The Daily Smooth™ Body Lotion

The Daily Smooth™ Body Lotion

Ultra rich body lotion

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 - 500ml

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Dew it every day! The Daily Smooth™ Body Lotion is loaded with moisturising oils and butters, including sweet almond oil, rosehip seed, shea butter and skin brightening mango peel extract. Featuring our Mist You Madly™ fragrance - with flirty freesia, blackcurrant, vanilla and musk.

Instructions for Use

After your shower or bath - when dry skin soaks up moisture the most - split a handful of lotion between your mitts and massage from your shoulders to your toes.


Overall Rating:

5 out of 5 (7) Review(s)

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Sharmin from Nottingham said on 29/12/2013

I use body lotions quite regularly and I must say this is the best body lotion i have ever used. It has a nice smell and very soft texture that easily melts into your skin.

dinky dot from Bolton said on 12/08/2013

My daughter introduced me the all the S&G products a couple of years ago and i have used then ever since,THE DAILY SMOOTH Body LOTION is a must i use it every morning after i have showered its a lovely texture and absorbs into your skin and its not greasy i love it.

Rachel from Northern Ireland said on 22/04/2013

The most beautiful smell ever!! I love all of the Soap and Glory moisturisers but this one is definitely my favourite. A lovely light texture which leaves skin smooth and soft and smelling gorgeous. LOVE it :)

Izzy from London said on 13/03/2013

Yummy creamy smell, light texture that absorbs quickly with no greasiness at all and the bottle is perfect for easy use.

jules from uk said on 23/02/2013

Just love this body lotion. Ticks all the right boxes. Smells lovely, moisturises deeply is non greasy it's definitely been given the correct name it leaves my skin feeling very smooth

K from Northwest said on 04/11/2012

Love it love it love it!!! Use it every day and will use it forever!

madrep from Cardiff said on 29/08/2012

I saw this in my local boots as a new product and picked it up straight away.
The smell is gorgeous and lasts a long time too. It sinks in really quick and is not greasy or slimy and leaves a nice sheen on your skin too.
What can I say... It's a must have moisturiser !!!
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