A Great Kisser™ Juicy Peach

A Great Kisser™ Juicy Peach

A super fruit butter moisturising lip balm

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 - 18g

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This MELT-ON-YOUR-MOUTH conditioning mix may just be the best lip balm ever made. A GREAT KISSER™ is formulated with MANGO BUTTER to moisturize, APRICOT BUTTER for weather protection, LINGONBERRY OIL to boost barrier repair (and prevent water loss) and POMEGRANATE EXTRACT to renew your ‘dewy’. It’s not too waxy, not too slippery, not too greasy or too sticky. In fact, it’s just fabulous.

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4 out of 5 (18) Review(s)

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Ciara from England said on 27/05/2014

It smells really strong of peaches and has a really nice smell. It it quite sticky though and it also lasts on your lips for only around an hour. Its good though :)

eve from uk said on 29/12/2013

You get a lot in the tin and it smells so nice and gives a nice colour, but is way too sticky and it's more like a lip gloss. I love soap and glory products but I don't really think I'll be buying this again.

Emi from Canterbury said on 09/04/2013

The best ever lip balm ever created! Cost more then others, but the best tasting and its defiantly worth £5!

Emmy from United States said on 30/03/2013

I absolutely LOVE this product. It works so well with my lips. I've had trouble in the past with lip balm because it would always dry up my lips and the skin around or have an allergic reaction but when I saw this at sephora I just had to try and, now im hooked for life!!!

Rhea from India said on 31/01/2013

I saw..loved it..wanted it... Couldn't get it..life isn't perfect.. Sigh!

zombie_rabbit from uk said on 29/01/2013

I was a bit wary as it a bit more than i would usually pay, but no matter what the weather my lips stay smooth and dont crack..... The flavour lasts and doesn't feel all greasy and nasty!! I love it!

annaS from wittering said on 14/01/2013

Absolutely love it!!!got all three but juicy peach is my favorite! getting so many complements, people are asking what lip gloss am i using!!:)cant leave the house without it!!love love love!!

Momo from Kent said on 15/11/2012

I love the scent of this product and it leaves a nice colour and gloss, but as for a lip balm I'm not too sure...it didn't hydrate my lip at all!! Sham as I love all the other s&g products not a winner for me I'm afraid :(

Amazing xx from Norfolk said on 07/07/2012

lovely product, makes your lips feel really nice but a bit too sticky for me! other than that great!

Milly from Lancaster said on 26/06/2012

Got this from Boots along with the Chocolate Cherry lip balm. Both are nice lip products and smell divine. Personally I found them rather sticky and was a little bit disappointed in them! Price wise I think they are a steal (: xoxo

Tina from London said on 23/06/2012

Just let a review for the coconut balm so I thought I'd leave a review for the peach one too. Although I prefer the coconut balm I quite like this one too, it is very moisturizing, you can achieve different results depending on how much you apply (a little dab will soothe your lip, and more of the stuff will leave your lips all sexy and glossy) and the scent is absolutely gorgeous (think of the best peach you've ever eaten as a kid in the summer during your best holiday ever... that's what it smells like...).
The only reason why I am not giving it 5 stars is that the colour is disappointing, I have rather dark pink lips naturally and the coral colour does not show at all, at worst it makes them look a little pale, not coral. So a little goes a long way for me, I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could.
The tin is lovely too, definitely a handbag essential. Spend £5 wisely today and get yourself one of those lip balms, they're worth every penny.

Chants from Bury St Edmunds, England said on 08/06/2012

Just bought this, and love it! The colour is gorgeous (it doesn't really show up on your lips, however) , although on your lips it's more of a subtle tint and shine than a strong colour. It's not slippery or too sticky, though it's a little stickier than a balm usually is. Cute packaging too, although lid slides off quite easily. Would deffo recomend :)

xJadoreBellex from London said on 25/04/2012

Lovely peachy smell on this Lip Balm & the colour is very nice too!!! The only thing I would say about this is it's quite thick so you may not want to put to much on your finger when putting some on!!! otherwise you may risk it feeling a little greasy on your lips.

S&GLove from Glasgow said on 22/04/2012

too waxy, too slippery, too greasy and definitely far too sticky - everything you say it's not. So dissapointed.

Alice from Hong Kong said on 29/01/2012

Texture, scent, packaging = 5 stars
A must have and will repurchase for sure.

smithie from USA said on 22/01/2012

Fantastic lip-balm! Packaging is awesome and smell reminds me of exotic peach orchard in bloom. Consistency of this balm is fantastic, it melts on your lips, hydrates them super well, has great staying power, gives lips beautiful sheer color. It is NOT sticky, nor greasy - absolutely perfect.

Hannah from Birmingham said on 20/01/2012

Really lovely lip gloss. It smells and tastes absolutely lovely and stays on for ages! It's not cheap but is really worth buying. Am completely converted to this and will be buying the chocolate cherry as soon as I can find it!

Jasmine from Sheffield said on 17/01/2012

I chose this lip balm as my third product in the Boots 3 for 2 offer and it is absolutely delectable! The peachy flavour is gorgeous. The product is quite thick and I can feel it on my lips for a good few hours after first applying, the only flaw is that whilst being a thick lip balm, I find it is quite sticky. The colour is very subtle and just enough. I'd definitely recommend and can't wait to try the other two!
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