Sit Tight™ Intense XS

Sit Tight™ Intense XS

Special Super Strength Body Firming Serum

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 - 125ml

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Formulated for figure-conscious desk jockeys who spend most days balanced on their bottoms, this multi-action body firming serum contains our exclusive FIRMIGEN™ CAFFEINE COMPLEX; ginseng DETOXYBOOST™ TECHNOLOGY; PRESSOCAPSULAR-FIRM PLUS™ SYSTEM (with microspheres that release caffeine when you sit on them); and PUFFDRAIN 82™ – a special combination of peptides that –when massaged- can help to stimulate circulation and visually smooth out back of the leg bumps.

Instructions for Use

Spin the massage roller head to the ON setting to open. Squeeze tube gently until product appears and let it roll. (It’s normal to feel a slight heating sensation after application.)

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4.5 out of 5 (43) Review(s)

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Maraya from United States said on 14/08/2014

I love this product so much, i've only been using this product for a few days, but after reading the reviews and feeling it actually working after applying it, i'm certain that i will be impressed with it. And i'm not kidding when i say i can feel it working.. holy burn! I put this on my butt and my lower legs to get rid of cellulite and it feels like i'm sitting on really hot sand at the beach or a heated seat. It doesn't hurt, but just beware because it shocked me when i first applied it.
I haven't seen actual results yet but i'm confident this will be worth every penny!

Laura2907 from York said on 30/05/2014

This product is amazing, the effects just after 1 day of application are amazing, my stretchmarks are nearly gone and the backs of my thighs feel so much firmer. The warm tingling sensation is well worth the results, I would recommend not putting it on before bed as I personally can't sleep with the tingling. But honestly I would recommend this to anyone well worth the money !!!

Kerry from London said on 29/05/2014

I have had saggy thighs since I was about 11 years old and have been stuck with them ! I never bothered to do anything about them I just hid them with sarongs on the beach and jeans in the winter no biggie... but then one day I thought screw this I want saggy free thighs ! I went and bought this product thinking it wouldn't work but I've been using it for 2 weeks now and my thighs that I've looked at my whole 22 years of life don't look like mine ! They are firm and toned and I am
So happy . I have been doing cardio and lunges like crazy and I have had a low fat diet and managed so far to loose a stone but I've done all this before and nothing has improved my thighs like
This has . I put it on 1-2 times a day mainly at night and let it burn away . The lady that didn't want to be crude In a previous review is right in saying be careful if you get it any were near your groin you think you had visited ann summers rather than soap and glory . But this product is amazing and rate it 5 stars ! If you have cellulite and flab don't give up ! Go for half an hour runs a few times a week , do your lunges , eat healthy and use this every night and you won't be disappointed !!

Happy bunny from Norwich said on 02/04/2014

This stuff is amazing - great results in only a few days! Unbelievably good value! :-)

Kat from Birmingham said on 08/09/2013

After looking at myself in the mirror and being disheartened about the fact I do ALOT of exercise and still have dimples on my thighs, I knew I had to get this product. I've tried endless similar products, but nothing compares with this. I have only being using for three days now, and can already see results! I haven't given this product five stars purely because I haven't been using it long enough to see the long term results. The applicator is great, it helps to avoid wasting any of the serum, and the serum well, its feels so good! Honestly worth the pennies! Buy it!!!

Lauren from UK said on 04/09/2013

Love the product itself, but have had to deduct 1 star for the rollerball applicator! It's really awkward to use and I personally found I couldn't get enough of the serum out. It works fine for the first few applications when the tube is still full of product, but after that the product obviously heads south as you turn the tube upside down ready to roll. In the end I just cut the tube in half, it was amazing how much was left in and I could hardly get any out of the roller balls. Think I'll try the Firminator next because while I love this I can't see the point in paying the extra few quid for the roller ball when I'm just gonna cut it in half to get the product out!

kim from fife said on 06/08/2013

when i seen this advertised i knew i had to have it. boy does it burn but it also works. like others i have tried loads of other products but this one doesn't lie it actually works. yes its a bit pricey but we get what we pay for and we get results. love love love this product.

Caprospero from Brazil said on 22/05/2013

Wow, I've tried as many seruns agains cellulite, but this one is the best of them! People may complain about the applicator but I have no issues about it. In fact, I think it avoids waistes while massages skin.
Well, the results are amaziing and everyone should try it!
The only complaint is that I can't find it in any stores in my Country, only in international websites on internet.

Kimmy from Scotland said on 15/05/2013

Got to be honest.

The best treatment for firming I've used BUT difficult to apply and I've came out in rashes.

