Supercat™ Fat Eyeliner


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Supercat™ Fat Eyeliner

£7.00 / €8.19

Jumbo Carbon Black Ink Eyeliner

With its dramatically thick marker pen edge, SUPERCAT™ FAT is THE NEW 'NOW' BIG THING IN EYELINERS. Fast-drying, long lasting and ultra-inky for a perfect, thick cat-eye flick in one effortless stroke.

With INKJET™ COLOUR RELEASE and FILM-FIX™, and a foolproof slanted tip with thick and thin liner sides. Available in PITCH BLACK PERFECT.

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Overall Rating:

3.7 out of 5 (6) Review(s)

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Rhian from UK said on 21/03/2016

I can't believe how bad this eyeliner is. Yes the felt tip is a good shape but that's about the only positive. It took 2-3 coats to get a properly black line and it faded and it turned crusty and patchy in less than an hour. It also takes forever to dry so you either get black lines above your eye lids or have to sit with your eyebrows raised for 10 minutes like an idiot.

Rosie from Manchester said on 29/02/2016

Wonderful buy! I love liquid eyeliner but have been struggling a bit recently to get a good one. Bought this as it was on offer at Boots and I'm so glad I did! Cleverly shaped for precision and easy to apply. Great definition and goes on smoothly. Nice intense black. Easy to build up volume and handbag friendly... by that I mean so much easier than carrying around a pot of gel liner and a brush like I used to. Highly recommended!

Grace from England said on 24/12/2015

Would not recommend. The first time I was going to use it, I opened it, took the lid off and there was some sort of plastic lid on top of the eyeliner, which I'm assuming was meant to be a part of the lid and had somehow detached itself and was completely STUCK there.

I have absolutely no idea how well the actual eyeliner works as even a pair of scissors couldn't remove the plastic lid. What a shame, especially considering the price. Maybe reconsider your packaging, soap & glory.

SoundclashRocks from Cardiff, Wales said on 02/04/2015

I swear by this eyeliner. The chunky nip makes it super easy to achieve a neat finish. The only eyeliner i'll use for top lid. Definitely recommend this product

ZoeH from Nottingham said on 06/01/2015

Being a novice at the "cat's eye" flick, I have found this product extremely easy to use with a good colour distribution across the lid! Definitely recommend, excellent product S&G x

Beth from Grimsby said on 23/10/2014

I think this is a really eyeliner is one of the easier liquid eyeliners to use. I like the felt tip applicator and think that it helps to achieve a really effective look. Smashing.
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