Big Vanity Bag

Big Vanity Bag

£17.50 / €20.48

Large Make-Up Case

A Big Vanity Bag which can hold absolutely anything – your brushes, shampoos, makeup, lipsticks, body scrubs, underwear... (no, it can't hold your breath).

Height: 22cm

Width: 22.5cm

Depth: 17cm

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4.5 out of 5 (2) Review(s)

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Sarah from Swansea said on 11/03/2016

I carry all my products in this, it is so sturdy nothing has broke or stitching unraveled. I love the little zip in the lid to hold smaller items.

Lotti from Wales said on 20/02/2016

Very practical bags and great for holidays, just a shame they are not pretty like the early bags which were pink and pretty. Also are there going to be some new designs? I e mail but no one gets back to me?
I love all the soap and glory products they r fab
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