I used this product on my inner thighs where I have a lot of stretch marks (I have tried other products in the past such as Bio-Oil & Palmer's firming lotion.) BUT THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST RESULTS I'VE HAD. With the other products it took forever to see any results and once I stopped using the bio-oil and palmers cream the stretch marks went back to normal.

BUT with this product by Soap and Glory I saw results the next morning, my stretch marks looked much better and guess what?! It's stayed that way -- my stretch marks are still looking much better. May I add though I used the soap and glory product along with exercise.

The down sides are: It's difficult sometimes to get enough gel out of the applicator. I don't know if I applied too much of a concentrated amount but last time I used it some of the skin where I applied it has broken out in a rash. Not only that but it became very itchy. However I've used it before without problems, so it may be my fault for possibly using too much.

Lisa from Brighton said on 14/05/2013

This product is amazing after a few applications I noticed a difference. It is a little pricey but well worth it. I have never tryed soap and glory products in the past but in the last few weeks I have brought several products that have amazed me.

Lav-senior from Dublin said on 08/05/2013

I have no issue with this product; it's purely the sensation of it working that I really don't like. That said, I passed on the bottle to my flatmate and she swears by it but for me personally it just wasn't a sensation I could handle. That said, I do think it does the trick so my 3 stars is purely my personal dislike and in no way a reflection on the's a case of one man's cure, another man's poison.....

Ali from Somerset said on 07/05/2013

Soap & Glory creates another winner! Is there anything this company can't do? I, like so many others, tried this product with extreme sceptism. I wasn't expecting miracles, and I certainly wan't expecting to see much change, how wrong I was! I started seeing a difference after about a week - my skin felt smoother and looked so much firmer, so I continued using it. The ultimate test came when I took the bull by the horns and braved that horror of horrors - the changing room mirror! I haven't braved a look in one and years, but then I did and was amazed that I wasn't flinching in horror for once, I actually liked what I saw. Soap & Glory, I couldn't live without you!

JimiScene from Staffordshire said on 13/04/2013

I'm not a huge fan of using products too much too often, I'm 21. But I read that by using the right products as early as 17 can improve skin when you reach 45. So I reached to try the soap and glory - purely down to the design - they definitely have women in mind. And I've never looked back. I put this on and it was about 20 minutes after putting it on that I felt the effects. My legs felt warm, nice warm for about 45 minutes (sitting really does make it work better so ladies take the weight off for a bit!). Not only did it appear to remove those natural lumps and bumps but also it lightened the few scars I have from falls. I love this product and have bought a whole range of the soap and glory stuff. My only downside is I find the cosmetics don't work for me. The lip gloss "motherpucker" although it feels awesome, makes my lips very stick to the point I end up chewing it off - or getting an array of things stuck to my lips!

S&GObsessed from Nottingham said on 22/03/2013

I must admit I was sceptical about this product. After all the years and insane different ways women have tried to tackle cellulite with, how was this going to be any different. However after reading all the great reviews I decided to give it a try. Lesson. Learnt. Never underestimate the supreme power of S&G!!! I've been using it for 5 days and I already notice a big difference. Not only to look at but also to touch, the skin on the backs of my thighs is smoother, softer, not completely dimple free, but massively reduced from 5 days ago! What is your secret!!! Yet another product that's faultless!!
The only thing I would say is it's a little on the expensive side considering how much product you get, I don't think it's going to last longer than two weeks max, I know we're talking about the secret to being cellulite free here, but if it came down a tad on price it would be PERFECTION

mg88uk from Kent said on 02/03/2013

The cream itself works well. But the new applicator is awful.

The first couple of uses are fine, after that it's really awkward to squeeze while rolling it on, the tube starts bending over making it uncomfortable, even painful to hold! It's impossible to use all of the cream in the tube, when you try to squeeze and roll it all ends up in the opposite end.

The price has gone up but the amount you get has gone down... this doesn't make sense.

Bring back the old sit tight!

Clare from Coventry said on 19/02/2013

I haven't tried this 'intense xs' one with the exfoliating beads but the other Sit Tight product seems to have been discontinued so I'll review this one seeing as it is basically the same.

For a long time, I have been reading reviews on different firming products that target cellulite but I have never read any with good reviews... Until I discovered this.

At £14.50 (this one is £16.50 but the original Sit Tight is a little cheaper as it doesn't have the exfoliating beads on it), I was hesitant about buying it. I love S&G products but the price was really putting me off, until I read the reviews on this website. There was not one bad review so I went out & purchased it on the same day.

This product is a life saver. I would recommend it to everyone. The burning sensation is quite comforting because you can feel it working. The only thing I would say without being too crude is be careful how far up you put it on your thighs as it can sting if you accidentally slip. However, I swear by this product as it has tightened my thighs & bum. I was completely cellulite free when I used it every day but at the moment I am only using it once a week & I am still seeing a difference.

