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19 June 2017


 “Body confidence is a feeling.” Chessie King

Looking forward to sand, sea and sunbathing? Or feeling an itzy-bitzy bit ‘Eeeek!’?

Our fitness blogger bezzie, Chessie King, has this pre-holiday advice for every girl:

No matter what shape/size/height you are, never ever apologise for wearing a bikini. The way you hold yourself changes how you look and feel. Shoulders back and chest open says CONFIDENCE. Even if you’re not feeling super-comfortable, your posture oozes “I’m slaying this bikini”!

Check out Chessie’s fun and fab tutorial showing how to work out at home using all your fave Soap & Glory products as gym equipment..!

Did you try it? Oh well – just watching it probably burned a few calories. So now treat yourself a scrummy, healthy smoothie:



1 scoop of vanilla or berry protein powder (25g)

Half a banana

Handful of berries

Half an avocado

250ml oat, almond or coconut milk

Ice, ice baby

Whiz in a blender and serve, sprinkling with chia seeds and anything else you fancy.

 Chessie says, “I love serving this in a papaya. It tastes deeeelish and gives you that extra dose of goodness. Make sure you remove all the seeds first!”

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  1. Charlotte said:

    Love Chessie! Would like to see more of her on here. Great recipe!

  2. James Lee said:

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    I would be so grateful if you kindly let me know the contact detail of your purchasing manager for raw materials.
    I’d like to introduce our PQ-51 which is used in your products.

    Thanks & best reagrds,

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  3. Stacy McN said:

    Love the blog, never be shy to wear a bikini! Which I always am but cheesiest is so right… can’t wait to try the smoothie, sounds amazing