Bath Pillow™

Bath Pillow™

£8.00 / €9.36


Day blown up out of all proportion? Lie back on this giant-sized inflatable bath pillow and think of the Clean of England. But be warned: this pillow is additively comfy – don’t fall asleep in the bath.

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100% PVC with Nylon flocking


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2.3 out of 5 (4) Review(s)

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Hollie from Derby said on 08/04/2016

I'm a soap and glory girl, my partner jokes that my baths and showers are always sponsored by soap and glory haha. However this bath pillow is absolutely awful, I treated myself to it after I got paid and I'll be returning it straight away. It doesn't stick to the bath at all, it's absolutely rubbish. I do not recommend this at all !

Bronte from Wales said on 06/05/2014

The suckers are useless! Doesn't stick to the bath at all, really disappointed.

Rhiannon from Cheshire said on 28/01/2014

After only been able to find one review on this anywhere and that one been bad I wasn't sure if to buy this or not. But I always find trying to relax in the bath so I thought 'Just Do It!' and I am so glad I did! it is so comfy and finally I was able to lean back and relax in the bath! I will admit it took a little effort blowing up but it was worth it! it has four suckers on the back that suck to the bath. I stayed in place the whole time I had the bath. I would suggest sticking it in place where you want it then start to run your that. if you try putting it in place after you've ran your bath it can be a little awkward. but this really has been a great buy I love it so much! and it tried out super quick! Just buy it!

Nancy07 from uk said on 01/01/2014

Very disappointed with this product as the suckers don't actually suction onto the bath! Would not recommend.
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