants their lips to look more luxurious.
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