Make Yourself Youthful™<br>CC Superfluid™ SPF15

Make Yourself Youthful™
CC Superfluid™ SPF15

Multi-Action Tinted Moisturiser

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 - 30ml

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A gorgeous, super lightweight, multi-action tinted moisture fluid that leaves skin so glowing, so radiant, so naked, it’s almost indecent.

With a tip-top mix of:
• SPF 15 to help protect your skin from sun damage.
• HYPERBRIGHT™ to help illuminate, lighten blemishes and even skin tone.
• LIGHTSCRAMBLING SUPERBLUR™ MICROMESH to blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• ENERGINSENG™, an energising, antioxidant zingiber extract.

Available in two shades, Nude Peach and Good Light.


  • Choose a colour below
  • A Good Light
  • A Nude Peach

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 (11) Review(s)

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Rae from Cardiff said on 30/03/2015

This is my go to facial all in one. Looks so natural and covers perfectly. The only thing is, you need to moisturize before application - makes it smoother to put on and gives a more dewy look. Great product!!

SB from UK said on 13/01/2015

I bought this based on all the rave reviews I've been reading and, whilst I agree with them on the whole, the major sticking point for me is that the lightest shade is still way too orange for us fair-skinned gals.

Please release a paler shade - and then I can leave you 5 stars :)

70 GIRL from West yorkshire said on 29/08/2014

I have always loved make up but as I have aged found I could no longer get a good look. My skin is now much drier . Then I read about Soap & Glory and big WOW CC Make your self youthful and serum has aloud me to be back in the game !!! PS The cleansing water is brilliant ! I would like a little lighter colour in the CC moisturiser as I have very light skin . My advice is try it you won't be disappointed ............

sandra from london said on 14/08/2014

having worked as a makeup artist for over 20 years, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I myself dislike foundation, but needed some colour balance for my skin, this is the perfect product, lightweight, and completely evens out my skin tone without that made up look. I did notice another person comment that this made their foundation patchy, I think she misunderstands what a cc cream is. I wouldn't wear this with foundation, I'd wear in instead of foundation.....I really hope people give this a try.

whatsernaimee from UK said on 31/07/2014

Best BB cream I have used! I have oily skin and freckles so I can't wear foundation unless I want to look greasy and caked in make up. Though runny at first, it absorbs quickly and my skin is moisturised but not greasy all day, and gives a natural coverage so you can still see my freckles! I do set it with some kick ass powder because I prefer the matte look. Usually even BB creams can cause me break outs, but my skin actually looks better since using this cream. The darker shade matches my skin tone well (fair olive skin, tan quite easy). I LOVE soap and glory! Another winner!

Helen from Manchester said on 15/07/2014

Absolutely love this, it's a polished natural you. Don't feel like I'm wearing make up and have had loads of amazing comments about how well I look (even off the friends that give you total honesty) CONVERTED

lola from belfast said on 07/05/2014

This has to be the worst beauty item I've ever used for a start it disappears the minute you put it on and it makes your foundation patchy after few hours it really is not a good product

kitkat from Hull said on 24/04/2014

I bought this after reading some great reviews but I will not be doing it again. I have found this too be greasy and do nothing that it says on the package. It was really runny no matter how I shook it and certainly did not moisturize my skin in fact it just made my skin look greasy with very big dry patches. It had a really funny flowery smell which also put me off. It didn't given my skin a good coverage either. Really disappointed as I love soap and glory but hate this product it just seemed to do nothing for my skin apart from make it look worse. I feel like I have wasted my money.

Karen from London said on 05/03/2014

Was a bit uncertain about this but looking for something not so heavy as the weather improves. I'd had a tough day and my face was red, blotchy and a bit tear stained, but this really just covered it all but in the lightest of ways. Just like myself but better and really weightless in texture. I'm looking forward to wearing this all through the summer.

Mrs Bee from Glasgow said on 19/02/2014

Years ago, I took to a certain French premium brand's face illuminator. It had a lovely consistency and warm apricot hue, but gave no coverage and broke me out. Soap and Glory's new CC fluid is what that should have been. Marvellous, marvellous! Glowy, but not sparkly, redness-hiding but not cakey. Good Light is perfect for those winter and spring days, when the richer hue of Glow Job might make a fair/medium girl look like an Oompa Loompa. It hasn't broken me out. And there's an SPF! Oh, well done, Soap and Glory!

HLS from London said on 18/02/2014

AMAZING - My make up bag is entirely of Soap & Glory products, with the exception of one, I used to have No 7's BB cream, I ran out and saw this gem on the shelves and instantly had to try it. 10 x better and makes my skin amazing. Covers so well and doesn't feel like I have a load of crap on my face. Works so nicely with the glow all out, and peach party. I was worried it would smudge off the kick ass concealer I wear under my eyes but it is brilliant. 10 / 10!
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