If you don't own this product, you are seriously missing out on a life changer. It has boosted my confidence so much because I don't hate my bum or legs any where near as much as I did.

Beth j from Northants said on 14/02/2013

I love love love this product! I'm totally addicted to the burning sensation and I can really see a difference with my legs!
I've only been using this product for a week and I can really see a difference!
Make sure you sit tight after putting it on, you won't be disappointed!

Danni from Hampshire said on 04/02/2013

This product is amazing, it's now the third day of use and my cellulite has gone from super visible to barely there! In live with this product!!!!

AliB from Cannock said on 31/01/2013

Excellent, only been using for a week...see results already wow!!!

deedee2k13 from Herts said on 28/01/2013

Was a bit hesitant about buying this product, bought it before i went on holiday last summer after reading good reviews and havent stopped using it since! Genuinely works wonders!

JMT1088 from Spalding said on 26/01/2013

I have been a soap and glory devotee for years now, and have been wanting to try this for ages, I was initially a bit hesitant about the price but after seeing all the reviews I thought id give it a go. Am I pleased I did, I've literally only used this twice and i've already seen a huge difference, I'm completely amazed. Well done soap and glory another amazing product!

Leaked from Wigston,uk said on 16/10/2012

I don't usually use products like sit tight as like many ladies we wonder if such a product can work, and for the price I thought ok maybe a one off to see what the fuss was about, I love soap and glory full stop so it was round about the last item I haven't used, I'm prone to dimples etc on my thighs and bum and iv seen a big difference in 4 days of use already, the heating sensation is weird but works great ,so definatly on my wish list.

SHLYNBIN from Reading said on 19/09/2012

Maci from Cambridge said on 16/09/2012

I really like this gel! It really works.. However, I hate the massage roller because the gel does not come out easily and the massage is not very effective . I wish they had this product without the massage roller

marie weston from London said on 13/09/2012

The heat is so weird it feels like deep heat i have been applying it before bed which i wont do anymore as my things het so hot i cant sleep and woe betide you if it gets on your hands or in your eyes or you rub your face etc
However moan aside my legs are looking better but could it be all the squats i am currently doing ..............
ho hum sit tight 5/10

sycad83 from Manchester said on 11/09/2012

Like the people before, I was skeptical about anything that claims to fight cellulite. For the price, I was hoping that it would work, especially after the raving reviews, and I hadn't wasted £17 in boots. I started using this on Friday the 7th of September, applying as instructed. And by Tuesday the 11th I've already seen a MASSIVE difference.
Ok, so you're never going to get 100% clearance, that's just silly. But it does an amazing job. The HOT sensation is a bit discornerning, though the biology behind it is very clever.
Please note, my only exercise is my job in kennels, I don't drink more than maybe 1litre of water a day, the rest is tea or hot chocolate. And I eat rubbish, so I know this cream works and it's not my lifestyle that's doing it.

Mahi from Cairo, Egypt said on 07/09/2012

This product is BEYOND AMAZING!! I have been using it since the end of May and can feel DRAMATIC difference on my thighs and bottom!!!!! So far I have used 4 bottles, I'm probably addicted to Sit Tight!! The only thing that bothers me is that I live in Egypt and I can't purchase it anywhere other that the UK.. So far I manage to get it, but when I'm out of Sit Tight I go CRAZY till I manage to buy more.. Please Soap & Glory send your products to Egypt or have the option to deliver to Cairo.. Thank you S&G for such a great product!! <3

Kim from Runcorn said on 14/08/2012

Ive been using this product for 5 days along with a bit of light exercise im not overly 'dimply' but wow have a seen a difference even my boyfriend noticed a change :D i will be adding this to my essentials list for sure! xXx

Clara from London said on 09/08/2012

I love S&G so it was only natural I try this - but I am so disappointed! The rollerball action is actively painful on my thighs, especially the inner thigh. It also doesn't deposit much product.

I have been using it for several weeks now, and am on my 2nd tube (I bought two together, on offer) and I can honestly say I cannot see any difference in the appearance of my thighs.

I have not particularly noticed the burning sensation others refer to - perhaps because the rollers deposit so little of the product onto the skin.

S&G - this is not one of your finest moments, sorry.

Beautyandthesnob from London, UK said on 10/07/2012

I had never used a cellulite product before until this. For a first experience it is amazing, and so easy to do! I do it while I watch easy to do. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT! I LOVE IT! Wrote about it on my blogzine:

Yasmin from Liverpool said on 06/07/2012

I have recently purchased this,and wow the burning sensation actually feels good at first I thought it was a allergic reaction but then read it was perfectly normal,I would recommend this to anyone who is ashamed to get there legs our because they may be full of those horrible dimples but give this a go an you will defiantly see improvement! Well worth the money and come on ladies it will build your confidence so you can show off your body. I always count on S&M thank you x

Argi from Milton Keynes said on 29/06/2012

It is the third day I am using the Product! It really works! I have seen a major difference. Will buy again!Saved me before my summer holidays. I do work out but within 3 days the cellulite has started to disappear! Wow! Thank you Soap and Glory!

