Five fruits super rich smoothing body cream

RRP $20.00

 - 300ml

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3.8 out of 5 (9) Review(s)

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Mona from Toronto said on 25/11/2014

It is the body butter that can be called butter the most likely. It is very creamy but not greasy. I love it. And it is really moisturized. It is very suitable for winter season.And the price is very reasonable.

larkspur25 from Canada said on 03/03/2014

I really like Butter Yourself since not only does it moisturizer it has a really good scent.
It's best when applied right after the bath or shower. It's really affordable and worth the money that I spent on it. I would definitely buy this product again.

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Young from ODV0M079ZUB said on 26/08/2013

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Emamul from XtyOuW0s said on 15/08/2013

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Lisa from z9aFBFGlBgPw said on 14/08/2013

Furrealz? That's mavuolersly good to know.

Alexa from Montreal said on 13/06/2013

This is absolutely wonderful! I love love LOVE the scent because its fruity without being fake - it has a certain earthiness to it that I can't quite put my finger on. Also, it absorbs really quickly, another great plus for summer. Sooooo glad I took the chance and bought this.

Kelsey from Strathmore, Alberta said on 11/06/2013

This lotion is FANTASTIC. I just bought it yesterday, thinking I needed something fruity for the summer, and I've found it for sure! The great scent lasts all day, I can't get enough of it!

MK from London, England said on 11/10/2011

Not possible to give our latest and greatest body butter less than a five star score. It's thick, luxurious, sinks in, not at all greasy, smells unbelievable good (you almost want to eat it).
Personally - and maybe I shouldn't be saying this because I should love them all equally- I think it's going to give The Righteous Butter a run for its money. If I were anybody, I'd buy it. (Then again, I'm not anybody, and I'm biased.)
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