Joeypo from Southport said on 27/06/2012

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Really does work! I never feel the need to write on these comments but with this product I cant shout about it enough (but I don't want everyone to know my secret ha...I don't exercise i just use this twice a day!) Massive fan and must say its my favorite product at the minute! If your unsure try it...for the price this product works much better than all the overpriced gunk!

Clare from London said on 12/06/2012

So, having tried various other products that claim to firm your skin or get rid of dimples but having always been left disappointed, I was naturally a bit sceptical about this one. But I trust S&G so decided to give it a go ... and I can honestly say that it works! I've been using it twice a day for a couple of weeks and the skin on the back of my thighs definitely looks smoother and firmer. Hooray! I'm going on holiday next week and feel much more confident about baring my legs in a bikini than usual :) Don't expect miracles - it won't get rid of cellulite altogether, but for a firming cream it's definitely the best I've tried and the only one to have given me noticeable results and more confidence. Can't say fairer than that!

Jodyglory from Yorkshire said on 12/06/2012

This product is amaaaazing :) ive had this for about two weeks now and ive been using it everyday and i can honestly say my legs feel firmer! i love the warm feeling you get when you apply it, you can feel the effects straight away. I can safely say i will be buying this again and my promise to soap and glory lovers - sit tight is brilliant, buy it for hot legs! ;D I <3 soap and glory bring on the next product as soon as possible please!

happygojo from Norwich said on 12/06/2012

I am not sure if this is just deep heat with some roller balls as that is what it kind of feels/smells like. However my skin is much MUCH smoother on my inner thigh after only 2 days. I have only used it on my legs so far but after reading these reviews I will be getting it on the old bingo wings. It doesn't work miracles but anything that makes me feel better about my body as I lose weight the traditional way (eat less, move more) is all good, I am hoping it starts to work on my bottom soon.

spaceduck from Portsmouth said on 11/06/2012

After having a baby I needed to sort out my thighs and trust S&G to bring out a fab product that does what it says!! Been using it for 2 weeks now and can def. say that my thighs feel smoother, and look far less dimply. Well worth the money.

Betty Boo from London said on 08/06/2012

So after using countless cellulite creams, massagers and whatever I came across sit tight! I used it once, and my oh my does it work! My bum and thighs were on fireeeee! It takes a bit of getting used to, but after a few hours I noticed just how firm and tight my thighs and bum was, I kinda rolled it around on my little belly too, and was amazing!! The little cellulite dimples i HAD on my thighs are smoothing out and i love feeling my bum, cos its so firm! Just after ONE use!! This is my first soap and glory product and now im going to branch out to the rest of the products!!!

inapickle from Newcastle said on 08/06/2012

My 3 star rating is for my first use. I've just used it and my backside is on fire!! I really hope that means its working and I'm not just have an allergic reaction. It was easy to use and isn't sticky like others I've used of a different brand. Walking down the stairs I didn't feel much wobble but I'm by no means claiming its because of the cream straight away. I'll be giving it another go tomorrow night.

DeDeJayEmm from Cumbria said on 30/05/2012

This product is amazing !!! Can feel the sensation the second you apply the product! The roller balls make it easy to apply to every lump and bump, I found results after just one week! It leaves skin feeling smooth soft and firm! Would recommend to anyone and every One! Love it!!!

LyndzHen from Glasgow said on 17/05/2012

Would prefer this if it was a circular roller as I find this quite difficult to apply. A big fan of Feel the Knead but that has been discontinued so tried this. Much prefer the original Sit Tight without the applicator and will be going back to that.
Please please please bring back Feel The Knead xxx

EZZY the soap and glory lover!!!!!!!! from Manchester said on 24/04/2012

I LOVE soap and glory and I use this everyday it is fantastic people have said that I have amazing legs lately THANK YOU SOAP AND GLORY

Loved by you boutique from Derbyshire said on 19/04/2012

WOW...i love this new sit tight product, i use it EVERYWHERE just not on the face!
You get a HOT feeling which is normal...just to tell you its working. I use it before i go to bed so im getting all trim in my sleep!
I must say the tops of my arms are much tighter and so is my thighs and bum, i've only been using it for 1week ;) I will def be recommending this fab product to everyone as this is the one product that does what it says on the box!

Thank you Soap and Glory x
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